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Last Update: Mar 11, 2018

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The thing that sets Google apart from other search engines is how it RANKS results that are searched. This process influences what order Google presents results on the search engine results page (SERP).

Google has produced an updated algorithm which they trademarked in 1996 called PageRank. This complex algorithm gives each page on a website a relevancy score, or rank.

One of the founders of Google was Larry Page, to whom the name transpired. The updated PageRank decides how relavant the web pages are and sums up the importance of the page.


The ranking systems of Google sort 100's of billions of website pages in their index which produce results on click. Their whole ranking systems contain a wave of algorithms that examine, search and decide the return results. The algorithms have been polished to give results in finer detail in order to meet Google's standards.


Analyzing Words --

They look to the search query and determine what the words mean. Google assembles language types to depict what words to look up in the index. They also take into consideration mistakes in spelling. (So, make sure your words are spell checked!)

They Match Searches --

The next step is to find web pages with information that matches your search query. The algorithms find your searches in the index in order to search out similar pages and then study how often keywords show up on a page, and where they are located--in headings, titles or in the body.

Content Consideration --

This is your past search history, settings and the location of your searches. Knowing this helps Google give you a better search experience.

Returning the Best Results --

Google wants to give the best results, for that reason, they calculate how the information typed in the search bar all coincides with the topics of searches. The more this process develops, the better their ranking systems improve.

Using Web Crawlers --

Web Crawlers collect data from 100s of billions of pages and categorize it in the search index. They use a list of web domains from past web crawls and sitemaps through website owners.(So, make sure you set up your sitemaps!) They crawl to find links to other pages (external links). (These are also an essential part of ranking!) They especially scope out new sites, dead links and changes to current sites.


There are actually millions of web pages with great information. To help you rank the BEST and most alluring pages, Google writes algorithms in order to estimate the usefulness of each page.

The algorithms determine diverse ways to find the most helpful information on the web. Some of these ways are through content, keyword repetition, user friendly navigation, value, and external links.

In conclusion, Google is set apart in ranking search results, which decides the order that search results are displayed on the SERP.

I thought this would be helpful to all of you. Knowing how Google's algorithms work can enlighten everyone when creating their content, keywords and everything Google looks at when ranking!!

Erin :)!

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Exceptional post-Erin! Thank you for the insight and new knowledge of how the Google God's work!


Ha ha--It truly amazes me! Thanks!

Google getting better all the time

Yes, they are! :)!!!

Second to none, as usual

I agree! :)!!

A brilliant post from my favourite Ambassodar. :-) Thank you so much, Erin. This is very helpful. I am busy writing some articles on SEO for my website. All you said here is of the utmost importance for us to remember when we write our articles. But that said, we must also be very careful not to get too technical about this.

Thanks again. XOXOX

Ha ha, Hennie! ...and thanks (blushing). That's awesome you're busy writing some great stuff! Keep up the good work! I love reading your responses!

Thanks Erin

That’s really well done! Very helpful and practical!


Thanks, Wayne!

Oh my goodness, Erin, Thanks for this clear, concise explanation. It just struck me what a big deal it is to have one of our websites ranked no. 1 in Google for a search term. You made it crystal clear. Thank You.

Thanks, Lauren! Yes, it's huge! Not only with Google, but all Social Media platforms are changing their algorithms, too, expanding their rules and regulations, too. I'll be touching on all that soon!

Erin you intrigued me. That is so well done and explained, better than any I have read.

Really? I did my homework. Ha ha. So glad you learned something!

So much to learn. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

With pleasure, suntrupth! This kind of learning is so much fun!

Sounds almost like mission impossible...

Yeah--almost, LOL!

Really helpful. Great post. Thanks a lot

My pleasure! The subject intrigued me!

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