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Last Update: Nov 28, 2018

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I thought I would update what's been going on this month at Pinterest. A month ago, I posted the following blog. In exactly one month, my traffic has increased by 5,300 monthly viewers, reaching a total just shy of 60,000 monthly viewers!! But, before that even, (as posted below) I got almost this much of an increase in one day, let alone one month! At any rate, I'll take it! I LOVE THROUGH-THE-ROOF TRAFFIC!

An increase of 5,000 viewers in one day!


Perhaps it's because I set up my Pins on a schedule for each photo from each of my websites. I scheduled my photos to post daily at specific times.

In each of my blog posts about Pinterest, my monthly viewers has been on the rise! The more I check back and work on my pins, the greater the traffic seems to flow! This brings some unique visitors, as well.

I spent the entire day on Pinterest

This blog post is interesting because it allowed me to add my client's web photos to Pinterest, as well, and schedule them. He stated in the Contract I drew up, that, as an incentive, he would pay me $300 for every sale that generated from his website! The site sale itself was $650 with a recurring monthly hosting fee of $50. There are many, many creative ways to earn income at WA for some nice chunks of change!

My traffic on Pinterest is increasing! 6,856 Viewers yesterday!

I have also had as many as 6,856 views in one day at Pinterest! This proves a very fun fact---that working in Pinterest's platform is a plus when drawing customers to your site!



Erin :)!

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Pinterest has not been good to me. I hear so many with the same testimonial as you but i have tried everything that i have read to try and it has not helped one bit. I dont know what to do at this point. At the current time I cannot afford to pay for things like tailwind that schedule posts. Help!

Try going through these trainings, my dear.

Thank you Erin, will do!

My Pleasure!

I still don't really "get" Pinterest. I've even watched a couple of videos on how to pin for business. I know it's perfect for my niche but I'm still just kind of lost. I've known for awhile that Pinterest (besides Instagram) would be the best two social media platforms for my website (food) and seeing this post really encouraged me to get back at it. Is there any training you'd recommend like videos or people that I should watch to help me get a better grip on how to pin properly? Thanks Erin:)

Hi Jennifer! I was getting the link even before I finished reading your reply! Ha ha. Here is a great Pinterest training! Start at the beginning and go through all the videos! Erin :)!

Thanks so much:) I'm gonna look that up now! I was on there again last night, watched a couple more videos and created a few different boards. I'm excited:)

I understand how you might feel in a way but also it can be successful for you too so just give it a chance and good luck.

So happy that training is helping you, Jennifer! That's awesome!

I so want to crack Pinterest. I did well on Pinterest for a while and then somehow lost the plot and my stats have dwindled. Trying to pick it up again.

The thing is it's such an addiction for me. I can totally understand you spending an entire day on Pinterest. Time flies when you're gorging out on all those stunning Pins.

You read my mind, Lauren! I do the same thing. Ha ha! You'll get there again fast. Great reply! :)!

What is the best way to learn how to use Pinterest? I've had so many people tell me that I need to try and even my best friend's wife who has her own brick and mortar business (a shop in town) has said she has been having some success with Pinterest. I guess I'm missing out and I want to get on the Pinterest train.

Here's a wealth of trainings for you, Brian! I think they will help you with Pinterest!

Thank you so much, that is very helpful. I can't wait to get started on using Pinterest!

That's great, Brian! This will help you! Erin :)!

That is great for you. I just wish I could understand exactly how it works. I have watched many videos on it but just can't seem to grasp the concept. I guess this is just one thing where you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Tried and True


Ha ha. People do seem to have a strange fear toward it. Once you get going, it's very simple!

Erin, this is amazing. I literally have just started with Pinterest. Don't really understand how it works, but I will. My daughter in law is coming over to explain about the pins and boards. So far, I just can't grasp it. She says I'm overthinking it and promises that I've just put up a wall and she's gonna break that wall down. I hope she can. Hearing about your success really encourages me not to give up. Thanks so much for the inspiration.
All the best,

You're daughter in law is a smart girl! I'm sure she'll set you on a great course! Just go for it!

After this post, you better believe I will!! xoxo

Awesome, my dear! You GO!

aye up. Pinterest is awesome...because there is no news feed..your pins are easily found and clicked. I have found though that by examining backlink profile using moz and ahrefs that you could get yourself a high spam score for your site by abusing social media. Mostly nothing to do with your postings or what you are posting, just your backlink profile with many links to your site from free sources such as social media, web 2.0 and so on mimicks that of spam sites...

kinda why I dont go mad on social media or use any bots to auto post every hour or so... just saying...

I can see why you'd be hesitant, Derek. That's good to know and thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

This is great encouragement to me, I started on Pinterest three weeks ago and so far I have 1.5k monthly views am now learning about board booster and hoping to try it out in June i.e from tomorrow. Have you ever tried Tailwind? I hear it is giving better results than board booster.

You're quite welcome, Anne! Awesome progress for you! I reviewed Tailwind when I found Board Booster. I will go back and check it out again---thanks! Always room for improvements!

Erin, great post, with a great hack in it, thanks for sharing.If I might, let me add this, I use YouTube for advertising and after watching the webinar on YT advertising, plus reading a couple of case studies, it would be mad not too... BUT, one thing I have noticed both on my own channel and through my analytics is that content showing and written about Pinterest, is getting more views than other posts of mine

Now I have looked for a link for boardbooster, both in yours and Rinas blogs, couldn't find one, but googled it and have signed up for a free account, to try it out and see what happens

Thanks for sharing this, awesome post

Awesome, Dave! Glad you Googled it, as we're not supposed to post the link here. So glad you were inspired to join, plus your activity is excellent, too!


You're so welcome!

That is amazing Erin! I really need to spend some time on Pinterest, but for some reason I am a bit fearful. Perhaps because I don't understand it completely but I'm sure if I spend some time on it, it'll make more sense to me. You've inspired me to get on to Pinterest, thank you.

That's great, Kim! I guess I need to do a Pinterest training at some point when I can find the time! :)!

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