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HERE COMES THE RUSH!As I view the leaves begin to change colors from the cooler nights here in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, I can feel the end of the year approaching. To me, that means some serious prep work should begin in getting my website ready for the holiday season shopping. Why? Because customers are already preparing!WHAT IS TRENDING?So, be thinking of the different trends right now in purchase behavior and what products and services are popular. Do a little resear
BE IN A CONSTANT STATE OF SHARING YOUR LINKS.When I logged on here today, I saw that I had earned 20 credits for my Pinterest "Points" training! Yes, thanks for all your likes and comments!Although I wrote it some time ago, I had included the link in a recent blog post here: Pinterest Strategy: Increase Traffic to Your Blog.So, just remember that when you write your blogs at Wealthy Affiliate, it helps to include past related community blog links.A great resource here is to educate each other!
ADD A WIDGET TO YOU SIDEBAR!Just a quick post to let you know about the Widget Builder on Pinterest. Yes, not only is it a great way to draw in Followers on Pinterest. But, it's also perfect for getting more eyes in front of all your website posts, other websites and stores!Let me explain. As you write content for your website with related photos, for each post you write, you can Pin the images and use keyword rich text with them. Working with Pinterest to gain traffic to your sites and stores
HERE'S A NEW IDEA FOR YOU.I have one question for you...Are you getting leads? If not, then listen up! There is a new philosophy out there that has made it's way online!ONLINE QUIZZES have taken center stage on some very reputable websites!A vital part of any and all online businesses nowadays is having a basic understanding of SEO Marketing, which is the most effective method of creating a trusted following. With that said, one versatile tool that is able to be adapted to many different functi
HEY, PEOPLE..JUST A REMINDERBy now, you should be making your business FUN! Yes, I said fun. Because, when you do what you love and love what you do, it's not really work.Well, a really FUN part of my daily duties in my Affiliate Marketing business is posting Pins and Creating Boards on Pinterest. For every website blog I write and every picture I post on it, I create a Rich Pin with Rich Text, and flooded with great keywords! (Yes, I use Jaaxy to find them for my Pins on Pinterest, too!) Each
Putting the Petal to the Metal.So, you're on your journey to build a great business with endless conversions. Yes, we all want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing. But, is your business leading to interaction with your visitors?In a perfect world, a potential customer comes to your site, shops around, and then makes a purchase. However, are you letting him or her leave without conversing? Good question, right?! With that said, a super way to interact, bring your customers back, and draw in new cu
LOTS OF IMPROVEMENTS AT GOOGLEI recently wrote a HOW TO blog on my HEN Affiliates website called The Simplest Ways to Survive Google’s Newest Algorithm Changes.Google has been changing their algorithm quite often and most recently gave their advice with a number of questions for content writers. These questions pertain to the direction they want your website articles to go. One main reason why Google is so adament about high quality content--lately, in particular,-- is because of a huge i
RANKMATH PLUGIN ★★★★★There has been some chat lately about using only one keyword per post -- your "one" targated keyword. Yesterday, I read a great post by Kaju where he states his opinions and gives some good insights into the matter. Also, GlenPalo posted a link below in his comment that will help you get a thorough look into RankMath. In relation to this topic, I came across a plugin when doing a search today. It's called RankMath, a plugin that centers around
MY SHOPIFY STORE IS GAINING TRACTION!Hey all! So, let's face it, ONLINE SHOPPING is where it's at now! Yes, everyone is buying on the Net and it's a multi-Billion dollar industry! People are spending billions online and that amount is only rising!So, right along with working on the Super Affiliate Challenge, I've been managing my Shopify store. After it's creation, I began adding high, trending products--130 to be exact so far--and it's getting a wide amount of interest!I've watched countless S
THE FOURTH OF JULY, 1776-2019On this day today, we celebrate American Independence. July 4th is a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the "birth" of the United States of America--an independent nation under God.So, as we enjoy family, friends, barbecues, sparklers and fireworks, we think of how entirely Blessed we are to live as a free and independent country--from sea to shining sea!Be safe and have fun, folks! XOXOErin :)!**Today would have also been my parent's 62nd Weddi