So Much To Do.

Last Update: December 06, 2019

It must be some kind of phenomenon but it seems that when I have time on my hands, I can't think that there is one thing that i need to do.. I think Im up to date and feel rather smug....


When I have very little time or fragmented time, as is the case right now, I have SOOOO much I need to do right now that I can barely think where to start !

Month 6 of the SAC is upon us.. I have a lot to read for that and an awful lot of information that I have got to assimilate and understand, its a topic that i know very little about and must do well at it, I have a course that I am trying to follow also to help with increasing social media, I am trying to catch up with my posting on Pinterest which involves creating new posters for each blog and article. I have my regular posts I must post three times a week, which as you know take time to research... my ducks are definitely not in a row and that does not feel good.

We all have Christmas looming and I also need to make dozens of mincepies for my husband to take into work ( the perils of coming home earlier than planned from Spain for the tennis boy to get physio to finish off the stomach strain) I need to get presents and wrap.

I also have torn the cartilge in my knee so need to get that sorted out. I slipped in Nairobi airport and for the last 3 weeks Ive been struggling along so today saw the consultant and he is going to operate on 16th December.

I know I will get everything done, its just a bit overwhelming right now.

I think the plan should be to schedule everything, I wont forget everything then and will feel better knowing that it is all written down, scheduled, and will be done although right now Im not so sure about the SAC as it is so totally new to me but a step at a time.

What do you do when you are feeling overwhelmed? Do lists help? Or do you use something else to reduce the stress?

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Babou3 Premium
Me, I like to make lists and check what I have done gradually. It helps me to see where I am and if I have reached my goal of the week. It also helps me not to feel overwhelmed by starting in all directions. I hope you find the method that suits you best to move forward, more quietly.

Cinderella7 Premium
You certainly have a lot on your plate Helen.
When I’m feeling overwhelmed I focus on deep breathing to relax myself.
Then I prioritize and write down what needs to be done. Focusing on 5 things to do.
I also have a “have done list” as a motivator .
Hope this helps.
~ Marijana
Helen123 Premium
It is a good plan and Im going to do the lists. I wont forget stuff... I usually use an online to do list but I have so much on it going forward, I need one thats for the next few weeks really
Cinderella7 Premium
All the best with that
don1rock Premium
Hi Helen,
I wish I could help but I have the same type of problems you have. Maybe someone else will come up with a solution.
timstime20 Premium
There is a book written by Brian Tracy called Eat That Frog.... I found it an awesome tool to get through such times...
PS ... you don’t have to eat real frogs
Helen123 Premium
Thank goodness. Im not into amphibian protein ! 😂
Joes946 Premium
Helen, hope you have a great recovery.
I us a to do list that has sub-tasks. Several good ones out there.
Helen123 Premium
Ooh I’ll take a look.. like the sound of subtasks..
Joes946 Premium
It works.
Joe l