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Joined June 2016
A college student that major in chemistry, i want to try business or something that can earn some profit in a way
of course, I like science and technology, both of them is so cool and admiring me to learn
but now, i'm really interested to get into learning about business, how to make money, and the other
if I can help , i'll try to help out as much as I can
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Money Goals
$300 or much more
$1000 or much more
up to 8 hours a week if I still have college classes
Money I would be happy earning
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
Goal created on
Dec 19, 2016
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$300 or much more
$1000 or much more
up to 8 hours a week if I still have college classes
chuka Premium
Well done Henry. These are cool goals! Everything is possible if the mindset is right and of course you have huge resources here to help you. Your job is now to begin, focus and work hard.

Best wishes,
thanks chukaa :D
i will try my best, begin it, and work hard
wish you will be there to help me as well
thank you so much.
Kyle Premium
Awesome goals Henry, I look forward to seeing you achieve these. Take action and make things happen!

I am here to help if you ever need anything along the way, you have a community behind your efforts here at WA! :)
MDuchess Premium
We're in the same boat!

I wish you the best of luck! Stay focused! :)
thanks so much kyle :D
you too, stay focused!
and learn :D
VSridhar Premium
Hello henry, Appreciate your money goals and wish you all the best
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MPollock Premium
Hi Henry
Thanks for following me back.
nicholek Premium
Welcome Henry, I'm new as well and am learning so much it's exciting!! If there's anything you feel I can help you with feel free to ask and I will try. :)
thanks monica
yupp, i'll continue this journey again tomorrow, time to sleep
carolwarnock Premium
Hello Henry - welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! I am also new and just learning. There is a whole bunch of information to learn here -- just start reading and asking lots of questions! Best of luck!
you too, good luck there :D
i'll try my best here :D
GlenPalo Premium
Henry, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! I hope you enjoy WA as much as I do. So much stuff to learn and great people to meet. Wish you the best with your future efforts.
thanks there :D
can I call you glen? or what?
sorry, this also my first time to be in something like this here
yeah, I'm trying to learn much more, and want to talk or meet with you guys all as well :D
GlenPalo Premium
Please call me Glen.
thanks glen, can you share email or other for me to contact or chat with you?
GlenPalo Premium
my email is glen@homebusinessforveterans.com or
you can contact me by skype at glen.palo
thank you so much glen
I'm glad to meet you
and of course, I'm happy to be here in WA :D
EdyIsChandra Premium
Hello Henry, and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!
I am Edy, and I am excited to help you from start along the way to your online success.

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It is wonderful to have you as part of the community at WA!

Your friend,

Edy Chandra