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Last Update: Apr 10, 2018

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Did you know that above the clouds is blue sky and sunshine? That no matter how dark the clouds are, there's always brightness above them.

It's like going up in an airplane through the clouds and basking in a whole beautiful experience beyond them. You need your sunglasses to contain the light.


Are you going through some dark times? Everything seems so hard to grasp and you've slipped to an all-time low? Success seems out of reach and your goals--out of focus?


Then, you joined Wealthy Affiliate and hope started to take route. You thought,

Maybe, just maybe, it can happen for me, too.

Words play an important part in your mind. In order for words to get inside your head, you have to think them!

I'm telling you today, to put positive words of confidence in there!

I will get there!

I'm so excited!

This is the best time of my life!

I am intelligent!

Horaay for me!

Feeding yourself with constant determination will attract positivity to your life. When we delve into the positive, things begin to "LOOK UP"---IMMEDIATELY!

We get a rejuvinated sense of satisfaction. Our hopes come ALIVE!


We have but one life to live and we need to make it count!

So, rise above the dark clouds.

Look behind them and what do you see?---a bright and beautiful world that awaits you! Capture it and make your dreams soar!

Be encouraged today, and share this post with someone who needs encouragement, too.

Be happy and well---with new seeds of greatness on the horizon!

Erin :)!

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Yes, I too will get there.

Absolutely, Stanley---you actually ARE already there, you just have to catch up. I love that mentality!

Awesome post Erin! Thanks again!!

Happy to bring you encouragement, Steven! :)!

You do Erin, You most certainly do!



This is an awesome post, I enjoyed reading it. I needed the encouragement today because right now things seem dark and my goals seem to be out of reach. I haven't gotten any sales as of yet but I am working on my site just about every day. I just added another post so I hope that will help to get the word out. I am still trying very hard to be positive about this. I am working hard every day so I know that it will pay off but I am hoping sooner than later.


That is why it's so challenging for you, Mary. You are trying too hard and you have your focus on worry and hurry!

Sit back, relax, and ONLY think about how excited you are to be doing this. Let your enthusiasm flow into your work and make it fun. Feel the thankfulness you have in being here and the wonderful opportunity that is in your life that is allowing you to succeed!

Thank you so much for the advice. I really never thought about it that way before. I am working hard instead of working smart.


Exactly! You'll get there when the timing is right!

Great post and inspiring as always Erin

Thank you kindly! I'm so happy to inspire!

Thanks for the inspiration Erin, as
Always. Marita

Thanks so much, Marita! I'm glad I could bring you some encouragement!

I love it.

So happy you do!

I am kind of impatient at this point as I am in the process of rebuilding each page on my site, but my determination has not wavered!

Look at my response to marmar463 above. The same may hold true for you in some respect. Your determination will see it through!

I like too much “Above The Cloud”
It is the same as our life, we have started our journey and going to destination/our goal.
Thanks for your post and keep up it!

Wonderfully stated, Ryan! Happy to connect with you!

What a great analagy, I loved it

Thanks so much, Dave! Here's to rising above!

Absolutely! There will be many who think we all have our head in the clouds anyway... But we know better : )

Cloud 9 I'd say!


Yes, absolutely! A great cloud to be on!

I think cloud 10, may just top that though!

Or cloud 11!

Well you got me now, that's the extent of my number resources and cloud knowledge!


And smiling back!



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