It's Not WHAT You Know - Is It?

Last Update: March 02, 2020

Monday Musings, M'Dears!

Hey, friends! I took a little stroll this morning. I'm loving the sunshine! Mountain weather is a different topic all together, but here, if the sun is shining and it's 25 degrees F, it feels very close to 40! Such was my fate this morning. By 9:30, I knew I couldn't just pass up the opportunity for fresh air and sunshine! I put on my rubber boots (it's really muddy out these days) and took off toward the river!

Me Thinks

I enjoy walks. I especially like them when accompanied by a friend. However, this morning was solo, and that's okay, too! When I am alone, I'm able to think. Recently, my thoughts revolve around the business and WA. I was on a roll right away and had a few things locked (or so I thought) in my memory to write about later. But then...

Pattern Interrupt!

Happened to you? You think there's no way you'll forget what was on your mind. You carry on. All of a sudden, something happens to distract you and boom! Safely stored thoughts are gone! In my case, my distraction happened in the form of seeing a cow elk on top of the ice covered river that flows nearby my home. She was just lying on top of the ice, which cannot be too thick these days.

If you know me, you know that I adore the wide range of wildlife in my state of Colorado. When an opportunity presents itself to witness such beauty, I get completely caught up in it. Unfortunately, all I had on me was my phone, so the picture quality wasn't that great. Then I did what I usually do when I have bragging rights; call my dad! He, too, loves the elk, so I needed to rub it in a little. Total distraction.

Lucky Ducky

When it became apparent that I had time to sit and write, I only slightly forgot my topics! I had to back-track through my entire walk. I remembered where I was when I was thinking of WA, and I was able to come full circle back to my topic - whew! (Tell me that's happened to you!) Thanks for hanging in here with me! You're a rock star - my mumbling... Let's get back to the topic!

What vs. Who

I was thinking about the phrase, "It's not what you know, it's who you know". I don't want to minimize knowledge. I believe it is extremely important. In fact, how many of us can admit that without the knowledge to be found within this platform, we'd still know nothing about affiliate marketing or building a website?! Knowledge is absolutely something we need to build a foundation upon - specifically as an entrepreneur.

But what about WHO? This is where my thoughts went until I was interrupted by my new friend, Miss Elk. The fact is, while knowledge is critical, so are the people we know and choose to share our life with. There are more than a couple handfuls of you who have blessed my life. It is through conversations with many of you and your help - that has moved me forward on this wonderful entrepreneurial journey.

Training and You

Sure. There's much to be said about the learning within the WA campus! I know you agree. But for those of you who have hesitated to put yourself 'out there' and get to know some other members, you're missing out. It is because of some WA members that I have been able to experience this place with a greater purpose and passion. WA, just like life, is about WHO you know. Get the knowledge. Go through the training. Get to know and hang out with some members you're drawn to! Find those you connect with; you'll help each other. Doing so will enhance your life!

The weight of the quote has me in deep thoughts today, but it's been a great time of reflecting on what really matters to me. Is it life's 'stuff' or invaluable humans? I think you know my answer and I have the utmost feelings of gratitude and love for so many of you! You're all pieces to my puzzle of life! Thank you!! Leave me a note and tell me your thoughts on the what versus who scenario.

Ciao For Now!


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chowie Premium
I've become a HUGE fan of yours Heidi! Cuz you've got that amazing knack--bordering on mysticism to consistently connect with & influence your adoring audience with your intensely powerful prose that lift us all up without coming across bossy or preachy @ all.

You Rock!

Thanks Heidi for your existence within this space & beyond...

HeidiAnders3 Premium

You are just the sweetest, my friend! Thank you so much for giving my words a place in your day! I appreciate you and your wonderful support!!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank YOU!!
chowie Premium
Since I'm a big city dweller, I'm kinda curious to see what a cow elk on ice looks like. So I would've much rather seen even what your OCD perfectionist self deems to be a low quality pic than that reindeer-like thingy you posted?
Firefli20 Premium
Thanks Heidi, as always, you inspire. I appreciate your blogs on here. I live in Calgary Alberta Canada, The Rocky Mountains, and often and depending where I drive too, not far from my house, I will see cariboo, or Rocky mountain big Horn sheep, or if I'm lucky, a grizzly bear. There is a big fellow we Calgarian's named, The Boss. It is awe-inspiring to witness the beauty of these creatures. There is nothing like nature. Even the Rocky mountains that I can look upon from anywhere I drive in the City, is a magnificent sight to me, I never get tired of. So I am right there with you. Have a wonderful week. Live big. Deborah
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Hello, my friend! You indeed know the beauty I speak of!! We're near the Rockies, too!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment! You're the sweetest!💜

Enjoy the new week!!🌞
jobsonline Premium
Hello Heidi, I really like reading your blog posts, they are so fun and interesting. You are a really good writer. Really cool that you live in the mountains to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air and sunshine, sound like such a great way to start the day! 😊
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Thank you SO much for your true kindness! I appreciate you!! (I AM a lucky gal to be in the mountains! It's where my heart is!💕)
gnoose Premium
You bring a good point about who. Through my life I associated with people who were my peers, I did alright. Through my medical career, I had opportunity to be with certain higher ups in my lane and began to learn their philosophies on success. It was partially through these relationships that I was able to further my career and become more successful. If you remember my childhood friend Fred who I spoke of in my blog A Tale of Two Boys. As Fred became more and more successful, he associated himself with his peers, other businessmen who were extremely successful. He learned and profited from these associations.

Here in WA, we all have the opportunity to learn from some very successful people as we learn, put their wisdom to good use and become successful in our own rights. We have the opportunity to grow and add to the knowledge base that is here for all members to take advantage of.

HeidiAnders3 Premium
Yes!!! And I do remember Fred!! I had a coworker once who swore that we become who we hang around. He was right then and I should tell him so!!

We are so lucky that we have the knowledge here AND the community. Paired together, we are already in possession of the best things for success!!

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you have a great rest of the week!!

JohnButton Premium
Thanks, Heidi for sharing your experience with Miz's Elk. I'm in Texas now, but as you know, I grew up in North Western, Colorado in Elk country. Although it disturbs me to think about it .... buy ... I've actually eaten lots of elk ... Please forgive me as I could never imagine doing ever again. Even though elk are much heavier than you are ... be careful on the ice. (I talked about the ice caves in one of my block posts.)

See ya, JB
HeidiAnders3 Premium
It's so great to hear from you, JB! I trust all is well!

I'm a hunter, you see. WI is my home, so plenty of whitetails have made their way to our freezer. Elk hunts and a moose hunt are, in fact, on my bucket list... right or wrong, it's a sport and I do so enjoy and respect these animals!

(No forgiving necessary for you! How is it any different than eating trout, salmon, pork, etc. You understand!)

Enjoy your Tuesday, my friend!!