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Last Update: Mar 23, 2018

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There's one thing in life most people don't like to deal with---TRAFFIC! Busy streets and roadways allow for much congestion and confusion. We don't like to deal with it, especially if we're in a hurry.


However, think of all the traffic on the road and picture it inside your website! Now, do you like it?! Of course you do! I'm here to help you not only visualize this all-important traffic, but "DRIVE" it to your website!


Many people are out on the road driving to their destinations who are in a hurry and may not be too courteous. You know, the ones who thrive on road rage. It would be great to find a way to lessen their anger! Now, put them on your site. How would you treat them so they'd come to trust you and buy your niche and affiliate products?


Even the toughest customers will come to your site and be a difficult "sell." What you need to do is draw them in. Get their attention and keep it! Developing a bond with your visitor will lead them back again, plus they may tell others. These are the ones that will form a trust with you.

Make your visitor aware, in great detail (content) what you would like to provide for them and why. How will they benefit from what you are providing?

Forget about the money you'll make---it isn't relevent at this point!


Write with heart. Pretend that you are trying to help a loved one or someone close to you. Really care about your customer! You may only have one chance to catch their attention!

Correspond with them in comments. Address their needs and concerns. When you do this, trust is formed and you have hit a home run!

Kyle speaks on this subject on a blog post:

It's the same in this community. Help people and you'll automatically thrive.

It's actually the same in life, too. Reach out to others and it will come back to you ten-fold!

The money most likely will come, sooner than later if you use this method.

A caring heart will take you far!

Be kind to one another--

Erin :)!

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Brilliant post Erin. you hit the nail on the head about traffic. Its one the one thing every online marketer wants and a great niche to be in... Its served me well for 18 years : )

That's awesome, Dave! So glad you can relate!

Very much so.The ad niche has earned me well in excess of $80- $100k over time.

What! Whoa!

Oh yeah for sure, thats not said to brag or boast and has been earned over time, but certainly earns me money consistently on a monthly basis

I plan to add those resources to my original blog attached here and people laugh when I say how the money is earned, because its 'not exciting enough for some'

But where they jump consistently every few weeks and / or months and I used to do the same until I stopped about 8 years ago

I focus on what I know works, which ahs formed the basis of my niche for 18 years now

Amazing, Dave! Blog about your journey!

Great post, let's drive the traffic to our site by giving them a u-turn in the middle of the road. Meaning that if they like the site they will come back to it. I really enjoyed reading your post.


Perfect response, Mary--and so clever! It's such a great way of looking at it!

Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it.



Nicely said! I totally agree with you.

Thanks, Gerard! :)!

Great post. Thank you

You're very welcome, my dear!

Well said. This is how it should be :)

Yes, I will have to agree with you!

Hey, If we follow the formula presented here at WA, we can get the hardest consumer to think twice about our content. Formula is:
The problem-The solution-The benefits-Conclusion, and yes, we must care about others so we can really help them solve their problem!

Nicely put, John! :)! I agree!

Your visitors is your boss and you have to satisfied them on which information could be very interesting and profitable for them life to change the circumstance they in, first is informing them in the best way to make them comeback to your site, Hakim

Great way to look at it as a whole, Hakim! Thanks for your wise comment!

Good morning Erin, I hear you, big time! Your last two sentences sum up your post well, it works!

Enjoy your day.


Thanks, Roy! DRIVE traffic to your site!

Before joining WA, I was in my own world and was not concerned about people around me (especially at work). Since joining this community I have found myself reaching out to share/help as best as I can.

Thanks for the post - the community is testament to this fact!

Yes it is, Charles! Great insight into my post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

A really interesting take on dealing with our readers. Great post.
With Grace And Gratitude

Thanks, I bet you'll be driving tomorrow picturing all that traffic on your site! LOL!

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