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Last Update: Jun 29, 2018

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Wealthy Affiliate and the outstanding team behind the platform includes so many incredible tools and services within a Starter membership, and exceeds our wildest expectations when we upgrade to Premium!

Thank you to The WA Team, always hard at work so that we may work less hard!

Erin :)!


Quality is at it's best here at Wealthy Affiliate---always! The hosting platform offered to Premium members gives full and endless access to SiteRubix and WordPress hosting. Premium members can host up to 25 of your own domains and 25 free domains with SiteRubix, for a total of 50 managable websites! That's crazy awesome!


Included, also, is the Free SSL for ALL platform, which encrypts all websites with SSL certificates to call our own. As soon as a site is built, instantly your site has a free SSL, which is essential for rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo! The SSL is also added to the ranking algorithms.

Other platforms charge a small fortune for this kind of security, but WA includes it with the Premium membership! How great is that?! They even provide Premium support 24/7!


Where else can you find this kind of web hosting for free, and a top-notch security SSL platform for free, that entails complete trust and confidence as we are hard at work on our sites?!

Establishing Premium status allows us, yet, one more reason to succeed!

Erin :)!

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You are so right Erin.
That's why I decided to stay here at WA.
After doing the math, it's a no brained. I have another site, as you are well aware. I don't do a storefront. A storefront would cost me likec$206.00 a year. Here at WA it's like $14.50 a website for a year. Can't go wrong and that's for a store.
I challenge anyone to do the math and find a better community for this price. With my other website, I'm on my own, that's where all the research comes in, because there is no support.


Sounds like you've got it going on, Kenny! We all do here---that's the beauty of this business. It's for all who are dedicated to making an honest income and aren't afraid of a little tedious work! Great job!

Yes! It's impossible to beat the deal on hosting here. I think it's impossible to beat anything here, really.

Yes, you are so right, Mark! I agree!!

This is going to be Awesome

Yes! It already is awesome! Welcome to your awesome life!

I would have never started my path into affiliate marketing if I had not found WA.

Everything else just seemed to be a scam with hidden cost and upgrade cost just to get started.

Love my WA!!

I'm with you, D! Nothing else compared! Great reply!

Hello Erin,
We certainly have one of the best hosting services around. What with security and free SSL. I have yet to see anything come close to it.


Yes, our businesses are securely safe and in very capable hands!

Hello Erin,
Thanks for sharing this awesome information with everyone.
I'm truly loving WA. I could not find one company that would
even consider providing us with the free Web hosting
and SSL Platform plus the 25 free domains. There's no
other company I would choose over Wealthy Affiliate and the
Community here. I plan on being here for as long as I can.
The feelings that I have for everyone in this Community
are the feelings one would have for their family members.
I'm enjoying the communications with Y’all and the wisdom
that's being gained. I hope that everyone has a very
wonderful day, or evening, depending on where you live.


Joseph, your enthusiasm sparks such determination and confidence. I love that! I totally agree with you--WA is an amazing place to live!

Thank you, Erin,
Yes, I agree with you, WA is a wonderful place to live.
And I'm enjoying every minute of it.
I know that I have a long way’s to go here, but I have no doubts about myself not reaching that level of, being great at what I'm doing, because there is so much support here
that It would be almost impossible to fail, well depending on the person, and how important it is to that individual to succeed, achieve, and accomplish what's been set forth him/her.
I'm not doing this for the money, although a little money coming in would be great! I'm doing this more for the motivation it's given me and to capture that feeling of a little self-worth. I've tried many times throughout my life to actually be good in doing something. A profession, a career. One of the replies I was writing you and lost would have explained what I'm talking about more less. I'm not going to get into that right now though because it's longer than what I've written here. But I will tell you this, in 1988 I had to have major brain surgery and they had to remove 46% of my brain. I died 5 times and left my body three times. Long story short, I woke up from the coma I was in ten minutes before they were going to unplug the life support. The point of me writing this to you the day I lost it, was because during my recovery there were a few things that didn't return to me. While in the process of learning how to walk again and everything else, what failed to return was my writing skills and spelling, penmanship and the proper placements for quotations and apostrophes. Do miracles exist, ABSOLUTELY!!! GOD allowed me a 96 to 98% recovery and still doing fine after 30 yrs.
I hope you don’t think that I've lost my mind, Erin?

I don't ever tell people anymore about the surgery and I find it a little odd that I am now. I also told one other person here recently and I think it may be me stepping out of my comfort zone, or God is going to use this for another reason, maybe for someone who needs to see it or read it? Only He knows the answer to this. I hope that you have a fantastic day Erin and I hope that you will still talk to me after you read all this craziness?

Ok, now for the editing and I hope I don't loose it this time. Lol.

Dear Joseph, your whole ordeal has brought you brilliantly to this sincere moment! Expressing yourself is having your creative spirit come out, whether a story is fiction or portrayed with real life events. I like to think you "came back" better than before and lived the past 30 years exactly how you were supposed to! God has certainly seen to that! As for your writing, it's beautifully spoken and encouraging!

I always find the best in people and send confidence and strength to them. That's how the world should work. I am so happy to be associated with you here----and it's only the beginning to what we can accomplish!

Hello Erin,
Wow, I'm truly Grateful and kind of in a state of shock right now from your reply. I was really worried about the outcome of it. I thought about it all day, telling myself that she's going think you've lost your mind, Joseph. THANK YOU SO MUCH ERIN!!
I'm getting hits that you left a message. I'm going to check now.

I respond to all of my comments in a timely fashion, most of the time! I do not judge anyone, but simply lend a hand or advice to those in need.

Agree wholeheartedly, Erin. Great point to bring up, especially for newcomers to Wealthy Affiliate or those considering joining.

Thanks, Lauren. An important subject and one that should be emphasized! :)!! So nice to see you here, my S.A. friend!

Way better than hosting companies I have had. 6 to be exact. Green Geeks was the worst

Nice to know! Thanks for sharing that!

Darn right. Herin I think these guys are God sent I think we have to pay it forward too whenever we can

ABSOLUTELY! Great reply!

Hello Erin, a great blog post and very true! Wealthy Affiliate is certainly the best hosting that I have used so far!

You may like to read my article regarding hosting here: Enjoy your day.


Great read, Roy! Thanks for the link--I commented on your post! I'm even more thankful, now!

Thank you Erin, that's good! I will take a look at your comment now.

Enjoy your weekend.


You're so welcome, Roy! Enjoy your weekend as well and see you around!

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