Frustrating Start

Last Update: November 19, 2019

This week has gotten off to a frustrating start...

so far.. and it's already Tuesday night in Nairobi, I have managed to do absolutely nothing on my SAC website.. my goals are flying out of the window faster than the speed my son can hit his serve ( he's a behemoth of a serve). We are now 12 days into our tour here.. and I have no routine at all. I'm getting no where very fast..

Today for example, up at 7, we get to the courts by 7.50am.. the traffic in a morning here is pandemonium.. it's like a free for all.. they have traffic lights and roundabouts, but they totally ignore every road marking and they just go for it..

This is one of MANY public transport buses in Nairobi.. no two are the same.. so colourful and vibrant!

Anyhow, my boy's warmed up and hitting .. 8.40 hes doing prematch routine.

Match 9-10.20 am wins 6/1 6/0.. you'd think yay! All done let's get back to the hotel for some solid work.. oh no.. there's doubles.. and he and his partner can't be given a time because there's 2 girls matches on their court before their dubs match..

Roll on .... to 3pm!!!! He's still not on for dubs.. you've never seen such terrible matches.. these girls don't seem to be able to play one point without calling a referee on to arbitrate a line call..

So we've been hanging around ALL DAY .. WiFi not good enough to work.. my phone is just about flat and I darent use it again to leave more comments here in case it runs out and I can't call the driver to collect us!

This has been how much of the days have gone since we got here.. very little actual work achieved... it's so frustrating.

I did think about sending my boy off by himself one day but that seems heartless as I'm his stringer, bank manager, facilitator, guardian, number 1 fan, groupie, personal assistant and mom, I couldn't just leave him to it.. so I must resign myself to the fact I'm going to be behind with my goals in SAC on this cycle..

I've managed to tear the meniscus in my knee pretty badly too, so I suppose after I've had surgery I can use that static time to catch up.

I just feel frustrated..

yet I am trying to appreciate my surrounding, feel blessed that I have this opportunity to see Kenya, experience their culture.. they are so friendly and helpful, even if it is at a slower pace... it's hot.. it get it!

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lesabre Premium
Hi Helen,

I think you have your priorities straight.

You have said it all, sorry for a bit of copy and paste, just a reminder for you of why you where you are:

You are his stringer, bank manager, facilitator, guardian, number 1 fan, groupie, personal assistant and mom.

You are an amazing parent. Thing's will fall into place.

Sorry to hear about your knee injury.

All the best,
Helen123 Premium
Thanks Michael..
JeffreyBrown Premium
If it's not working out too well, Helen, then I'd just sit back and enjoy the ambience and your son's performance. The business will always be here! I do feel your pain though, and I'd feel the same way you do right now if it was me!

Helen123 Premium
It is frustrating.. I think I’ve got this block if time then poof it disappears !
JeffreyBrown Premium
I know what you mean--and time is so precious too!

Cinderella7 Premium
Try to focus on what you’re grateful for. I hope tomorrow goes smoother.
~ Marijana
HeidiAnders3 Premium
My goodness, girl! You are busy!!! Try and relax and enjoy your time. It's time you won't get back and precious memory-making with your boy!!

Helen123 Premium
Thanks Heidi.. that’s very true.. I’m trying to look around and soak it all in.. and forget the frustrating knot when we are sitting waiting ...
steeph Premium
One step at a time. You don’t have to work on your website or be here every single day. Family and your health must always come first