Success Comes in Many Forms

Last Update: May 14, 2019

As many of you know, I have been in Namibia for the last two weeks.

It has made keeping up with things here very challenging, because time has been limited and the internet access has been difficult. Pages would take ages to load and time out before I was able to do any work.

So my plan was to build up research material where I could so that when I got back to the UK (for a short stopover) I could write everything up.

It didnt all go to plan...

The first week was good, my son was competing well but got knocked out in the quater finals. He was pleased with his first week - high altitude, very fast courts.... he coped well. My plans worked too....

Then we got to Sunday the day before the start of week 2. He started being sick, pouring out of both ends.... 7 hours of almost constant vomiting. He insisted on going to the tennis club to sign in for the tournament having been sick in the rose bushes outside the hotel then in a bucket in the taxi on th way. We got back to the hotel, he was sick in the elevator going back up to the room. I decided enough was enough... I had to take him to hospital... This was going to be a sad end to the two week tournament.

I checked the draw for Monday, thinking that I would have to ring the referee and withdraw my boy. But he wasnt on the draw for Monday, he would be playing Tuesday. He begged me to wait and see how he is on Tuesday before saying anything.

Tuesday comes and he tells me that he will play the singles match and see how he feels but he is very weak. He wins ! I am amazed ! He gets on court with his doubles partner... they win! Oh boy! First round done and hes on top!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.... he does the same thing ! Winning singles and doubles ! He beats the no 1 seed, ranked 350 in the world .... !! We were supposed to leave Namibia on Friday, so I had to rearrange the flights.... at no inconsiderable cost..
Saturday.... Finals Day!

He wins Singles and Doubles !! Im such a proud Mom !!

My thoughts are that you dont have to have a perfect situation to still have success...... so whilst I didnt have the perfect environment for me to do my best with my SAC these last two weeks, it doesn't mean that I have not made progress and that all I have done is not great quality, like my boy, in hospital Sunday but winning twice the following Saturday !

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ShihTzuSteve Premium
I'm glad your son recovered enough to take part. I had exactly the same happen to me when I traveled to Majorca for the half-marathon back in '95. I would have been devastated to have traveled all that way (I lived in London at the time} and not taken part, as I'm sure your son would have been, too.
CarlaNavarro Premium
Amazing!!! PROUD MAMA and you should be. To see your child not give up, is truly inspirational!
We often will put ourselves aside to help our children achieve their goals. You will be back on track soon, but this was meant to be.

Love this story. Much success to both of you!!! Continue being a great MAMA....
Jessibelle72 Premium
Wow, that is so impressive! I am glad he is well. Performing on such a high level after being that ill, is truly amazing. I am thinking we will see more of this guy in the future! Wishing you all the best with the SAC!
AffMktgRt Premium
Truly an amazing story and one of overcoming in the face of great adversity, away from home and the comforts we all take for granted.

It may not be said in your post in those exact words, however, you both were and are still blessed.

Showolf Premium
So glad he's feeling better!
And CONGRATULATIONS on his wins!! Wow, talk about a recovery!
As for being behind... you'll get caught up soon!❤❤