It Happened - I Am A Local SEO Guru!

Last Update: March 28, 2019

OK so the title is very much tongue-in-cheek but it is official I have my first full paying client for my Local SEO business.

My very first professional meeting last night with a new client and we have agreed on a new website and also to straighten out their social media marketing. My first client is a local transport & earthworks business.
To say I was nervous about the meeting would be an understatement. It felt like everything for my future in this business was riding on me doing a good job.

Could I cut it with a "proper client" one who would pay me what I think I am worth to build their site?

As it turns out I really enjoyed the meeting, I am super excited to do an excellent job for them and I found out as the meeting progressed that I actually do know what I am talking about and I do have immense value to offer to my clients.

I can make a difference for their business and their online presence.

So a quick blog this time mostly to announce my exciting news and to say the most HUMUNGOUS thank you to our very own Jay (Magistudios) for your Local SEO training which has been the grounding for my new skills.

Also for your encouragement and assistance not only for myself, but every member of WA, I know there are so many of us that you help privately on a daily basis.

And so onward and upward as I build out my little web design studio and carve out my place in our community as the go to person for online marketing.

Happy Days Indeed!

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MMoncur Premium
Awesome Heidi!! Great news :)

HeidiY Premium
Thanks Max, time to get to work on it.
hummingbyrd Premium
Big Congrats Heidi ! I agree with you regarding Jay @magistudios. His webinars are so detailed I have to watch them 2-3 times to get everything down.
HeidiY Premium
So very true Jay, I think I have watched one of the SEO webinars about 3 times now, and then bits and pieces of it over again just to make sure I really understood it.

So much knowledge and we are so very fortunate to have mentors of such high calibre here to teach us and provide a sign posted path to success.
BlSt Premium
Wow, congratulations. Great job. Keep it p.
HeidiY Premium
Thank you.
MikeAdkins Premium
Well done you, I love to hear such positive news.

Regards Mike
HeidiY Premium
Thanks Mike, that's exactly how I feel about it.
AHost-Madsen Premium
YAY! So happy for you Heidi!! xo
HeidiY Premium
Thanks Amy, it's been 12 months in the making. It sure feels good to actually secure some work.