Is Your Business Serendipitous?

Last Update: February 16, 2020

Bonjour, Beauties!

I've had a word on my mind for a while now. In fact, the word became more present in the recent months since joining Wealthy Affiliate. The word, as you may have guessed, is Serendipity. Many WA members have written about the word, and I've always liked its meaning. But yesterday, it came up again and I knew I had to have a deeper look.


According to, Serendipity means, "The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way." Basically, it's finding valuable things unintentionally, without looking for them. Cool, right? I sure think so!

The origin of the word goes back to 1754. Serendipity was coined by Horace Walpole, suggested by The Three Princes of Serendip, the title of a fairy tale in which the heroes ‘were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of’.


* Burying an animal in the back yard and discovering a treasure chest full of gold

* Becoming friends with someone first and then innocently falling in love

* Finding $20 in a pair of jeans you haven't worn in a while

* Discovering a note or a gift from someone you love

* Driving down a bumpy dirt road only to find the most magnificent waterfall or sunset

* An unexpected feeling of butterflies

Is Your Business Serendipitous?

The tie in here is this - sure. If you're like me, you believe in these tiny miracles to remind us of how wonderful life really is, if we remove the blindfold! But wouldn't it be something if in our business, we were also in tune to these events? Have they or are they happening to you? Are you noticing them? I think these things happen more than we're willing to admit. i also don't think they're coincidences. It's amazing to be able to witness all the serendipitous things that occur in our daily lives!


* Waking up to find out you've got a new organic comment on your latest blog post

* Checking your affiliate accounts and realizing you have made commission on a sale

* Accidentally finding someone to partner a business with so you may both experience success

* 'Paying' for one Site Comment and getting 4

* Working your tail off on fixing your website issues and noticing the jump in site health

* Getting your website or post indexed by the one and only Google

You Can't Plan It

Serendipity is magical because these things happen in life without you planning on the particular outcome. You don't go searching for gold as you're laying a pet to rest. You're not expecting a waterfall at the end of the long dirt road. You never expect others to find your published content, so organic comments remain a surprise. You didn't sign up as a premium member of WA expecting to find yourself a toolbox full of everything you need to become successful.

Go With It

I hope you've all experienced the idea of serendipity at some point in your life. More so, it's my wish that you will feel the magic when it happens in your business. I mean, let's be honest - we're here at WA, right? You have all discovered the top-notch training, webinars, blog posts, the community, etc. Isn't that really something we can all agree as a serendipitous point in our lives? (I thought so! You just as well smile and admit it!) Just go along with it. It's life telling you to lighten up, accept it, and sprinkle a little pixie dust on your shoes!

The next time you feel like everything is falling into place, let it. Just BE! It's quite possibly - serendipity!!!

For Now, Lovelies!


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Jtroutman Premium
As I say daily "everything is always working out for me". I expect those moments and so I am aware when they occur!

I so needed to see this blog as I am stumbling through my first overwhelming day if WA trainings. It made me realize that I had not been expecting those moments today.

Thank you!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!! I appreciate it and your kindness!! 💜

You've totally got this!! It's completely normal to feel overwhelmed! Hang in there!!😊🎉
AlexEvans Premium
A great reminder, and a great way to look at things, Heidi, the more we immerse the more things come around, it seems to be the way it is we follow the WA flow, WA things flow into our view.

Kind of like when you come across someone's path and deep down you know that you will have dealings with that person, at the time you may be totally removed. Things have a way of working themselves through.

HeidiAnders3 Premium
That's right, Alex!! Things just have this way...and it surprises us! Mostly in a good way, if we let it! Those are the serendipitous moments, no doubt!!

I hope your week is off to a great start!!🎉🌞

FKelso Premium
It's true...I went through a couple of weeks when everything was just a little off kilter. It stressed me; frustrated me. Finally, I told myself just to relax and move on, and things would straighten out in time. It worked...within a week, things began to fall in place, and I was pleased.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Sometimes the unexpected outcomes are what leads us to think that magic is real! I'm so glad things worked out for you, Fran!!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your week is a serendipitous one!!

EdwinBernard Premium
Indeed yes Heidi. I found WA that way. It was the other way around.

I was evaluating costly investment advisory services on a specific forum. My sponsor noticed me looking, engaged me in a conversation and offered me the opportunity to check out WA.

That was indeed serendipitous.


HeidiAnders3 Premium
What a great story, Edwin!! I'm so glad you're here!!!

Cheers for a serendipitous week!

SAWalden Premium
Oh yes, I'm a huge fan of Serendipity.

However, I have also observed when things seem to fall into place I can usually trace back the steps I took that allowed that particular event to occur.

What is miraculous or magical is the fact that everyday we all do things without consciously thinking about the outcome.

I know I do things everyday that I feel will not result in anything of any consequence whatsoever and then, all of sudden, Serendipity shows up!

This goes to show we may all be in more control of our lives and our destiny than we give ourselves credit for!

Once again Heidi, Great Post!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Ooh!! We just MAY be more in control of our lives and destiny! I like that thought, Susan!!

Thank you so much for that great idea! You're brilliant!