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Last Update: Apr 1, 2018

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The conversion rate is simply the amount or percentage of visitors to your website who buy a product or service. In most cases, it is the main purpose of why you created your website and the desired result.


We, as marketers, are always striving to lower abandonment rates on our website in order to improve the conversion rate. Most likely, we spend a lot of money and time working on our home page, not knowing or being aware of the performance. We've exhausted ourselves with ad layouts, funnels, content and keywords in order to increase conversion. We still have endless pages to create, offers to produce and an email subscription to create..and the list goes on!


Yes, we have multiple pages, processes, and offers to evaluate and improve. So, in order to know what's working, we have to experiment with our visitors to improve the conversion rate and ROI (return on investment).

It is essential to get to know your customers and their interaction to what is being sold (the brand). It is also important to deliver to them, a prime product, and give them a great experience. When the customer is happy, your site is productive!


Throughout the customer's journey, we want to produce quality content and offer great products and services so that their interest will spark, they will purchase or sign up to your service and return. When all this is said and done, it will increase the conversion rate of your site. The ROI is the CPR (customer's purchase and return)!

Erin :)!

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Great! But who doesn't know that already?

I learned more of the details as I wrote this. I hope it may help others to think about it more, even if they already knew about it to begin with. Read some of the other comments.

Another wonderful post in the bag. I love it! Definitely some great advice. Thank you.

Take care.

I appreciate that Manne! Glad it helped!

Quality content and writing for our target client, know what our clients are looking for.
Thanks for sharing Erin!

You're quite welcome, Alejandra! Happy to add some clarity!

Quality content and developing trust with the audience, well said.

Thanks for the words of wisdom!

It's really not that complicated, is it?

Not really, D. Just encouraging that trust!

I think I heard same in recent training. Thanks

Great! Glad I could elaborate!

Thanks for the advice Herinnelson. Well said.

Hi Kimberly! You're so welcome!

Hey, I have read several Blogs this morning and I realized I am either getting old or am completely out of touch because I did not remember yesterday was April Fools Day till I read about it this morning. Hm.

Hi John!

You are not the only one!

Loes' blog post on the new WA Autoresponder got me!

So I wrote my own April Fool's Day post!!

I was so focussed on Easter Sunday!

Barb of easy-moneys

Haha! I can't believe it fell on Easter this year! I didn't acknowledge it or make any jokes.

Hey Erin,

I have a new name for you...The Energizer Bunny!

Great content, as always.

Happy Easter,

OMGosh! HAHA! Thanks--I like it! Happy Easter, my friend!

Hi Erin!

Happy Easter Sunday!

Great writing as always!


Thanks a bunch, Barb! Happy Easter Sunday to you, too! xo

Thanks Erin


Hey I just spent 2 hours installing and uninstalling anti spam - Akismet and Antispam Bee.

It seems we don't need any Plugins because we are now covered by SiteProtect is that correct?

Aaaaaa, is that an April Fool's joke? haha

No It's nearly 4 pm here, the jokes finish at 12.

I really did just waste 2 hours to find out that WA protect us from Spam - Just seeing if you could confirm.

Yes, of course. On the Details of your website listing, you'll see SiteProtect (SPAM Blocker).

OK thanks Erin, I was working through the training and Kyles video of adding Akismet!

Now I understand.



You’re doing so well, Wayne! Keep doing what you’re doing and climbing those ranks! Proud of you!!

Struggling with Flu Erin, sick as a dog at the moment!

Thank you!

Oh no!!! I hope you're feeling better! You posted that 19 hours ago.

Not yet, I think I have a few days left with it!


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