Google Analytics Question.

Last Update: May 19, 2021

Has anyone set up a stream in Google Analytics?

When I go to the site, it tells me to set up a stream. I go do so and where it asks for a URL I enter my website and I cannot proceed because it tells me that my site is not a valid site.

Anyone come across the same? I don't know what to do.

Thank you for reading.

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feigner Premium
do you enter the whole of your url address
the https://[your domain name]
and make sure there is no space between them...
alternatively copy and paste from your home page url....
this will be the same one that you setup the account for....
i hope you get it sorted...
helenwentri2 Premium
Yes done all that. I now have contacted analytics and waiting to hear from them. Thanks for your response.
Newme202 Premium
Helen, just wondering, do you initially have a valid GA set up?
CountessCtry Premium
Try these
I submit a ticket to support if that's the issue
Wishing you well and a terrific day.
helenwentri2 Premium
Thank you for your quick response, I shall look these up. All the best.
CountessCtry Premium
Great :)
Let us know how you get on.
And you're welcome.