I Wanna Try Even Though I Could Fail

Last Update: February 26, 2020

Greetings, Darling Dreamers!

You're getting used to my posts being inspired by song lyrics, and unfortunately (or fortunately), this is no different. I am aiming to be quick, as business is calling and there is much to be done. However, I do not want to neglect my WAmily and am hoping this little bit of rambling can motivate someone. If it speaks to one, I'll consider it a home run!


Failure comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. It doesn't play favorites. It doesn't care who it attacks at which moment in time. Been there? Do you remember ever doing something that you thought went terribly wrong and you thought you were the biggest failure to walk the planet? You're still around to tell about it, so was it really that bad? We cannot just STOP. If we stop trying, then we lose. We cannot be afraid of failure! We need to take charge and change the outcome. Let's liken this to Wealthy Affiliate, shall we?


Let's take a glimpse at some things you may have or are struggling with currently. Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?

* I began my niche website and decided I didn't like the niche (me, too)
* I waited too long to purchase the domain I wanted; it's gone (select another)
* It took me too long to finish training (who said it was a race?)
* I set goals to write __# of posts each week & I can't keep up (goals can be modified)
* My WA rank isn't where I want it to be (aren't you here to learn to build a biz?)
* I keep missing Jay's webinars (they're recorded; you can watch at your convenience)
* My website isn't indexed or ranked (are you being patient?)
* I don't have time to read and respond to my friends' WA posts (they'll forgive you)
* I'm spending too much time socializing at WA and not enough time on my site (prioritize)

Silver Lining

You know me! There's always a silver lining in my world! The good news is that you're still breathing. You still have an opportunity to change. You get to choose how to spend your time. What will you work on today to make it a better day than yesterday? How are you going to walk away from the things listed above and get them checked off the list and written on the 'Victory' side of the chart? It's a choice, friend. I know you can do it! Just start again! I'm going to keep trying, even though I may fail. What about you?


How did you overcome your sense of failure? Did you dwell on it for days? Weeks? Years? I hope not, but it is possible to do. Regardless of how much time had passed, there's one thing that's certain - you moved on. Even when you thought you couldn't, you did it. You began again! You won, my friend! You're going to keep on winning!! This world doesn't stop spinning just because we have a spike in our radar. Oh no. It moves on and so will you! Every second that passes proves you're a WArrior!

Sing It!

This song that appeared in the movie, "Zootopia" found it's way to my door today. Shakira sings it, 'Try Everything'! I'm living with this tune in my mind and these words in my heart today:

"I messed up tonight
I lost another fight
I still mess up but I'll just start again
I keep falling down
I keep on hitting the ground
I always get up now to see what's next...

I won't give up, no I won't give in
Till I reach the end
And then I'll start again
Though I'm on the lead
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail"

Ciao For Now, M'Dears!


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MillyMB Premium
I don't think of it as failure.... Guess you could look at it as the next step to success. I haven't really even started, but I don't feel confident yet and even though it runs through my head every day that I really want to go forward in life than just living from paycheck to paycheck, I feel that I will gain the confidence to complete this in the right timing. Everyone has to go their own pace. I can see where you are getting at though. I feel like a failure sometimes, but I have to have a plan pictured in my head before I move forward on something.... Not everyone is this way, I understand that. Great blog!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
You have totally got this my friend! Little steps at first! I'm cheering for you!!🎉🤗
Jadatherapy Premium
Great motivation, thank you for sharing much appreciated.

In my world failing is just feedback on how to do things better the next time.

Being here at Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing journey so much to learn and grow on one platform. YAY

Here's to making it happen in 2020 and Beyond

HeidiAnders3 Premium
Hey, Jennifer!!

Thanks so much for stopping in! I love how you say that failing is feedback!! That's an excellent way of looking at it!!💞
Jadatherapy Premium
You are so welcome Heidi

Have a great week and keep up the great work you are doing

NicholaJames Premium
Hi Heidi,

Simply awesome post! Each day we get to start over again to get it right. We can not be afraid of failure. When we fail, it means that we are doing something. We have to extract the lessons from our failures and move on. Thanks for your wonderful post as always! Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Yes, Nichola!! We are doing SOMETHING...even if we fail! That's brilliant! Your knowledge and insight always makes light bulbs turn on for me!! Thank you, my friend!! Have a great day!!🤗💜
SAWalden Premium
It's all about perspective.

What we may view as failure may simply just be a goal that wasn't met and maybe...it just wasn't mean to be.

You know, the "When one door closes another one opens" philosophy.

What IS important, as you pointed out, is to never give up and never stop trying!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
That's right, Susan!

Perspective is absolutely important!

I love the philosophy of doors opening -- windows slamming shut, all of that. It makes total sense. It's life, right? :) We just need to remember these things happen and keep going!

Enjoy the rest of the week!
Debbi26 Premium
That girl on the tightrope reminds me of the ziplining I want to do over Niagara Falls but I can't get anyone to do it with me.

We ALL hit road bumps. My favorite saying is "Everything happens for a reason" So, get up, learn the lesson, and move on. You could fail again OR you could succeed!

Nice motivation.

HeidiAnders3 Premium
Oh, Debbi!

You're a daredevil! I envy your courage for wanting to zipline over Niagra Falls!! You go, girl!!! If it's something you really want to do, go for it!!

And you're absolutely right - we could fail again .. OR .. we could succeed! How will we ever know unless we try?