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June 19, 2018
HAVE I WRITTEN THAT MANY?!Since all 199 of my posts are CLASSIC now, they are still there for the reading! Here are a few of my favs!Just Short of the GoalApple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie"Mingling" Social Media Groups for Explosive GrowthMy Wealthy Affiliate Story--with a Slight DetourI Want to Generate $50,000 a Month: This is My Year-Long Case StudyBlog Fever! My Top Ten Picks of 2018Marketing Your Mindboggling BlogInsane Traffic: Ergo, Try PinterestA Pause in My Personal Case Study to ReflectTran
June 19, 2018
HAVE YOU CREATED A LANDING PAGE FOR YOUR PROMOTIONAL SITE?Landing pages are beneficial to the success of your website and are used as part of a Sales Funnel. Defined, a Sales Funnel is the purchasing process that web companies lead potential buyers through.A Landing Page, in regard to online marketing, is a single page of the Sales Funnel that is presented when your visitor clicks from an outside source---perhaps from a search or an ad. Whatever action your viewer takes on the Landing Page will
June 17, 2018
THE AWESOMENESS HERE.Besides the training, webinars, tutorials and all the other learning tools at Wealthy Affiliate, there is a huge and ongoing resource that is truly, downright amazing---THE COMMUNITY BLOGS!I spent the evening reading and responding to several of your blog posts, consuming a wealth of information and insight that I can use in my business. Your thoughts, expertise, astounding subjects, inspiration, motivation, knowledge, inklings, encouragment, integrity and heart are just a
June 16, 2018
ALL IN THE BEST INTEREST OF YOUR REFERRALS.Do you have several referrals that simply have not gone Premium yet? Do you wonder why they haven't upgraded? Have you reached out to them besides the automated messages that hit their wall every few days? A Premium membership is in their best interest!Well then, it's time to get personal!Stike up a conversation on their wall or anywhere they may comment.See if they need assistance with anything.Comment about their bio, if they've written it.See what y
June 16, 2018
THE VIDEO GAME EPIDEMIC.I used to play Super Mario years ago, for hours and hours---really becoming the character who was clobbering turtles and rescuing the Princess. Well, I was actually the Princess most of the time! LOL. But, the point is, that I was deep within my imagination, contemplating all sorts of things to entertain my soul.THINK BACK TO YOUNGER DAYS.Remember when you were a kid and had a keen imagination? Well, it never really goes away! Only, it is more likely referred to as creat
June 16, 2018
WARM AND FUZZY.Being here within the community of Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine feeling of family. This is the most focused I've been at any job or opportunity that's come along in awhile! Yes, I love to do other things, but am always eager to get back into the thick of things here!WHY IS IT SECOND NATURE TO ME HERE?So, why is it, then, that I've grown so accustomed to this platform space? Maybe because I have so many wonderful acquaintances that I call friends here? Maybe because of the aweso
June 15, 2018
11 MONTHS AND SIX DAYS TO GO!In the 25 days since I began this Personal Case Study, the accomplishments thus far have been all too satisfying, even taking a week off! My new website has been progressing at a steady pace!MY EIGHTH TASK.The number eight has always been my favorite number, so my Eighth Task is kind of special to me! Once again, I worked on my site from morning to night and have included some major additions! I also set a weekly blog post goal for adding content. Realistically, I p
June 15, 2018
JUST THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES!When you reach your goals here---and you will---think of how it will be when you go beyond them! You will rise above, surpass, exceed, cap, extend, outshine, eclipse, upstage, top, overshadow, outdo and tower your goals! With a strong will and determination, anything is possible!VISUALIZE WHAT YOU SEE FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY.It really excites me to write this blog and to imagine going that extra mile! It's darn-right motivating! Look into the future and wha
June 14, 2018
TECHNICAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS TODAY!Hello all of you friends who are following my Personal Case Study! I am diligently in pursuit of reaching my most important and most productive goal in life of establishing great wealth.While on vacation this past week, I was without internet and my computer. So, I had the chance to reboot, reflect and reassemble my thoughts! It is amazing how one can step back out of their life's daily activities and work, to see things more clearly than ever before!I was able
June 13, 2018
I'M BACK AND FULLY CHARGED!After traveling over 4,300 miles on my vacation, I'm back safe and sound---and raring to go! I had no internet or computer and was unable to log in for a week! ARUBA (named "One Happy Island") was absolutely AMAZING! My sister and I experienced the time of our lives while bonding, laughing, relaxing, soaking up the sun, wining, dining, listening to bands and awesome music, shopping, taxi and bus rides, schmozzing, banquets on the beach, receptions, spectacular sunset