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IT'S ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA.Backing up your website is a simple task that Kyle has trained us to do at least once a week. Even though WA automatically backs up our websites daily, he emphasizes that it's a good idea for us to do it, as well. You can even set an automatic backup so you don't have to set a reminder for yourself---and you don't have to remember! (Just like I'm reminding you now!)It is especially important to back up before you make any big changes. For instance, if you're planning on
September 21, 2018
I'VE DECIDED TO JUST BITE THE BULLET AND GO FOR IT!Alright, enough of this dabbling in and out of all this stuff already! Now, is the time to really get down to business! I've played around with different tools, platforms, systems and affiliates, and have researched the heck out of them all!So, now, I am going though my list of them, one at at time, and will fully implementing each into my Case Study site. I feel that I have been doing some good and constant work up-to-date. However, I need to
WHAT ARE FUNNELS?As a kid, I first saw my Dad using a funnel to pour gasoline into the gas tank of his car. My Mom used one to refill the dish detergent. Funnels come in all shapes and sizes and have been around forever, simplifying our lives.Funnels are also referred to as funnel clouds, or tornados. I learned that from The Wizard of Oz as a child. The tinman also has a funnel on the top of his head!But, in today's society, there is a different kind of funnel---a funnel used online as a way to
September 20, 2018
SO REWARDING.I stepped up in the community last February and climbed to the 25 spot. Then I rose to #4 a short time later, staying there for several weeks. Currently, I'm hanging on the edge at 25 again. It has been a very fulfilling time for me---enjoying the writing and interaction. I do so love the community and how we all pull together!GOALS AND DREAMS.I've totally stepped up my Case Study site more, as well as some other money-making tasks, bringing them all to new heights. I am deeply con
RETRAINING YOUR THINKING.Contrary to the "norm" of an unmindful society, one is brought up believing, "I'll believe it when I see it." Believing only when seeing something happen, seems to be embedded in common thinking patterns. However, SEEING something hoped for take root--BY BELIEVING-- is an aspiration of concrete substance! (aspiration--a hope or ambition of achieving)BRAIN POWER!WEED OUT THE WEEDS.In filtering out the unwanted doubts and negativity, you can minimize conflict in your life
EACH WEBSITE / ONE BOARD.If you're familiar with Pinterest, then you know that creating a board for each website is a great idea! Just think how many photos there are on your site!In fact, there is a plugin just for this purpose! The Pin It Button plugin lets you click on your photo right from your website and pin it to your Pinterest board. With the click of a button on each photo, you can share your whole site experience! Through endless photos, you can link more visitors! It's a huge traffic
EXCITING TO SEE!I just thought I'd post of my recent increase in traffic to my $50,000 a Month Case Study site as per Google Adsense.I know that it is like pulling teeth sometimes to earn even pennies from Google Adsense. But, the interesting fact here that I want to point out is the traffic increase! With my recent additions and diligent work I've done to my site in the past couple days, Adsense has shown a considerable rise in traffic! I just thought it was something to write home about! Erin
CONTENT OF SUBSTANCE.In reading the "fine print" of a business, your site visitor will gain interest and information in the "details." Their judgement of your topic and the information sited is pertinent in establishing trust --- leading to conversions.In this respect, we should not try to "game" the system, but speak to the best of our ability in regard to relaying content of substance. DOCUMENTING YOUR DATA.When writing content that is worth its weight in gold, we need to do our research. In
IN MY ABSENCE, MY CONVERSION EXPERIMENT WORKED!As I left my site unmanaged for the weekend (the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate), I received a few referrals from a link I had posted. My experiment worked! I am implementing another company I believe in that has the potential to overload my site conversions.---Further experimenting is sure to prove success! I will be unable to disclose this company, as promotions are not acceptable. But, will keep you posted at my progress!I WAS ON CLOUD NINE!I had a
IT'S GETTING NOTICED!I'm pleased to announce that my main featured post on my $50,000 a Month Case Study site has ranked on the first page of Google and in the #1 spot! Checking Google Analytics, my traffic is climbing gradually. I screenshoted a photo, but then realized that it included my web address. I'm not ready to reveal it until the end! lolMY WA TASK POSTS.Also, 2 of my Task Posts have ranked on page 1 in the 2nd and 3rd spot right beneath my website post! All my smart work is paying of