Terrifying Email This Morning

Last Update: May 31, 2019

I received a rather terrifying email this morning....

I am not a dramatic person...hmmm maybe I am... but I was trawling through my spam email looking for a booking confirmation for a Nairobi hotel (our next tennis tournament) as I need it for the visas we require, and I found this email message below. It was sent to the email of a website I manage for a doctor in the UK, it has shaken me because of course I do not want any of the threats to be carried out. It would be a disaster. What are your thoughts on this? Just another scammer trying to scare the shit out of people? Or should I report it ? but to who?

Its in two photos below.

Thanks guys, just need reassurance I should do nothing.


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TheCatherine Premium
LOL Helen they haven't even asked a price. Sloppy
DongEito Premium
Purely spam/scam...nothing to worry.
sgregcrx Premium
What else was in your spam filter?

Dating Sites?

Missing Parcels ready for delivery?

African Prince needing to transfer you $20000000?

Are you going to respond to all these too?

It's a scammer, they are just looking for a quick buck from terrifying people. It is all emotional and they know website owners get jittery about stuff like this. Which is why you ignored most of the junk but this one got you all nervous.

They can be pretty clever these guys! Preying on our deepest vulnerabilities.

It was in the Spam Filter for a reason though, leave it there, better still move it to the delete forever folder.

Finally, I have a tool that can stop you ever getting emails like this again and remove you from ALL mailing lists!

Just Deposit 0.5 Bitcoin into my wallet and I will send the details right over...promise!

Helen123 Premium
DeniseAS Premium
Wow this is not nice. I have no idea how you should react, hopefully someone will be able to help you here.
Gordon-D Premium
Don't give it another thought, pure scam
Helen123 Premium
Thanks Gordon... I felt the same.
Twack Premium
Gordon's spot on, you and another few thousand would have had the very same e-mail.