Goodbye Kenya

Last Update: December 02, 2019

We are on our way home after 3 weeks in Nairobi..

My boy returns home with 3 medals.. 2runner up and 1 winner. A good run but now needs rehab in the UK. As many of you know he has been carrying a stomach injury that really wasn't resolved before we started in Kenya. It was a worry, could he compete and would he tear the muscle..

praise God, no tears.. just seen the physio and we have 5 weeks of intensive rehab which will be plenty of time for full recovery.. then move into preseason on Jan 5 ready to hit junior international and a few pro tours to get ready for college tennis in USA next August. So proud of how my boy has managed his injury.. he has shown determination and acceptance, been more accepting than I have at times. He could have done so much more if he hadn't got the injury..

But what ifs are no good either in tennis or business.. no looking back, can't change the past, only work in the present to change the future.

I'm going to be focusing mote now on my website as I won't be sitting beside a tennis court for a few weeks.. my rank here will drop but I'm not going anywhere just putting new training into practice.. building up my website for success next year.

See y'all soon!


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laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Helen,

That is really good news your son did so well, no wonder you are a proud mother. I hope the rehab will make him 110% again.

I only write one post a month and it often gets lost in the crowd.
Here is the link. Greetings from the south of Spain,
CordeliaN Premium
He already has the mindset of the focused sportsman. What a trouper what a star, no wonder you are a proud parent. But take some time to be proud of yourself, it takes total dedication, (from both of you) clearly devoted to your boy.
Now it’s back to your platform. Look forward to hearing your progress 👍💕
Helen123 Premium
Thankyou Cordelia.. 😀
Dhind1 Premium
Glad to hear that all went well over there.
Safe journey home.

Helen123 Premium
Thankyou Alex!
Claudiojuan Premium
Injured also won medals Congratulations!!
Helen123 Premium
He is very critical of himself though, says he could have done better.
EHozubin Premium
Here's wishing you the best.
Helen123 Premium