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Last Update: November 20, 2019

Hey guys.... just finished the objectives for Month 5 SAC but realised that it was up on November 15th, but Ive not received a PM from Kyle... Have I missed something? Has the date been pushed back? Ive been a bit out of it these last few days so maybe there has been a message and Ive missed it?

Dont want to get off track.. need that push to keep going..

Thanks ! Any update would be great!

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FKelso Premium
Thanks for asking.. I didn't know either.
timstime20 Premium
Kyle’s comment
TomHayes1 Premium
Hi, there Helen,

This same question was asked a few days back. And, the general consensus around appears to be that Kyle will be realising month six next week.

Apparently, Kyle put up a post in our SAC comments section informing us that it will all happen next week. Must admit though, I never saw it. I'm t only going on what I've read in general comments

I hope this has been helpful.

Helen123 Premium Plus
Thanks Tom I didn’t see that but a relief to know I’ve not missed the training.
Kyle Premium Plus
I updated the thread letting you know. It is coming next week, in the meantime you should be focusing on your Black Friday promotions. I sent a PM in respect to this.
Helen123 Premium Plus
Thanks Kyle.. I’m in Kenya and WiFi is iffy, so hard to keep up with stuff. Thanks though for the update! I sort of thought maybe Black Friday was the focus! ☺️
jojocinq Premium
Sorry I don't know