Merging all my jobs into one at WA

Last Update: December 12, 2017

What Have You Accomplished Thus Far?

Have you ever wondered..just wondered..what it would be like to accomplish all you set out in life to do? That would be quite an achievement! What are you doing to make that happen? Are you working another job, or maybe two, aside from Wealthy Affiliate to pay the bills? Well, it is time to move up a level. Time is going so fast that we don't seem to be able to keep up with it. In this fast-paced world, everything is centered around the internet.

You Can Do ANYTHING on the Internet!

People get online to do everything nowadays; shop, sell, converse, learn, etc. Store fronts are shutting down and being taken over by the web. On the internet, you can read a book, buy your groceries, get a degree, find a date, publish a book, pay your bills, work from home, and more!

I Happened Upon Wealthy Affiliate

With lifestyles changing drastically from day to day, I decided to go with the flow and become a Wealthy Affiliate. It was the perfect solution for me, and one that I stumbled on very accidentally!

The Perfect Merger

I'm a published author and web designer by profession and have worked online for years and years, and now there are masses of individuals seeking more from their computers! It makes so much sense for me to stay here! Starting a business with a platform that offers all I need to succeed is the perfect place to merge my businesses. The beauty of it all is to combine my work efforts with WA, to my other jobs!

I love to write. (Check!) I love to design web sites for people and for myself. (Check!) I love to help people. (Check!)

Checking off these things that are truly important to me has developed into several niches. (There are so many others, too, that I'm going to pursue until I use up all the sites I can create here.)

I Am Here to Stay

I couldn't be more excited to happen upon this amazing opportunity. Here, I can implement all my work of writing and designing sites into one main business and generate multiple streams of income! I am here to stay and see where this road continues!

I wish you all the very best that life has to offer, each and every one of you!

Please feel free to comment. Thanks!:)

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DianneC1 Premium
Perfect for me with ginormous support from people like you
herinnelson Premium
Awww, thanks a bunch, Dianne! The whole community is awesome!
Memorylaneuk Premium
I cannot imagine going elsewhere either.
Good luck with your ventures.
With Grace and Gratitude
herinnelson Premium
Thanks so much, Karen! Such a fun ride!
KLewa Premium
That makes two of us. I am here to stay too. The community is just amazing.
I will stick here until I achieve my business objectives.

I wish you the best.
herinnelson Premium
Great and I wish you all the very best on your journey!
natekidd Premium
WA is definitely the place to be. The training is accurate, effective, and continually updated. The community is so helpful. What else could we ask for in a platform. We are setup for success :)
herinnelson Premium
So true! Thanks for your exciting and motivating comment!
Dhind1 Premium Plus
I am also here to stay. It is a nice place, I like it.
herinnelson Premium
A very wise decision! Glad to now be connected!