How To Become A Woman Entrepreneur

Last Update: April 23, 2019

So while I was searching for keywords I came across the one in the title. Which did give me bit of a giggle, cause I think it's pretty obvious to become a woman entrepreneur you well kinda have to be a woman.

I just can't see what the difference is apart from that LOL.

So what really is an Entrepreneur - male or female? says: “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”

    Anyway back to the story ... I was searching keywords because my new client is a woman entrepreneur, coach and about to be author. So I have been doing a lot of research into other women entrepreneurs who dedicate themselves to inspire and lift up other women to be their best selves.

    Women Entrepreneurs Crushing In

    My research has revealed to me a whole cosmos of talented, almost always beautiful, and almost always young, women entrepreneurs.

    My disquieting thought on this was ... Maybe I don't have what it takes!

    I have no desire to be competing with these women. I don't feel like I am remotely in their league. Their stories of making it from nothing to the big time before they turned 30 should be uplifting to me.

    But they don't't.

    They just create doubts and insecurities.

    They all seem so professional, so self-assured, so talented - I imagine this is what it takes to become a 6 figure entrepreneur.

    Am I batting above my average with this whole internet marketing thing?

    I believe I am currently doing what other won't so I can live the life others can't. I do love that quote.

    I am hard-working, I am willing to take risks and try new things. I am dedicated and committed to making this work and creating the life I want. I am giving consistent, massive action to my business now - there is nothing more to give.

    Will that be enough?

    Don't get me wrong this isn't a pity party and I am not looking for any sympathy. It has simply caused me to take a step back and have a good hard look at the realities of my skills, talents and ambitions.

    Is it time to ask the hard questions? Are some of us, me included, kidding ourselves to think we can replace our current wage with a longer term view to becoming part of the 6 figure Club?

    To be honest I expect and am used to having life work out in my favour. I hope that doesn't sound too conceited but I truly expect the universe to have my back, for things to take their course, but ultimately that I will be OK and things will work out for the best.

    Will this time be different?

    I'd love to hear where you are on your journey. Do you have days with some doubts still, do you sometimes read or watch success stories that make you question yourself or are you so convinced that success is just around the corner that you are charging full steam ahead?

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    Pastordna Premium
    Yes Heidi entrepreneurship is a hard nut to crack but PAYS a great deal of ROI at the end and its doable!
    So do the risks that are involved and it does ask to know if you are male or female.
    Do not be intimidated hearing or reading of those who had made it to the top because I am not!
    The reason I know is because the greatest billionaires are YET to kiss this planet earth.
    Do you remember Cornel Sandra of the KFC?
    That man made it at his 60s and his story had INSPIRED me that for me its no longer "IF" but "WHEN".
    Thanks for that your timely quote.
    wendyg53 Premium
    Successful entrepreneurs have a mind set that sets them apart. One of the main things is they don't compare themselves to others. They march to their own beat.

    It's the same for women and men. Success is not a one size fits all proposition. Women are conditioned in our culture to compare themselves to others - and it never goes well.

    Confidence is one thing, but being a successful women entrepreneur takes a willingness to learn new skills, and apply them. It's hard work and perseverance, nothing more.

    There's no magic formula here for women or men. Wealthy Affiliate gives us the tools, what we do with those tools is limitless. ;-)
    gartenl Premium
    It is full speed ahead for me. Not that I am going that fast. But that I am going and doing. I have held myself back my entire adult life because of doubts with-in my self. I am at a age where it is either now or never. Take the bull by the horns and be fearless. So don't wait until your 60. Do It NOW! baby steps.
    Selenityjade Premium
    I think we all struggle with this, especially if we're on the wrong side of 30! I just turned 39 this year. I'm confident in myself and the stuff that I KNOW. But give me something new that I have to learn, and I get nervous and doubt myself. Never my intelligence. I'm definitely a smart gal. But that might be part of the problem. I'm used to understanding things and knowing things, and I've always been insecure whenever I had to 'compete' or compare or join a group. I'm not like a lot of the women entrepreneur out there as I'm not outgoing and willing to put myself and face on products and services and advertising myself. It definitely makes me feel inadequate when around other gung-ho entrepreneurs who know exactly what they want. It's scary! But we can do it, girl!
    Brenda63 Premium
    One thing we (women entrepreneurs) can be proud of is that we have an ability to multi-task and develop many different skills. I am a senior citizen. Grandma Moses didn't start her success until her 90's. Come on, young or not we ought not to be looking at other young women entrepreneurs successes or compare ourselves from them instead we need to find out how they did it use them as a role model. That most certainly can be developed utilizing the right marketing skills. The point is to be genuine. Of course, all people from all walks of life in their entrepreneur's journey do have some doubts and have failed in certain areas but did they remain on flat on the ground? Or did they get up and try again. I would like to think they got up and tried again. Many articles in Success Magazines do mention their failures and how they started over. They tried something different and finally got to a 7 figure income. I don't even think about the income. I think about what can I provide to my customers, what problem can I solve and help them solve it through a product or a service. Then when you do that eventually the money comes flowing in. We all are geared to stream full ahead. Some may take time to get there. At least we work for it.
    Linda103 Premium
    Those same women also have doubts exactly like you and did as they fought to succeed.
    Of course you can do it. Don`t compare yourself to others, you are unique, a one off that will do things your way and succeed anyway.
    Onwards to great success.
    laurenjean Premium
    Hi Heidi, you are definitely not batting above your average. You're simply using the Law of Comparison against yourself, which is a common trap.

    We tend to do that when we're starting out with something new. There's so much to learn that it feels overwhelming at times.

    But the thing is, as we learn and do and find our voice, we evolve. We become Authorities over time.

    The only thing those beautiful women entrepreneurs have is they've been at it for longer... And at some point they declared who they are and who they serve. It takes a while to get clear on that, to feel into that, to refine your message. And it can change as you evolve.

    If I were a Professor at Wealthy Affiliate University and was asked... "Which of the Class of 2018 students show the most promise?" You would be at the top of my list.

    I believe in you.

    There's no rush. Easy does it. No-one is setting a timer. You've got this.
    Mick18 Premium
    Yes I have plenty of days of doubt. But then I think, well why can't I be in the six-figure club. If others can do this so can I. Believe in yourself.

    Love the quote by the way.
    FKelso Premium
    You should expect the universe to give you what you just have to let the seed germinate and grow and success will be yours.

    You ask if I have problems with belief...yes, I do. In the SAC challenge, I read others' posts and think they look so great; then wonder how I can compete. Several people have pointed out to me that not everyone connects with the same people, and there will be people out there who connect with me. Therefore, keep on track just as you are doing. You will make it because you don't intend to quit. After a while we will wear the universe down and it will give us what we want.
    LLettau1 Premium
    Heidi I get what your fears and frustrations may be. But everything is an evolving process. We need the 4 figure income to reach out to the 5 figure income and then we are growing to the 6 figure income.
    jillxyz Premium
    Hi Heidi, You have got it! I believe we all have. I got out of my comfort zone that is full of doubts and limiting beliefs. I’m building a new Entrepreneur Comfort Zone that says I can do anything! Woo Hoo. I feel good. Cheers AJ
    Cav1966 Premium
    Heidi you will no doubt be in the 6 a nd 7 figure club
    Curious u said u were doing research for a client...r u doing seo gigs or ??
    LindaW3 Premium
    Ok HeidiY !! We will get it done.. you are doing so good 😊

    Jordyn917 Premium
    I love this post. It addresses what I believe we all feel at times.
    I have been doing this program for only about a month and I worry all the time that I won't make anything of myself.
    I try to complete tasks as instructed, but haven't seen revenue yet. That gets a little discouraging at times.
    I know this can work. We have to remain diligent though. I got divorced last year and moved back to my hometown.
    Currently ive been working in a plant and friday will be my last day, then i will pursue my online business
    Thank you very much for sharing!
    HeidiY Premium
    We are in the right place to make our dreams come true Jordyn, that I firmly believe. You are going to smash it once you can go full-time.

    I'm still working a 9 - 5 job as well as building the business, but onwards and upwards we go. There really isn't any other way!
    Jordyn917 Premium
    Yes I couldn't agree more! We will both do great with perseverance and a positive attitude =)
    LindaW3 Premium
    I appreciate your concerns... success for me is right at my finger tips.

    HeidiY Premium
    Let's go get em Linda. I can feel your imminent success and I look forward to celebrating with you.