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December 30, 2017
What Will You Do When the Gate Opens?Like an eager horse at the starting gate waiting for the moment the gate opens, we, too have this anticipation! All these hopes and dreams are built up inside of us ready to be released! It is a time of excitement and eagerness. All we have to do to achieve our success is simply let the gate open and begin with earnest and determination, to set out on our journey of a lifetime!Open the Floodgates Up in Your Life!Another analogy would be to let the floodgates
December 24, 2017
It's Christmastime in the CityWhat a lovely day yesterday in New York City. 35 members of my fiance's family traveled by bus with us. A delicious lunch at Carmine's and a truly stunning performance of "Wicked" at the Gershwin Theater made for an amazing visit! I always love to see the famous tree at Rockefeller Center all lit up!Winding Down on Christmas Eve - A Calmer Day Than Yesterday.Christmas music is playing in the background as I write to bring good cheer to all my friends at WA. It is a
December 18, 2017
I Love Commenting!When commenting on member's posts, I get to know so many individuals! I learn from reading their thoughts and ideas. I can give them advice and answer their questions. I also can get my questions answered and receive comments and suggestions on my blogs. It is a win-win situation! Paying-it-forward.The Activity DashboardGoing to the Activity Dashboard each day enhances my overall learning experience here at Wealthy Affiliate and drives me to produce more content and applicatio
December 12, 2017
Being ThankfulAs I look outside at the snow continuing to fall, as it has all day, I smile and am thankful that I'm home. Inside the walls of my home, I experience endless opportunities to create as much simplistic beauty as I want, whether writing or web designing.Working at HomeIt doesn't matter how long before the snow ceases to fall. I'm working just as hard as the people speeding by, rushing to their 9-5 jobs. I'm at peace with my decision to work at home and find the constant web work inv
December 12, 2017
What Have You Accomplished Thus Far?Have you ever wondered..just wondered..what it would be like to accomplish all you set out in life to do? That would be quite an achievement! What are you doing to make that happen? Are you working another job, or maybe two, aside from Wealthy Affiliate to pay the bills? Well, it is time to move up a level. Time is going so fast that we don't seem to be able to keep up with it. In this fast-paced world, everything is centered around the internet.You Can Do AN
December 07, 2017
The Best Affiliate Marketing PlatformHere at Wealthy Affiliate, we have total open access to a unique and phenomenal platform with all the tools ever needed to build a successful online business!Open Access to Everything!You have the green light to march to the beat of your own drum! What does that mean? It means that here you can be yourself! You can create your own experience in whatever direction you decide to go. You can actually live your dream and watch it develop into your own creation.I
December 04, 2017
As the Christmas season has come upon us out of nowhere, there seems to be quite an urgency here at WA to boost up our workload with more content, SEO upgrades, referral invites and anything we can do that will pack the punch to our visitors and create interest! Hustle and bustle is everywhere we turn, including here! Members are posting awesome information to rocket their sites and launch new ones. Our leaders are stepping it up even more than usual (if that's possible) in
November 17, 2017
..who's not ready, holler, "I!" I loved that game when I was a kid! I would always holler, "I," as would everyone else! All the neighborhood children got together on a Friday or Saturday night and when it got dark, we played games by the light of the streetlamps and porches. Hide and Go Seek was always a favorite. (This is such an appropriate time to write this, with my ___th birthday rapidly approaching on Monday the 20th)The fact is, that we were never really ready. We'd still be trying to fi
November 09, 2017
Remembering The Three Stooges line, "If at first you don't succeed, keep on sucking till you DO suc-ceed!" I laugh every time I hear that! Surprisingly enough, it is SO true! Yes, Curly, Moe and Larry did come up with some great lines, indeed!In relation to my work here at Wealthy Affiliate, I have been working diligently on my sites now for almost three months and my affiliate links and traffic are just not catching the way I had thought. I had been through all of the Certification Training Co
October 27, 2017
Become a Success!Rising to the top in a company or profession is what everyone always strives for. You are here at Wealthy Affiliate for a distinct become a success. There are several ways to do that. Relate to people in the community with your thoughts, answer questions and become a true part of the group. Motivation is key to a successful anything!It's Time to Get Serious!Now that you've become accustomed to the routine at WA, you need to go through or back through the training. Ev