The Search Is Over! Kind Of.

Last Update: March 09, 2020

What Search?

Thank you for asking! We'll get to that! But first of all, I hope your Monday has been a mystically magical one! It's the beginning of a brand new week. What do you have planned for the biz? How about just in your day-to-day? No doubt, you're ready to roll.

While many don't look forward to Mondays, I've learned that it's in fact, one of my favorite days! New things begin and fresh agenda awaits! Looking ahead, I've got some writing to do, Canva images to create, social media to appease, a dentist appointment for the 9-year-old princess who reins here, chauffeuring said princess to dance classes, reading to the little man, et cetera, et cetera. Like you, there's plenty to be done! We'll dive in momentarily!

You've Heard It

Have you ever used the phrase, 'The search is over'? Generally, you might think of that after finding your spouse. The wait is over! You've found 'the one'... There are also times in life when you've been looking for something, anything... and the second you've found it - WOO HOO!!! Been there? Me too! My time of finding what I have been searching for has been evolving now for just about 7 months.

When I began the transition from a teaching career to home school mama to entrepreneur, I never knew exactly what I was looking for. Like many of you, I fell into a Wealthy Affiliate review and the rest is history. No it isn't! There are things, steps, people along the way. My path has been lit the whole journey and I'm beginning to feel like the search is over!

But What Did I Find?

I have found so many gems in this mine I've been digging in. I've taken a few moments to reflect on some of my favorite shiny things...

* Guidance - A very clear pathway into the world of entrepreneurship...

* Training - Follow-along lessons to build a solid foundation for a website...

* Partnerships - Both official and unofficial! What fantastic things!

* Friendships - Wow! My world is overflowing with friends from WA! You're more WAmily!

* Opportunity - guest blog writing, co-authoring experience...

* Peace - I'm not worried about the future! I have everything I need here ~ Just like you!

* Self-Discovery - I love to write! And thanks to many of you, I'm realizing that it's not all bad!

* Confidence - Again, thank YOU all for encouraging me with your kindness!

* Understanding - It's possible to be my own boss. What?! Who would have thought?!

* Experience - Building websites, writing, relationship building, etc. Holy smokes!

So That's It?

Yes! No! Of course! Maybe? Here's the thing. While I have found WA, just like you, we should realize that we're here for a reason. We DO have everything that we need to succeed as an entrepreneur within this platform. However, it will take time and dedication in order for this to amount to anything. Work through each and every step of the training. Kyle and Carson are brilliant. Do you realize how lucky you are to have landed at WA? Let's be real honest... there is no place like WA (or is that home?)! No, we're not Dorothy from Kansas. Not today, Josephine! :) Take what it in this platform and realize for yourself that you need not look any further! THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU NEED RIGHT NOW! Trust the process. Believe in it and yourself! You got this! You've got the key; unlock the door!

Will I Keep Searching?

You bet I will! There is always an opportunity to discover more. I can always be a better me. I can learn and encourage, and try to help others. I will forever be searching for answers, tools, and people to help guide me. However, the BIG picture is beginning to come together! I'm no longer looking for my purpose in life! I get to write... and do so with a smile on my face! It's not even work! Isn't that miraculous? Doors and windows are opening all over the place. I will be brave and venture more into the unknown!

This place is the bee's knees...
& my WAmily surely agrees!

Ciao For Now, Lovies!

PS - I've heard there's a big moon rising tonight! It's amazing that we are all under that same ball of light! Isn't that great insight?!

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fun2read Premium
Hello Heidi, nice to meet you. I am Raymond Chew a father of my two lovely sons and the elder's son with two awesome grandsons.
Thanks for following up. I received your good news able to be with your lovely family working at home.
I am work hard to this great opportunity.

Thank you to your The Search Is Over.. please allow me to add on to this.:- And your Dream Become
Alive again like never before.
Is my second days of my journey with WA , and I am overwhelmed by nice people like you in all wok of life. Smiling all the way having to be part of this honest community.

Thank you for your support and promising advised. See you soon.
Happy working at home.

Raymond Chew.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Hello, Raymond! It is a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my words! I appreciate it!

I'm so excited for you to begin this journey! There is so much to learn! In fact, the learning won't end!

Wishing you nothing but success, my friend! Have a great rest of the week...and happy training!!😊🎉
Aussiemuso Premium
Hi gorgeous girl, I see that you have your usual smiling guidance for us all and it is delightful to read. You have achieved so much on your short journey. I truly hope to have your success too.

Thanks for inspiring me to start afresh, now that my forced break is over.
I've missed all my friends here.
Heading to my next lesson now.

Love and hugs
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Hey, Sweets!!!

I'm so happy to hear from you, Lily!! Thank you for your support; do you know how much I appreciate you?! Oodles!!!

Excited to read about your progress, too... on with the training, eh? Best wishes always!!

Love 'n Hugs!
AlexEvans Premium
Coming across a place that fits and where it is possible to set up a base camp, so further adventures can be undertaken, is awesome that yearn to keep looking dissipates.

The urge to develop and grow takes over.

That is when the fun starts.

Never quit learning.

Motivating post, Heidi, thanks for the Monday inspiration.

HeidiAnders3 Premium
Hey, Alex!

That IS when the fun starts! I like that! We soon have a desire to develop and grow!! That's exactly right!

Thanks for your insight! I enjoy your comments! Please have a great week!

CarlaNavarro Premium Plus
What a wonderful read!
Thank you Heidi, for reminding us why we are all here. Yes, I too find more treasures every day, every week, with this amazing family.
Over the decades, I have been blessed with many friends, but I must say, this group of friends, ARE my family, and I feel very much loved, with all I have been through in the last 2 years off and on, when I return, I have been blessed with loving messages, which makes me keep on going through this journey.

Mondays are my favorite days of the week as well, and you put it perfectly, why.

Thank you for the beautifully put message, have a magical week.

HeidiAnders3 Premium
Dear Carla!

Thank you for taking the time to hop by for a visit! Your notes are always so sweet and encouraging! I appreciate you!

I agree that this bunch of friends is far different from the people I see daily. It's definitely a bond that's more like family! We are so lucky, aren't we?!

Enjoy the new week - and remain steadfast on this journey! We're all traveling together!

BobMargroff Premium
Hey There Heidi,

My oh my... another outstanding post from the squirrel! Oh wait, where is the gif of your squirrel you usually end your posts with...

Oh wait, maybe the moon is too bright for it or its hibernating...LOL!

Anyway, I am always searching... even if I have what I need, I will always search for that one thing that will guide my inspiration.

So far, it's right here... have a wonderful week... I hope mine is as productive as last week.

As always, I wish you the best!

HeidiAnders3 Premium
Sometimes, the squirrel can't find 'the perfect' image! I'll include it next time! (You noticed!)

Well, you can stop searching for a great hosting and learning platform, Bob! WA has it all; I know you agree!!

Please enjoy your week! I bet you've got some goals that will be hit out of the park by Friday!

BobMargroff Premium
I actually do. I’ve gotten a ton accomplished this past week and need to maintain that momentum.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Fantastic news, Bob!! Keep at it! You've got this!

BobMargroff Premium