Another $300 for Web Work this Week So Far

Last Update: Jan 8, 2019

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My web business here has blessed me with ongoing profit of thousands of monthly dollars to date. This is from the original client purchases and residual Monthly Hosting fees. Plus, it involves extensive updates when needed that I do..

I love designing with my new web platform here, and still am moving over sites from the old platform that I worked on for over 25 years. WordPress / SiteRubix has so much more to offer in the total web experience. I'm very fortunate to have found WA and to make this very successful change in my business!


Not only are the SEO methods very much improved, but so are the overall tools, available templates , themes, photos, plugins, etc.---An incredible improvement all around! It has been awesome working with such extensive and top-notch tools, allowing for great client satisfaction!


Creating websites is only one of my many avenues taken here at WA. By creating personal business sites, I also have the capability of earning more, learning more and tying everything together in one place. The Wealthy Affiliate platform has proved to be a Godsend to me!


Not only can we design affiliate and promotional sites here, but we can implement all kinds of great promotions and products within our sites as ways of residual income. Researching other platforms to integrate is a wonderful way of converting more sales!

Getting creative within our businesses construes a deeper, richer sense of fulfillment and success. Anyone can succeed here when giving it your all!

PLEASE LIKE and SHARE, if you wish, to SPREAD THE IDEAS! Thank you!

Erin :)!

Recent Comments


Well done

Thanks a bunch, Kenny! :)

Erin :)!

Thanks for sharing, Erin.

Happy to share with you, Rog!

Erin :)!

Great accomplishment Erin!
You are my idol..LOL! When my baby website grows up it wants to be like yours.
Thanks for sharing your success, always inspiring.

OMGoodness! HAHA! I love that! Thanks so much, KyleAnn. XOXO

Erin :)!

Another day, another Dollah! Great job, great accomplishment Erin!

Thanks for sharing your success to this group who are success seekers!

What are your limits for us WA Premium members in sharing your posts about success at WA to encourage onlookers to sign up and become referrals?

Thanks Erin!


No limits, Joe! A helpful word of advice---share all the success posts you can on Social Media by copying the Affiliate link above each post and pasting where you want. It really draws folks to WA!

Erin :)!

Ok. Just what do you do on a day off? I took off a few days last week and did my first triathlon. 167 miles in 6 days. No problem. At 56 I won not only my age group but won the entire race. I beat a 32 year old Personal Trainer who saw my butt when we hit the finish line. Have a great week!!

That's a pretty good day off!!! Ya think!?!? Wow, you are a true MARK MARATHON MAN!!---Your new name!

Erin :)!

Thank you very much for your wind in our freshly draped sails. This is just gives me the necessary energy to pursue and focus more on the tasks ahead.

Glad I could extend a little bit of encouragement your way to blow you on course! XOXO

Erin :)!

Awesomeness Erin :)

Thanks tons, Cliff!

Erin :)!

Great encouragement for me as a newbie! Can’t wait to get where you are in your business!! Thanks!!

It's a fun adventure, Stuart! See you at the top!

Erin :)!

Well done, Erin.
I love reading your inspirational posts - keep 'em coming.
Onwards and upwards!
Rich 😃

Thanks, Rich! Happy to through out some inspiration.---I love your comments!

Erin :)!

Hi Erin
I am impressed how you keep making extra Incomes on your Websites Good images and great Narrative
Be Blessed

Thanks, David! It's been my main line of work for over 25 years!

Erin :)!

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