Oh My. At Last !

Last Update: August 21, 2020

I have been missing for the last few weeks. It has been a tremendously busy time for me but sadly not on my businesses here. My husband, since March and the lockdown in the UK has not been able to work. He is a consultant gynaecologist and fetal medicine specialist ( private baby scan service) and in the UK when lockdown happened, they took all the private hospitals into the NHS to help with the outbreak which meant that he lost his income.. from 100% to zero in one day! We were barely supported by the UK government, it was a very scary time and we have been left with significant debt that we did not want but had no choice but to take the governement bounce back loan that we will have to repay over the next 5 years.

But we have kept going. My husband tried to get the baby scan service reopened at the private hospital but according to head office, the service was not authorised to practice under the government regulations and should not have been practising for the last 25 years ! Not to mention the numerous times the regulatory body had inspected the hospital over that period of time and said nothing. This turned out to be one persons interpretation of the regulations that were wrong but it stopped us earning anything for a significant length of time. You can imagine the frustration and complete feeling of helplessness. The misinterpretation of that person cost us £3000 a week, if I had my way I would take them to court but my husband is all for moving on.

So we decided to get our own regulatory approval and to hell with the private hospital.

The reason Im writing today, is that yesterday after two months of sheer hard work, writing policies for just about every single thing to do with the business, submitting them to the CQC, virtual walkthrough, 3 hour interview, further certificates for the building, services to the building, etc.. hour upon hour of sheer hard work - this was so far off my skill set - but thanks to the very supportive manager at the CQC we got approval yesterday!!!

Today we have moved the scan machine, Tiuesday we start business, and already I have 45 scans booked in for next week, which is 500% more than we have managed to earn in the last 5 months.

Over this period of time, I have not had my focus on my business here, it has had to take a back seat whilst I helped my husband get back into full time work again.

So next week we see him working every day - Monday to Saturday, all day and that is something we have not seen in sooooo long... since March in fact !

I know that whilst I have had to sacrifice these months in getting him back into work, and my business has barely been ticking along. But from next wek I know that I can plan my day. I will have to do some managerial work for my husband, fielding calls and booking patients in, but essentially my time will be my own again ! I can plan, get my week straight and back to a more normal routine. I cannot tell you how good that feels !

I know we have had our own struggles , no one has come out of all this without scars but little successes like this, going out and making things happen feels so good !

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gnoose Premium
Wow Helen! A rough road does not convey the troubles you and your husband have overcome. Congratulations to both of you for moving thru the morass of regulations and creating such a great service. Now it's your turn, hit the keyboard with the same resolve and vigor. Good job my friend.

CordeliaN Premium
Ohh Helen,

That is truly awful, it is often one lone voice which can change the outcome, delay the process and generally put a spanner in the works, (we have had similar interference from HMRC and Works and Pensions).

It takes such strength and fortitude to take on big corporations and to then continue the fight, or find a different route to achieve your desire.

I have to say I am really surprised you were not helped further by the government, I thought Rishi Sunak had provided, Furlough payments, loans and support to the tune of billions.....it comes as a shock to read how you and your hard working family have been left to drown.

But you haven’t drowned, you are fighting, your bulldog spirit is bubbling up. Your business may have taken a “back seat” for now, but you will pick it up again, & this time you will have a brand new additional skill to bring to the party, your will power and tenacity. We can often surprise ourselves at the strength we find when times are troubled and the friends who stood by us and cheered, willing us to go on....xx
MiaL Premium
Oh my Helen. That sounds like quite a nightmare. What a blessing that he’s back up and running albeit after a long period of time and so much extra work.
COVID has certainly hit a lot of people hard that’s for sure. We are still in lockdown here with curfews in place for another 3 weeks before they are reviewed. Thankfully our numbers are going down now. I hope things are on the improve in the UK?
lynnsam61 Premium
It sounds like you've been through the ringer like so many of us. Glad you now see light at the end of the tunnel.

Helen123 Premium
Thankyou Erica, it has been very hard for every person on this planet, no one has remained untouched by this. I hope that we can all put it in the past soon, when a vaccine is found.
Joes946 Premium
Glad you’re safe. Know things will get better now.
Helen123 Premium
Thankyou Joe, things will get better, Next week is going to be a good week, husband working and me back here working too. It will be a good feeling !
Joes946 Premium
Have a great weekend.