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March 18, 2018
HELPFUL ADVICEWhether you're new here or coming back and getting serious this time, I will offer you a piece of advice. Learn all you can about how this platform works BEFORE you do or write anything. LEARN FIRST ABOUT HOW NOT TO SPAMThere have been many that leave their website links for others. I also see personal website links in posts written. This is something you're not supposed to do! There have been writing bans due to this! Type SPAM in the search above to read about it from Kyle. When
March 16, 2018
THINGS CAN FALL IN YOUR LAPThrough the sale of a website I designed here, I was offered a bonus deal to go along with the contract I drew up! The man I designed the site for has an RV roofing business and works for another client of mine who has an RV business. We got talking at one of the Annual RV Open House events that I take photos at every year. He had asked me to help him out with the SEO on his current site and I ended up designing a whole new site for him here!A BONUS? REALLY?!When meet
March 16, 2018
LOVE WHAT YOU DO. DO WHAT YOU LOVE.I love designing websites for clients--it is very gratifying work! The people are all so wonderful, too. I've developed such a great rapport with them over the years.One of my sites brought in $425 yesterday for updates I did. The owners were so appreciative, that I received this email:Erin,"Thank you for all you have done for us. Your hard work and loyalty was greatly appreciated. And we have been blessed with your friendship. Hope all is well with you." H
March 16, 2018
TOP O' THE MORNIN' TO YA!Well, with me being Irish (Erin Go Bragh--Ireland Forever!), and with St. Patrick's Day coming up this weekend, I thought it only fitting that I bring about that ole Irish spirit! Bring on the corned beef and cabbage!WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT--BUT ALIKE.Although there are many different races and nationalities within the Wealthy Affiliate community, we are all bonded by ethics and heart. There is a great deal of unity here that expresses sincereity and dedication. Although e
March 14, 2018
For those who grew up in the Pat Benatar era as I did, I believe she had it right! Not only did she have a famous hit song on her hands that has had an impact through the years, but she also had that KICK BUTT, TAKE NAMES attitude. (LOL)!Pat Benatar established such a rapport with her music. "HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT" signifies that no matter what (or who) came against her, SHE was going to win! I really respect her for that. Her music brings forth many lessons, that--although she gets her po
March 13, 2018
Just a simple word of advice, "YOU ARE WHAT YOU BLOG!"BLOGGING HAS BECOME A WORLDWIDE PAST TIME!Everyone wants to get in on the action! The key to blogging is to find a subject that EVERYONE wants to know about! Then, give it your best shot to educate. Choose your subject very wisely. Make it interesting, leaving your reader wanting MORE!USE GOOGLE!For help to find those all-important subjects, you can go to Google--the best resourse EVER! It seems that everyone wants to know about success, but
March 13, 2018
...TO THOSE WHO WAIT?---NO!We have all heard that common phrase: "Good things come to those who wait." Well, with all due respect to the author, I have to disagree with his theory. I feel that if we want a better life, it won't simply fall in our laps. We have to go out and embrace it!LIFE IS A STATE OF MIND.Whatever we endure in our lives, good or bad, we become stronger for it. Pressing through the difficult times creates integrity within us. Withstanding pain is something we can control, wit
March 13, 2018
I WANT TO HELP!Did you ever notice that when you help someone, things just naturally seem to fall into place for you? Well, taking the focus off your needs and putting it on someone else's is totally commendable! When we do this, we always receive back more than we put out (tenfold!).YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE, SO TO SPEAK.There's a splendid energy in life that attracts great wealth if we abide by its flow. Being genuine and giving attracts success, whether it's monetary or simply being truly happy-
March 11, 2018
HUH? WHAT? SWEEET!I'm speechless at the Statistics on Google Analytics with just 12 days into my brand new website promoting Wealthy Affiliate! My Wealth at Home. I am in the process of connecting an email subscription page with my Free eBook Giveaway, and am hurrying as fast as I can to complete these tasks!The bounce rate is at 5%.Visitors at 603.Average time spent on site varies from 5-25 minutes.Users, 77--up 285%.Sessions, 100--up 185.7%.84% Desktop, 14% Mobile, 2% Tablet.Returning Visitor
March 10, 2018
INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM CHANGES AND POST ENGAGEMENT In my last post, I went through the new search rules being made with Google's search algorithm. Since this past January, Instagram has now set new changes in place with their algorithm, also. In order to not get shadow banned, (banned from your account--without your knowledge), please abide by these new rules!1. When posting, your post might only be shown to 10% of your audience.When the algorithm searches your post and sees active intervention, i