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Last Update: March 03, 2018

Connecting the Past to the Future

I wanted to share a story that's related to my topic. It dates back to my new motherhood days and I thought it would drive home the point I'd like to make. Although this true story took place over 20 years ago, it is still near and dear to my heart...


I once Chaired a $200,000 Capital Funds Campaign for my church.

The pastor didn't choose someone of high financial status or with an important title who was upstanding in the community--he chose me.--A young mother of two with SPIRITUAL status who lived life with enthusiasm.


Let me tell you, there was a lot of frowns and back talking about it among the members, too! But, I humbly took the Complete "How To Run a Capital Funds Campaign" manual in one hand and my Bible in the other. Well, the rest is history! I worked extremely hard for 4 years, creating and running committees, hosting congregational and community meetings at venues (speaking to hundreds), hosting dinners, speaking at events and creating pledge lists. I even preached two sermons that ended in excited tears and standing ovations. (very humbly speaking), and I wasn't even an Ordained Minister at the time. I was simply a mother teaching Sunday School.


In a small congregation of just 75 members and with the help of my Advanced Gifts Giving Committee reaching out to the community, we exceeded our goal by $160,000, collecting total pledges of $360,000! We were able to repair our antique Johnson organ, put a new roof on our chapel and paint the church, with a lot left over!

Although I worked hard for 4 years with no compensation, my reward exceeded any monetary value!


My point is, I am not some genius, I just had faith, expectancy and the desire to achieve it--pure and simple--the same thing I am doing here.

You, too, can achieve YOUR potential through belief and a strong desire to succeed!

**You don't have to be a rocket scientist or someone with financial or community status. You just have to be YOU!

Erin :)!

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buffetearns Premium
Well done Erin!

Have a great day!

herinnelson Premium
Thanks again, Wayne!
Melissa901 Premium
What accomplishments and reminders of how to get there thank you
herinnelson Premium
My pleasure!
CherryBomMom Premium
You are a true insparation. Thank You for sharing your uplifting message.

Many blessings

herinnelson Premium
Thanks much! You're so welcome!
MKearns Premium
Spiritual upwelling will carry you over the top every time Erin!
herinnelson Premium
Nicely put, Mike!
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Love your story. Sounds very similar to the quote I have been trying all day to publish. haha Thanks for not giving up!!!

Being married to a minister for 18 years I have seen many different types of people. Your story really hits home to me.

We served in small towns which was a great place to raise our two kids.

I'm rambling so I will stop.

Tried and true

herinnelson Premium
Bless you, Elaine! Your kind heart has given you a happy life! Thanks for your sweet comment!