Terrifying Email This Morning

Last Update: May 31, 2019

I received a rather terrifying email this morning....

I am not a dramatic person...hmmm maybe I am... but I was trawling through my spam email looking for a booking confirmation for a Nairobi hotel (our next tennis tournament) as I need it for the visas we require, and I found this email message below. It was sent to the email of a website I manage for a doctor in the UK, it has shaken me because of course I do not want any of the threats to be carried out. It would be a disaster. What are your thoughts on this? Just another scammer trying to scare the shit out of people? Or should I report it ? but to who?

Its in two photos below.

Thanks guys, just need reassurance I should do nothing.


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gbj35 Premium
Somebody's got too much time on their hands.

IMO I would forward that to whatever authority you can find.
You might even want to put a blurb on the site if you start seeing a lot of negative stuff coming thru.

But, no, I wouldn't respond at all. In fact, block that dingus and keep stepping.

Gwendolyn J
AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Helen definitely, a spam and scammy email which is of fraudulent intent.

You may find this site of interest;


Stuff like this can throw you off your game, the people originating emails like this are prying on honest and hardworking folks, they are dishonest and don't deserve any attention what so ever.

Assign it to your spam folder, delete it at the very least.
lesabre Premium
Hi Helen, this kind of stuff sickens me. I am not sure of the methods you may need to follow to report this scam. My gosh this is nasty and has got to be condemned.
What a nasty, nasty e-mail to receive.
I hope you find the proper channels to shut this nonsense(not the word I would like to use) down.
All the best,
Helen123 Premium
Thanks Michael, I have reported it to actionfraud UK. They will log the information but right now they only seem to take action when money has actually changed hands. I think from being here, I am wise to scams but nevertheless it was not something I was expecting to read today.
MatissDzelve Premium
You got trolled I guess :D

Other than that, you have his bitcoin wallet now. Isn't it trackable?
Get the right agency or authority on this one and you'll be able to get a few years on him. Potentially, these clearly are threats with a monetary incentive (fraud) which should be that all western countries have criminalized.
At least in my country, you can definitely get jail time for this.

Better safe than sorry, change all related passwords.
And maybe bluff a bit yourself (or don't, or actually execute on it) reply that all appropriate authorities have been notified and they will contact him/her shortly.

On that same note, I have heard that faking email id is fairly simple, thus, in essence, this can potentially be executed against everyone (sending spam to other sites supposedly as you).
So, even if he/she does spam if those sites/people are somewhat sensible, it will be obvious to them.

A the end of the day though, I can't not express pity for that poor soul, who is trying to scam people like this. Simply pathetic.
Karin13 Premium
If your email server thought it was spam, it has probably encountered this once sent to a lot of places. It sounds threatening, but very ridiculous at the same time... "I will send 30 messages to 13 000 000 sites." What does that even mean!? I think they are trying to scam you! I would ignore it.

BRUCHA5087 Premium
Yea, this is a tactic many scammers use to reel you in. They will use false alarms and ultimatums to scare you into giving them money. Believe me, I know! From the way this is written, it definitely seems like a scam. It's way too threatening, especially towards the end. I wouldn't respond to it. Take care!
SgtMac7thInf Premium
Federal Organizations, especially law enforcement agencies never contact you by email. You will either get a hard copy of the correspondence through regular mail or they will appear unannounced at your doorstep with badges (they usually travel in pairs) in hand.

So if you get these via email..."Do Not" even click on anything, delete them forever in the quickest way possible.
Do you remember all the outrage about John Podesta's email dump? That was initiated by none other then Podesta himself, when he simply clicked on a linked from a hacker disguised as a message from Google telling him someone has his password and his email account has been comprised, well it wasn't really, until ... one click later.. and then all h**l broke loose.

If you're not sure of the veracity of an email... then, "when in doubt..delete it out".
Jody4 Premium
Hello Helen,

I remember a post from another WA member about a similar type of email.

From what I recall they were spam emails too and nothing happened.

The writer of the email claimed to be from a government organization like the FBI or CIA and was threatening the person who received it with jail time, loss of reputation and so on if they did not send like $10000 the next day.

Sad thing is some people fall for it.

Might be worthwhile for you to take a look into the possibility of creating a money making scam post for this email.

If someone else receives one they might search online and find a post by you about it. It could save someone else their money and a lot of stress.

Helen123 Premium
I like that idea Jody. In fact DaliborT who replied in this thread had had a similar thing an sent me his link to the article he wrote from it. I may well do the same, the more that is out there, the easier it will be for those people who are tempted to pay up.
terrycarroll Premium
Just when you thought spamming was getting more sophisticated, along comes this primary school effort.
Worry not helen, just
a) if you are using Outlook, just apply "rules" to the email and dump all similar mails from this person into junk mail, and
b) just delete the email.

Best regards

Helen123 Premium
thanks Terry... Ive reported it and calmed down... I was only looking for a hotel booking that I had been told had been sent but could not find thinking it might be in the spam folder and out popped that !
KathyAnne Premium
As scary as this looks, it's definitely spam. Just delete it
Surfdude123 Premium
I got the same email but it was some idiot saying they got a video of me playing with my monkey. Bunch of desperate clowns. I write am back telling them I got a video of them getting busy with their mother. Lol
DaliborT Premium
Helen, I wrote an article about this. I will send it to you in pm with all the info what you can do and what you should do.
KenShaddock Premium
Wicked eh. Report as Spam. 'Cause it sure is. Not a good feeling email for sure. Be strong Helen.
TheCatherine Premium
LOL Helen they haven't even asked a price. Sloppy
DongEito Premium
Purely spam/scam...nothing to worry.
sgregcrx Premium
What else was in your spam filter?

Dating Sites?

Missing Parcels ready for delivery?

African Prince needing to transfer you $20000000?

Are you going to respond to all these too?

It's a scammer, they are just looking for a quick buck from terrifying people. It is all emotional and they know website owners get jittery about stuff like this. Which is why you ignored most of the junk but this one got you all nervous.

They can be pretty clever these guys! Preying on our deepest vulnerabilities.

It was in the Spam Filter for a reason though, leave it there, better still move it to the delete forever folder.

Finally, I have a tool that can stop you ever getting emails like this again and remove you from ALL mailing lists!

Just Deposit 0.5 Bitcoin into my wallet and I will send the details right over...promise!

Helen123 Premium
DeniseAS Premium
Wow this is not nice. I have no idea how you should react, hopefully someone will be able to help you here.
Gordon-D Premium
Don't give it another thought, pure scam
Helen123 Premium
Thanks Gordon... I felt the same.
Twack Premium
Gordon's spot on, you and another few thousand would have had the very same e-mail.