What A Scam!

Last Update: November 16, 2019

After my debacle with Facebook over the last week, I decided to switch tack completely and use it to learn about making money online/Wordpress. So I joined a few new groups.. I was quite pleased with myself that I was turning things around on Facebook and using it to better advantage..

Well Wordpress has been interesting.. the group I joined has got to be the worst losers .. sorry.. I dont call people that usually, but they're a bunch of complainers.. nothing is ever right, they only want help all the time.

I know that we are blessed here with amazing support, but I thought it would be a group that would chat about different themes or snippets of code that we could share.😓

The MMO site is no better, I thought, again erroneously, that we would chat about different aspects of msking money online, our successes and failures.. not so.. it seems to be just one scam after another... do this and you'll get $1000 in 10 minutes, use your cell phone to post 30 Instagram messages and earn $500.. These are just examples but I am shocked Facebook allows this. Parting desperate people from their money for nothing.. or this one...

I've not done well in finding the right pages to follow. Might just stick to Pinterest...

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BobMargroff Premium
Hi Helen, that's one of the reasons I don't like Facebook. There are more politics and complainers there than anything. So, that is one of the reasons I may spend more time here than there.

I use it more as a tool and a way to keep in up with family other than a phone. I can look there and see how things are going without talking to them...that's a good thing...LOL!

I love my brothers, but the less time I spend with them the better in some cases...anyway, enough of that.

I like to share my posts from my website and if I get at least one person from Facebook to join then I will be happy.

I wish you the best!
Jacquie8 Premium
Thanks Helen,

It's always good to get insight from others about their experiences on Facebook and other Social media.

I have always been afraid of Facebook. When I discovered Facebook groups I did have some great experiences for a while... but it is so hard to keep up with it all!

Then there were a mix of experiences, but overall, way too time consuming and distracting. So many different agendas.

I'm kinda finding the experience on WA a bit like a very well run Facebook group with a much higher level of focus and functionality that supports everyone.

Best wishes,

LenkaSophie Premium
I'm sorry you have had such bad experiences, Helen.
I am on FB, don't like it much but I have a fan page there so I post some things there now and then.
As to the groups, there are some of value where people share only information regarding their websites and get good help but it's probably hard to find them. I'm in one led by a woman I know personally and she helps people with technical things.
Wish you a nice Sunday!
Stanleycmng Premium
You are right. I joined a bunch of FB groups and the public groups seem to have become a giant “pin board,” you know, the board where you pin your ads...

I tried posting some blogs and info but there is just very poor interest.

The closed groups have group rules and criteria to join but they offer better engagement there.

Many have look to Pinterest and Instagram. I am doing that too.
Roybretton Premium
Hello Helen,

Thank you for your article, I'm not surprised! Recently, someone in my niche suggested that I join a particular Facebook group, so I joined. To be fair there's nothing wrong with the group, it's just so time-consuming, my time could be much better spent writing content. I think I lasted about three days on the group, I'm still a member but not active!

I believe that the majority of people would be far better off staying away from Facebook and focusing on their business!

Enjoy your Sunday Helen.

Helen123 Premium
Too true Roy.. I’ve changed my focus. What time I soend on Facebook, I come here and read, comment, learn. I’m definitely less stressed.
Roybretton Premium
Thank you for your reply, Helen.

I think that time is much better spent on Wealthy Affiliate, even with this great platform care needs to be taken not to spend too much time, in the best possible way! Time spent on Wealthy Affiliate is less time spent on our business, however, of course, there is a balance!

I should have mentioned to you that I normally refer to Facebook as FaceAche! For reasons that I think you will understand!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Helen.