Take The Time It Takes

Last Update: April 21, 2019

What Horses Have Taught Me

There is a saying in the horse world - Take the time it takes so it takes less time.

Basically it just means do it right the first time and take as long as you need to ensure you have set solid foundations for your horse. Take the time it takes to get it right and you won't have to go back and re-teach what you half-a$$ed the first time.

This works for horses, affiliate marketing and for life in general.

I know I have been guilty of it, in fact I am a serial offender in this regard.

When I start something new I jump in boots and all, I have a tendency to rush to get things completed and have been known to cut the odd corner to speed things up.

Often times it can be a fair way down the track before you realised that the foundations were not solid, and you now have a big problem and major gaping holes in your education. Stuff that is now going to take you twice as long to rectify than if you'd just taken your time the first go round.

Don't be like Heidi!

Believe me as I speak from experience, if you do this you are just extending the time it's going to take, when you have to go back and re-learn or undo the mistakes you made first time round.

Take the time it takes to:

  • Set up your site navigation
  • Read the terms & conditions for your affiliate partners
  • Do the training etc...

You will gain nothing by skipping training videos or not doing the tasks allocated.

Work steadily through the training here at WA. Don't rush ahead. If you need to rewatch videos, stop and start them as you go, and ask questions to really get a handle on what is being taught .... then do that.

Take the time it takes so it takes less time.

New Office

Just as a little sideline how do you like my new office setup? That's it in the header image.

Finally, I have made the time to move out of the dark and dingy spare room, with my very unergonomic chair and table and into the lounge room.

We don't use our lounge room and for the past 6 months I have been eyeing off a spot in the corner, thinking that'd be perfect for a little office set-up. I just never made the time to actually move everything and get it set up. With 4 days off this seemed like the perfect time.

And I am loving it. Working in the new space is far more inviting and having the desk at the right height with a chair that doesn't have two cushions on it to raise me up is like heaven. A couple of windows that open to let in the breeze ... bliss!

It might not be working from a laptop on a secluded beach in the Maldives but heck who needs sand in their laptop anyway!

Should have taken the time it takes to move the office 6 months ago!!

Happy Easter

Wishing my WA tribe a fantastic Easter. I hope you are all having a wonderful time with family and friends this Easter break and maybe some time for your websites as well.

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yangetmaij Premium

As they say, patience, perseverance, and persistence, are all life's virtues. I do agree with you. Great things do not happen overnight, and without these virtues one may never get the chance to step back and smell the fragrance of the roses. So patience it is.

Likewise, I share a similar sentiment of moving into a more comfortable office setting. Not that I am not enjoying my working space now, but I am forced to move elsewhere back to my former home. So I've been mulling how I would set up a new working place for me. As of now I do not have one, so I will have to think fast and put up a small working room for me. But that's a thought that I will have to mull over the next few weeks.

Thanks for sharing and God Bless.
HeidiY Premium
The three P's! I hope you get a great working space once you move. I am finding it very comfortable and less aches and pains from being in the wrong position for hours on end.
yangetmaij Premium
Thanks and God Bless.
NWTDennis Premium
I like your thinking Heidi. I used to work with a guy I called 'Easy'. He always took the shortcuts on projects and life. I used to say to him, easy does it ... does it over again.

Nice office. Is that a regular keyboard I see on the desk? Do you use that when you are working on content? Does it just plug in to the laptops?

Hope the SAC is going well for you. I'm sure it is intense.
HeidiY Premium
I do have a regular keyboard, this one is on loan from the other half and is a mechanical one he used to use for gaming. I actually quite like it.

I plug a monitor, keyboard and mouse into the laptop - should probably just get a desktop lol.

I do like the portability of the laptop, been great for going out to see clients, but when I am full on typing content I like the bigger keyboard and screen.
SueKolman1 Premium
Love the new office Heidi!! Right now my office is me in bed propped up by 2 pillows with a sofa cushion under my laptop.
Somehow your office seems more conducive to getting down to serious productive work.

I so agree with your philosophy to 'take the time it takes so it takes less time.' Human nature is so often contrary to that, so thanks for the reminder! Horses rule!
CandP Premium
Very nice office set up Heidi! It will make you even more productive because you will be more comfortable.
A good analogy of horses and affiliate marketing.
We shall take the time it takes.
You will see that beach on the Maldives one day for sure! We got certified there as divers many years ago and it is an amazing place.
Have a great week!
C & P
HeidiY Premium
Imagine sitting in those little huts over the water typing away :)
I bet they have glass floors too so you can see the beautiful tropical fish, well that's how I imagine it anyway.

Only problem is where would I put the horses?
tbowyer Premium
Hi Heidi.

My eyes fell upon the sentence, how do you like my new office setup?" and the glorious picture beneath and I was like, "Seriously, what the...? Why isn't that me?" (This last bit in a whiny voice.) I don't know if black people can be green in envy. In Nigeria the saying is, "I bit my teeth in envy".

Imagine, of a morning, pulling up a chair onto a suitable veranda, looking out onto a scene like that, flipping open a laptop to begin a new working day? Drool.

For you and me, best wishes for that for each of us one day.

Now, you began your article with a meditation on "Take the time it takes to take less time". Interestingly, in the software industry, I believe that would be seen as the "waterfall method"—get it right first time. In general, that method has fallen out of favour, giving way to the Agile method, an iterative approach.

The question is this: is it actually possible to get it right first time? I have serious doubts.

This weekend I visited a member's website to help with proofreading, and it was a fantastic website! It was well laid-out, it had an "instant notification" panel via which visitors could register for notifications of new blog posts. I hadn't even thought of that. Blog archives were clearly visible in an easy-to-understand manner. In short, there were all sorts of goodies right there on the homepage.

I bit my teeth in envy.

How had he managed to create this wonder? A little later, in an article, the author shared how this was the *third* redesign of his website—from ground up, no less. Aha, a light bulb moment!

In spite of my experience in software development, too often I fall into the trap of working towards making everything perfect first time out. In fact, *would you believe it?* even this very day I only realised in reading your article that I was *doing it again*! Unbelievable. It's a very subtle, very seductive mindset into which to fall.

Well, I didn't intend to write such a long reply, but after all, you did provide an avenue for me to "work out" some issues. 😊

Thank you for a thought-provoking article.

tbowyer Premium

Pretty much exactly what I'm talking about:
HeidiY Premium
I always enjoy your thought-provoking replies Tayo.

I don't think we need to get it perfect but I've certainly found with the horses that if your foundation is not solid it will come back to bite you.

It doesn't mean it's the end of the world, far from it, but if you continue to ignore it you are probably going to eat dirt (with horses anyway).

As with all things in life, we learn and we grow and we change if we are open to that.
tbowyer Premium
It's all good. Different points of view enrich the Tapestry of Life.
I'm told. 😉
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi HeidiY, good advice. I want to take my time and make sure I am doing this correctly. Your timing was great for me. I have been a little disheartened about some things here at WA, but it will be good. I just need to keep pressing forward. thanks johnny
HeidiY Premium
These moments do pass Johnny, yes press on and it will all become clearer.
Shaheel1 Premium
Nice one HeidiY. Thanks for a nice blog.
Ciottismom Premium
Thank you Heidi! I do tend to be impatient...always wanting to reach the end without enjoying the travel. Your advice is so important! Tks! Simona
Mia-Koda-01 Premium
This is great Heidi,
I actually found myself doing this and had to stop for a few days to get my head straight so yeah, I'm tickled pink by this.

Good stuff. :)
HeidiY Premium
Glad you enjoyed it Susan
Leucavorin Premium
Very good advice. And I like your new office. Keith
Fueldiva52 Premium
I had to backtrack today but thankfully I was not so far into things that I had to go really far back!
Good post!
Pastordna Premium
Good share that was Heidi.
Thanks for sharing.
FKelso Premium
Nice post, Heidi. I like your little corner...looks like you have what you need.
LLettau1 Premium
Heidi I have a comfortable office as well as I am an online professor for 4 universities and generally run from 4 to 9 classes at a time.
AlexEvans Premium
Classic Hedi, I have just been watching a young tricks rider performing, and what stuck out to me was the dedication and focus it takes to become proficient in something.

Riding bareback, no bridle, just using a neck strap was jumping over jumps set at 1.4 meters high, arms outstretched, amazing.

Something to behold horse and rider moving as one.

Much like what we want to achieve with our online goals and aspirations.

You will not know your self with that shift to that bright and sunny office, your productivity will go through the roof.

Best wishes for some productive weeks.

HeidiY Premium
That type of connection is what I strive for every time I am with my horses Alex. It is a truly amazing partnership and I am hopefully that I can finally get it with the new horse.

The new office is bringing new dedication and focus, I am so glad I did make the move.
BeccaPears Premium
Happy Easter! I love your picture and you had me going for a second!
Great advice! I struggle with not jumping ahead of the lessons and wandering off in a different direction. I also struggle with taking time away from it.
This weekend has been greatly needed! I finished up a lot of half done projects around the house and cleaned non-stop just so when the sun rises tomorrow, I have absolutely nothing to do but my lessons!
Cheers to a new week!
LindaW3 Premium
Thanks HeidiY 😊... makes sense to me!