Things Are All Upside Down

Last Update: June 01, 2020

So, I changed my phone last week...

I have started a new side hustle website to my MMO website, promoting my artisanal products. Its been a long time coming but as y'all know up to the pandemic, I travelled the world with my son, so he could compete internationally.... so the option to get this off the ground was not there... But since lockdown, I have started working on it and I changed my phone to an iphone 11pro max. The camera is supposed to be really good... and it is!!

But.... two issues....

When I download images onto my macbook, they transfer as HEIC images and not JPEG, well that was a bit of a problem to start with becuase it meant having to take them into illustrator and change to JPEG, however having researched it, I found what the issue was and was able to add a protocol to my dropdown menu that would automatically change them for me and if it doesnt, I can manually do it easily, so that issue was sorted....

But now I am finding that even though they are JPEG, when I download into my media library, they're downloading sideways....hmmmm... so this is a little more tricky..

There is a plugin that I could use that would make sure they download the right way round but I dont really want to have to go to that extreme, it seems a little nuts that something that was going to plan before now wont and I have to use a plugin to make it happen.

So not a great result to that issue. If you have any suggestions, that would work I would be grateful to hear. I know I can manually go and re-orientate the images but it means coming out of the work Im doing, going to media library, reorientating it, then going back into what I was doing, refreshing the page and carrying on.... rather time consuming and a little irritating....I have such a lot to do, I want to get this phase of the website done so I can get back to MMO and on with the next stage of SAC.

Thanks !

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mbouteiller Premium
Hi Helen,

I think this might be the solution for you... LenkaSophia asked the same question and I read this response... if that doesn't help, perhaps Lenka can help you.

All the best,

Suzay Premium
I have a food stamp phone. Mine only texts or calls, period. It would do more, but something is wrong with it. I'd have to use some one else's cell phone to re-set. It gets tiring, because who knows when it will go rogue again. It simply will.

So Helen, I've got to commend you for pushing through the little stuff.
Who else said, that it's all little stuff, as we find our way, back to our chosen path in life.

So blessed we are to seek our higher selves, along a higher and distant path.

I just say that the whole path to where we want to be is made of obstacles. Obstacles Are the Path.

No whining, just WA I'm in!
Twack Premium
This intrigued me and although not qualified to help (as I have a 5s and a PC) I thought this article might help, even if just getting an understanding of the 'why' which can sometimews lead to an answer or if not, some kind of closure.
Helen123 Premium
Thanks Twack, I’ll give it a read!
lynnsam61 Premium
I had the HEIC issue when I purchased my iPhone 10 several months ago. I was able to figure out the process of how to switch the images to JPEG without using a plugin by doing a Google search. I'd explain how I did it but not sure if this would work with 11 pro max. I'm sure a search would help you find your answers and good luck!

Helen123 Premium
I’ve got the protocol for the HEIC Thankyou.. I have a tab on my drop down menu on my cursor to do that. It’s the rotation of the images that’s the problem.
Joes946 Premium
Helen, I have an ancient IPHONE 8.