I got a $650 Sale with $50 monthly recurring!

Last Update: May 02, 2018


Yes, there are endless angles in which to produce a handsome income at Wealthy Affiliate. I have now combined my 2 jobs and interests into one place--here! Why not?!


If you read my profile, you'll see I write books. I am creating a new website here to manage the sales.


I also have a WebCenter business where I design and manage sites for clients. I have been doing this for over 25 years. I now am re-designing each of my client's sites in WordPress, and one-by-one I'll move them all here for similar fees of around $650. (The original sales were double or triple that.) They are sites I've managed for years and years, and each one will have a recurring monthly charge of $50.


So, you see, this is just one way to produce massive income when all is said and done. Selling sites is a great way to establish a business online. I fell into the perfect platform to do that and will be duplicating my past business sales to the present and on into the future!

I also have 5 other sites I'm working on here for--me! They are all works in progress--because, after all, web work continues on forever! Yes, I'll keep chipping away at it for years to come, I'm sure.

I'd love to hear your ideas of other ways to produce a great income here. What are your experiences?!

You can get as creative as you want! I won't complain!

Erin ;)!

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laurenjean Premium
Wowee Erin!!! That is super cool! Both the upfront payment and recurring monthly income... Brilliant!! You are cooking my friend.
herinnelson Premium
Just bringing more ideas to the group--and also following in your footsteps!
habibrani Premium
Nice work. Good thinking.
herinnelson Premium
Thanks, it's all about working with what we have and implementing it!!
Sage18 Premium
That's awesome! Keep at it and you will be set.

I've thought about reaching out to local businesses here in Hawaii because there's a vast amount of small local shops that don't know how to get their name out through the internet. I'm still going through the training here at WA but I think this will be a great approach once I've learned the ins and outs of these skills.

I learn something new everyday mostly through the WA community and other places on the internet. Definately the best decision I've made.

I think a great way to produce a great income is picking small local businesses and making them the most known in their industry in the area, especially a large populated area.
herinnelson Premium
Hawaii! I've been to Oahu, Maui and Kauai. So beautiful there! Kauai was my favorite with wall to wall flowers covering the whole island!

Local businesses are a great target audience! There is a real need there in the market! Glad you're here and enjoying your ride! I'm so glad you stopped by to enlighten us!!!

Glad to connect and see you around!
MiaL Premium Plus
I love reading your posts Erin, they inspire me!
herinnelson Premium
Thanks, Mia! I'm so glad to give you some ideas! It's always a pleasure seeing you!
Attlee Premium
I am seeing endless possibilities through what you have shared, still fairly new to WA, but full of hope of what lies ahead, thank you for the inspiration.
herinnelson Premium
Yes, you can definitely take this idea and branch it out into all kinds of possibilities! You can get as creative as you want here! That's the beauty of it all!