Google Discriminates Against Wordpress!

Last Update: April 18, 2020

Like the rest of you, I read a lot about ways to help my business. I have books that I refer to and I have joined a few other websites, nothing beats WA though... But I also joined a few facebook groups as I thought that this also would give me those nuggets of information that could be useful....

Well today I was told that Google discriminates agains wordpress websites!

I got into a bit of an argument about it on Facebook because I know this is not true. Wordpress uses html which is the basic computer language and fully accepted by Google. I really get cheesed off when people start giving out misinformation.

The initial post had been about using wordpress and elementor and not learning html or css and that the person that posted couldnt see why he should learn either because he doesnt need it to make websites in wordpress. This was when one reader spouted forth that Google discrimiates against wordpress websites.

Thought I would share this. Im not usually argumentative but clearly the world situation is getting to me today.

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t-Dubs Premium
At the end of the day, if you're a good writer, you can write your content in the sand in a desert, and trust that google will find and index it.

Similarly, if you're not a good writer, you can use all of the AJAX, CSS, HTML, PHP, and Java in the world, but if your content doesn't give people a reason to stay engaged, it won't matter. Don't worry so much about the destination. Pay attention to the steps right in front of you. Enjoy the view. This is the only one on this day you'll ever get.
Linda103 Premium
When people are that daft its pointless to engage them Helen because they have a closed mindset. You could produce endless amounts of proof and they still wouldn't believe it.

Rather like the 'flat earthers'. They are convinced the earth is flat. I thought it was a joke when I first saw it. Some research later and I discovered its an actual thing. Who knew. Lol.
ChrystopherJ Premium
Don't get me started on Flat Earthers haha In this day and age, how on earth (pardon the pun) can they still think that Earth is flat haha Anyway, ho hum off to work we go ...
Helen123 Premium
I didnt ! I thought that was something they believed in the 16th century ! But I've left the facebook group, it wasn't useful
Pedrone Premium
ah ah ah!
good post!

lot's of silly staff can be found on all and on many social media platforms, as in the real world.

Misinformation is one of the bad ones!
but ignorance it's at first position and so the arguing start!

Below are a few words in reply to someone that believed his WordPress site is been Discriminated!
I'm 100% certain that Google doesn't discriminate against WordPress website rankings.
Google's ranking does depend on view count and some other factors, such as;

- Keywords that appear in Domain Name.
- Private VS Public WhoIs.
- Keyword in title.
- Content size.

All of those factors come back to Google's algorithm.
If you wish to boost some of your pages, maybe check out some SEO tools.

best regards
Google Team

Have a safe and good day
Helen123 Premium
☺️ like your style!
Pedrone Premium
and thank you!
MiaL Premium
I think there can be snobbery sometimes on the part of developers and people who have learnt how to code. Take it with a grain of salt.

It’s the same kind of argument with designers who get cheesed off when people use Canva.

Hope all is going well with you.

Helen123 Premium
Yes I agree with you there.. Wordpress has opened up the world for mere mortals to develop their own websites. I use Divi and that I feel is one of the best website builders.
LawrenceHill Premium

Fantastic post Helen.

It is incredible what people will believe these days. There is a certain amount of naivety and trust in some people that seems to allow them to believe everything they read or hear.

Maybe one or two people will actually read this blog title without reading the content and you will, unintentionally of course, actually just convinced those people that Google does discriminate against Wordpress!

Google of course has absolue no reason to discriminate against any website builder at all.

It's possible it discriminates against certain hosts. (country specific etc) although that could easily be just domain extension rankings etc.

I should imagine it has some clever way of discriminating against certain website formats (i.e. those that look very spammy).

Thank you
Helen123 Premium
Yes I think that particular websites might suffer some issues due to their content and fund they’re penalised but for those of us that are here simply to create good businesses, using Wordpress.. store front up and ready to roll!
Helen123 Premium
And I hope people are sensible enough to read the blog!☺️
LawrenceHill Premium
'sensibly enough to read the blog'.

Unfortunately a lot of people aren't in today's society.

Maybe it's laziness , maybe it's society's fault for pushing people to live the rat-race.

But I genuinely I believe a lot of people just read the 'headlines' and don't check the content.

A newspaper or TV news outlet will lead with 'XYZ country sends nuclear bomb warning''.

Somebody, somewhere, will believe a nuclear bomb has actually been sent.

But when you read the content, it's actually a junior minister, local campaigner or university professor that has sent the warning and not the XYZ country leader.

It''s a scary world we live in! We have had 9 telephone masts attacked in my local (100km) area because some people believe 5G is to blame for Covid-19.