Online to Success - Yeah Baby 1st Premium Referral

Last Update: May 02, 2019

Yeah baby it's finally happened! I am so freakin' excited I really can't put it into words. This is not about the $8 it is PROOF that I am online to success!

I have read all the success stories, I am a relatively intelligent person so I can see that Wealthy Affiliate works ... for those who work it.

But like most newbies to affiliate marketing and WA I always questioned whether " I " had what it takes to make it work. There is always a nagging doubt that:

  • My copy isn't good enough, my titles aren't sexy enough, my calls to action aren't strong enough ...
  • I have not understood some crucial piece of training
  • I am not implementing something and that's why I am not getting sales

In a nutshell while others can use WA and be successful perhaps I am not good enough to make this work!

If you are thinking any of those thoughts I understand, I'm hearing you.
Until this very morning I thought exactly those things. And then I wake up and there is it ...

So if you are having those thoughts ... with love I want to slap you up side the head!!

The hardest thing about being an entrepreneur is BELIEF. Belief in yourself, belief in your product and belief in the systems that will help you get where you want to go.

Wealthy Affiliate negates 2 of those 3 false beliefs. You are two-thirds of the way to success and you don't even know it.

This is a world-class product - you can believe it.
The systems taught here work - you can believe it.

So that leaves JUST YOU. Please just know that if you will get out of your own way, do the training and put it into place for your business success will come.

You are good enough. I believe in you.

Please if you have questions, you can't make something work, you don't understand a concept, you doubt you content, you are not seeing success yet and you want to quit ....

Reach Out And Talk To Me

Send me a PM, comment below, join me on Facebook, send me a personal email or catch me in Live Chat. I don't mind how we connect but hit me up.

I may not have all the answers but I will find out for you and I will help you as much as is humanly possible.

When one succeeds we all succeed.

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DCarpenter1 Premium
Great to hear Heidi

"You are good enough. I believe in you."

For sure - the sky is the limit - keep pushing through.

I have learnt from your post today - thank you Heidi.

HeidiY Premium
I am so glad it helped someone Denis. It really is true ... I believe from the bottom of my heart that anybody and everybody can do this and my aim is to support as many members as possible to get there, whether they are my referrals or not.
midhunvm Premium
Congratulations! Heidi :)

Have you got this result from doing
the bootcamp training or SAC?

Is this referral came from organic traffic
or social media?

How old is your blog and how many
articles you have now?
HeidiY Premium
Hey Midhun this referral came directly from a Bing ads campaign I ran over the last 2 months. In an earlier comment here I linked to the last 2 blogs I did showing my resluts, or you can find them in my blogs on my profile.

I only started the Bing ads as it is part of training in Level 6 Bootcamp. The training is excellent but there is still some trial and error and I wouldn't say I have cracked it yet.

My site is now about 10 months old, with 67 posts and 21 pages.
midhunvm Premium
Really appreciate your comment, thank you so much :)

Excited to see your growth, hope you will cross
$100/month in referral commissions soon :)
derekmarshal Premium
That is awesome! Well done!

May I ask a couple of questions?

1) how old is your site?
2) How many posts published?
3) Average content length?
4) Do you funnel to a capture page or direct traffic to your WA review?

Just curious!>.
HeidiY Premium
Hi Derek

The site is 10 months old, with 67 posts and 21 pages.
I'd say average length of post is about 1800 to 2500.

This upgrade actually came from a Bing ads campaign I ran.
You can read my earlier posts about my trials with Bing: I re-did my ad and landing page for the Bing ads after my first campaign, to focus more on building an online business, rather than joining a platform for free and this is how my referral came to be at WA.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for reading and asking.

Encourager1 Premium
That’s good news Heidi! Keep it up more are soon to follow!


HeidiY Premium
Thanks Cory - better get my skates on.
cornelius1 Premium
Congrats to you, Heidi! Your energy from this one accomplishment is enough to drive any doubters to the next level! Greater success is within the reach of any who follows your lead. Keep it moving!!!
HeidiY Premium
Thank you Cornelius. I know it is hard to maintain that energy level when it feels like it's all work and no reward. Mine has just skyrocketed!