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Expanding Beyond

I know that we are all here to build each other up, sharing our intellect and teaching others what we have absorbed ourselves--spreading the knowledge.

I thought it might be helpful to everyone if I created a post for those making money here AND those who want to!

Sharing Ideas

Please share what route you've taken leading to your income at WA. Feel free to elaborate on what type of site you have, special features, themes, plugins, etc.--anything that may be beneficial and advantageous to the community.

What Are You Doing?

Are you managing email marketing? Did you create a WA promotional site? Are you writing a best of site, a review site or both? Anything that you can share would be quite helpful and motivating to upcoming entrepreneurs.

Thanks A Bunch!

Thank you in advance for your insight! I look forward to the responses.

Feel free to comment whether or not you've earned any money. This post is for all who want to succeed! (By the way--we are ALL entrepreneurs here!

Many thanks and keep on plugging away!


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I started out using Wealthy Affiliate back in 2008 and then found it was going to take a lot of work and time to make things happen. Took a few steps back after making very little money. Had to work a real job in the meantime. I found after reviewing the forums here (Yes, WA had a terrific and a very busy forum back then) that there were some very talented marketers who were doing so well. I learned a lot of SEO and how to research online from these folks and WA.

The first few sites I made were basically duds. When I found out that I was good at SEO and ranking pretty much anything out there I was hooked. I re-joined WA full time and my main site (have about 5 very good sites) took a few years of me sitting in my room working about 12 plus hours everyday to get it off the ground. It was a lot of work and sacrifice. But it was well worth it and not having a life for a few years because now I have several people working for me out of their homes, have 2 great affiliates that work for me and they are high ranking members of WA as well. Long story short, I have been making a full time income since back then and was able to buy 8 homes with the money I made from what I learned here at WA. My advise is stay strong and don't give up even though at times it seems like a better road to travel. Nothing really good is super easy and it does take time to build a mini empire ;-) Good luck all!

WOW! What a journey you've had, David! Thanks for stopping by and sharing it with us!

Your post just goes to show that with persistence and dedication, you can reach the moon! I is so impressive that, even after you had half given up on WA, something in you ignited and you CAME BACK with more power than ever to succeed--even being able to buy not another, but 8 homes! WOW..this news was so worth my post!

Your comment is full of integrity and perseverance, and I wish you much CONTINUED success! We can all learn valuable lessons from you.

Thank you for this! It's great to hear from successful people on WA.

I like where you came from,
good for you, now making a good living at it
what some of your web site links
keep up the good work.
god bless

Very impressive! Yes, I can see that it does work from my own experience. The key is to keep moving forward and not quit.

Wowee David. That's awesome!!

Awesome, D. I love hearing stories like these -very motivating. Continued success!

Very encouraging post! I just need to get back to my training. I put a stop to it for 2 weeks. Hoping to start again tonight! I can see the training is very important to follow and to ask questions!

David Thank you for such an awesome reply gives me hope. Keep up the great work

Awesome help build my faith but learning from you all I love testimony thank

Thanks for sharing! Your post just gave me some more fire to keep going with WA! Persistence!

Thanks David for sharing that info you the first yet that have a good testimony with love Elvira

Yes Erin,

I have made a few pennies over $500 as I have on more than 1 day made more than $500 in a single day. Not every day is an over $500 day of course.

This is a wonderful testimonial page and along with my answer I'll also say that although I have been classified as a Super Affiliate at more than a few other sites.

That being said, this year I plan to also become a Wealthy Super Affiliate as well.

Thank you Erin for sharing this great page for all to learn from my Friend,


Hi Tony! It's a real pleasure having you swing in to comment on my post! I admire your strength within WA and in life! Your post is sure to motive others on their journeys, as well as me, too! Your expertise and achievement have long since been noticed within our platform as being a Super-DUPER Affiliate! Ha ha!

Ambassadorship is what I have been striving for since day one, as well as wealth. I love your blogs and training videos. In fact, I am about to listen to your newest Instagram video! I am developing new business accounts there, so thanks in advance! All the continued best to you! Glad to have your input--always!

Thank you so much Erin :) All the continued best to you as well my Friend!

That means so much to me! :))))))

Im currently on month 27 of my site and wow! things are just starting to get wild! I made $550 in past 6 days alone with last month being my first 4 figure income month.

I rely heavily on organic SEO (80% of traffic). The thing is it does nt really matter what niche you are in as long as it is not to broad or too narrow. Social media is not a must either - I don't use social media for my site! I barely do email marketing either!

There are so many people on here outside of Kyle, Carson and Jay that have trodden that path of success and run successful sites - just reach out for help if you need it. I did exactly that for some optimisation help to increase my earnings per 1000 visitors and quickly doubled my clicks and my EPM! I am truly on course for a sustainable business that could very well be pulling in $3000 by the end of the year (end of year 3). Not bad at all for a site that takes up an hour or two per day of my time!

Thanks for this Derek. It just backs up the fact that it takes time and if you stick with it, success will come.

Congrats on your amazing progress. It is posts like this that allows us that are just getting started to realize the prize will come later. Grow it. Nurture it. Soon enough it will provide a great income.

Thanks again

Awesome, D. Congrats and continued success.

Exactly what it is in a nutshell, grow it and nurture it. It WIll provide an income!.

Thank you kindly, You too :-)

That's fantastic, Derek! Wow! Glad you're doing such a great job and loving it! I'd be interested in what niche you're applying to your business, although I know you said it doesn't matter. If you don't use email marketing or social media, what draws your traffic for the most part? It's amazing to get that much organic SEO traffic!

Thanks so much for swinging by and sharing your success here. I know it will be as beneficial to those reading this post, as it is to me!

Glad to connect and see you around again!

I've made more than $35,000 since joining WA which is a lot if you convert it into South African currency. I learned not to put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, don't only rely on one source of income. So I decided not to only rely on Amazon but joined various affiliate programs in my niche. So diversify your income streams as much as possible.

I now own 5 websites and also have a full-time job from home where I manage about 150 writers and editors. Hard to find time to juggle everything but if you love something, then there is always a way to make it happen.

Probably the biggest lesson I learned is that patience is key. I lose track each week of how many stories I hear of people giving up after a few months. It might even take years to get to where you want to be but just keep working hard and you will eventually get there.

Awesome job, congrats and continued success!

Thank you:)

Your comment is a great testimony to working to the best of your ability and following your dreams, and how giving up is never an option! It is a slow and steady process of working diligently and consistently to build progress.

Your example of this shows us all that if you are passionate about what you're doing, there is always a way to make it happen and turn your creativity into massive success!

Thanks so much for your inspiring input! See you around!

Great and motivating thanks a lot....

Hi, yes I made more than $500 in my first year and made back my yearly membership fee several times over. I mainly had two sites making a small amount, (a third makes sales now and then and I have a fourth that's not yet set up with affiliate programs).

Out of the two main ones - one is in a kids room decor type niche and mainly it's affiliated with Amazon and Etsy... the traffic was low and I stopped working on it and yet it still made, (and makes) sales.
The other is a WA bootcamp site, but promotes several things in the making and saving money online niche. I also just signed up to a CPA network, (where they pay per email sign up, rather than a sale).
In my second year, I made several thousand from everything, not as much as I wanted to. This is my third year, so we will see! I'm not "full time," yet but I do aim to have reached that by the end of the year.
I also started a print on demand tshirt business with Amazon - which I've let slide totally! Have to get back to it... but again, it's something I never would have tried if it wasn't for WA and was another source of pretty passive income. :)

Awesome, N. Congrats and continued success.

Wow, Nat! I love your comments! It is awesome that you seek out to achieve things that interest you and make it work. It's great having different sites leading to more and more income. I'm a lot like you in the respect that I also have several sites and am improving them daily, one at a time. I also moved my web business here and sell sites to clients that I now design here, as well as create WA promotional sites and ones with affiliates.

You have shared some fabulous ideas and insight here and I really appreciate you taking the time to do so! I wish you all the best and I'll definitely see you around again, I'm sure!

I don't make a whole lot yet but with 3 premium referrals in the last 3 months I am getting there! The cool thing about that is that I don't even have a work from home or WA promotion website! WA is just so great that friends and family want in! They are all interested in using it to build websites to promote their local businesses.

I have 2 niche websites, 1 of which is 2 years old and the other I just started recently. I make a little from affiliate sales but not as much as I would like. I started making money very quickly since I focused on personal reviews of products to solve people's problems. I do not promote or even review products I don't use.

I know this system works and it is just a matter of scaling it up and putting in more time! I work full time for State Government and also own and manage rental property with my husband whom also works full time. I am so glad I can work on this slowly and build it up over time. I can take it at my own pace and do more or less depending on other commitments. I can see that it definitely works if you are patient and don't quit! I got 5 little sales just yesterday!

I have also learned not to waste time on social media early on! You have to have a great website before you bother to start promoting it! Get a lot of content up and focus on organic traffic first.


Awesome, Jessica! Working full time plus property management plus 2 websites... You rock!!

Wow, Jessica--You've had quite the journey already! That's great that you've gotten so many involved within your circle of friends and family members! It's brilliant--promoting WA word of mouth, and doing it with everything else on your plate, too!

I've been working my WorldHorizons Web business for 17 years now and have just moved it to WA. I made a $650 sale recently with $50 recurring monthly hosting. I've given my clients a deal and am re-doing all their company sites, moving them over to here for this same cost as above. On my other Web Center, I charged anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000--(for larger companies with larger sites). They also pay me for updates and maintenance.

There are so many possibilities to make money here, that my head is spinning with the opportunities!

As for Social Media, I agree to wait until your site is perfect before joining groups and promoting.

I hope all your efforts are rewarded handsomely, Jessica, and that you continue to SHINE! Thanks so kindly for your great input. I know your expertise has helped me as much as it will help others! Glad you stopped by!

Thank you Lauren! I appreciate that! We hope to buy another multi-plex property this year too! If we could swing it (if we can refinance out of the VA loan to free it up and use it again therefore getting a place with no down payment) we will buy another 4 plex or tri-plex! That requires a high credit score though so I don't know how long it will take to pay off enough debt to qualify.

Therefore, I have to remind myself we already have three jobs between us and this is the 4th...I can't beat myself up for not moving as quickly as some other people here. I know I am on the right path even if it is slow. It was only in the last few months that I have finally made enough to pay for my WA membership. If I could get a few more premium referrals that would be awesome!

Thank you so much Erin! Your comments are always so sweet and positive! I really appreciate it. Wow, you have quite the business going!! Congratulations!

Awesome job!! Continued success.

It's always a pleasure, Jess!

Thanks so much! I wish you all the best as well!

While my journey hasn't been nearly as exciting as some, I've learned a lot along the way.

My first site here back in 2012 was earning $1200/mo before I got a cease and desist on it. The site name was and Keurig didn't appreciate it....

...lesson learned.

My other sites earn about $300/mo but in all fairness, I've spent too much time in the past focusing on my freelancing business.

This year, I'm going hard, so I'll let you know at the end of the year ;)

Bottom line, WA DOES work, you just have to work your tail off like you would with any other job.

Only difference...'re working for YOU, not someone else.

Great inspiration! You've really worked to a great potential here! I was making money with Amazon and out of nowhere, they cut me off, too. I was shocked and all the work putting hundreds of links on 3 of my sites had to be deleted. I am currently working on a different project all together now, soon to be finished this week!

It's fabulous working for me! I loved your post and it added so much to my post! Take care and glad to connect! See you around again!

Wow Tony, how interesting. So weird that Keurig didn't appreciate such great publicity. Are you doing Kyle's Super Affiliate Challenge this year?

My response is not nearly as good as David. I have however had some successes over the years.
I took Jay's early advice and have been creating websites for businesses. My best month was about $5K but I had to scale back a bit as 6 clients and 3 websites in process was a bit much to handle. I have been earning a consistent income at that for several years.

My goal is to reach my offline income level as an engineer. I'm not there yet but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm focusing on the Super Affiliate program at the moment and have a new affiliate site just for me. It's time to stop the hourly grind and generate some recurring income.

I agree! There are so many opportunities here to develop a business with endless potential! I, too, design sites--for companies. I've had my own web business for 17 years now and just switched it over to here! It's a great avenue to take at WA, Jay is right!

I wish you all the best with the Super Affiliate program! Thank you for swinging by and adding your input! See you around! :)!

Awesome, C. Congrats and continued success.

No money yet, but I haven't been expecting any. I am doing some behind the scenes work that has to be done and when that is completed I will launch the marketing side.

I have no doubts that when I launch (target date 3/1/2018) It will skyrocket. I have the marketing ready to go, just working on the "product" 16+ hours per day.

My strategy is a little different than WA teaches, although WA is what is making it happen. My system isn't reliant on SEO and building traffic, the marketing will bring in the users/clients/income.

When I launch, I will move to phase two, which is another product. I expect it to take 3 months per product to launch. Total products 3. All within one site.

I have high expectations for each. We will soon see.

hey craig i have seen this happen before and in terms of marketing without a following its is going to be really hard to get lift off. its like what kyle said on the customer product cycle trying to sell something before you have the customer is going spending more money on ads then you'll get in revenue. im not trying to bring you down all, im all for you going for it because ive have had ideas for building an ecommerce store and a brand but know at this time in in my life it would not take off. im very curious on "the product" and wish you all the best.

I agree that would be the case, in most instances. But not this one. I have a great, simple and free marketing strategy that will get in front of 10's of thousands of hungry folks within minutes that are looking for the product. I know where the customer is and they are actively searching for a product like this.

I've done some testing and just from 24 hours of testing I have thousands that are waiting for the launch. Will they convert? That is yet to be seen. But it looks positive.

I love a post with character, determination and complete confidence! Yours has all that! Your strategy is impressive and will bring you to a whole new level of accomplishments! I'll have to dip into the marketing aspect more, too. I'll be using groups on FB, several Instagram accounts and connections at Linkedin.

It's so great to read your comments and keep up the momentum--it's contagious!


I am new to WA but I have created two websites in hopes of selling a product but did not have a following and I flopped. I hope that your experience is better than mine was. I am saving the domain names to use on a future date because I feel these can be real money making domains. But first I must learn how to get a following and how to perfect my SEO skills. Best of luck to you.

That's a shame Jackie. I can feel your pain. Having a great product and not being able to monetize it would be disappointing.

My product isn't actually for sale. It is free. I am giving it away because the money is to be made inside the product by users signing up for affiliate programs I have within the product I am peddling.

I will explain it all later in greater details, after some results start coming in after the launch. I don't want to give bad info out (in case it doesn't work out as planned). Although the pre-registrations have been amazing, it doesn't mean that once it goes live that it will convert. We will see in a few days.

Thanks for your good wishes.

Hi Erin, Yes!!
I have been making over $500 a month since November last year. I have 3 blogs and presently most of my income is derived from paid guest posts or contributed posts.
I've blogged about this at Wealthy Affiliate a few times. You can find my most popular WA blog about it here: I also have a couple of income report posts on my blog about blogging which goes into more detail on how I earn income blogging.

I'm speechless, Lauren! I just read your post and have not been able to close my open jaw! I hadn't given much thought to paid guest posts or contributed posts before!

I'm so glad you dropped by to share that with us. Thanks for all your insight! Time and dedication is the name of the game, and with different avenues to get you there, it's brilliant.

Take good care and see you around! Great post!

I just went back and read that post again. You really are amazing Lauren! I left you a question there.


Fab, Erin. My pleasure. Happy to share. It was so exciting to finally start making some real income. Now can't wait to see my affiliate commissions overtaking my paid guest post income.

Thanks Jessica. I answered questions.

Awesome, L. Congrats and continued success.

That's the beauty of this business! When one area begins to work, there are so many other possibilities to expand and make money as well! Learning from you and all who've posted here is so helpful in gathering such inspiring ideas to gain success! Thanks!

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