Any Ambition In Your Kitchen?

Last Update: February 22, 2020

"Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen...

Pour myself a cup of ambition"

Those are the beginning lyrics to a famous Dolly Parton song, "9 to 5". While I am blessed to not be out in the world at a J O B working for someone else for all of my day, I do see the relevance to my being my own boss and working more like 7 to 11. Most of you are with me! I know how diligently you're working on your business! Every spare moment seems to be devoted to business. You possess something so great... (keep reading to find out what!)

Hola, Sweet Souls!

It's morning here in the mountains, but many of you are well into your Saturday. That's just another thing that's so unique about this platform! There are WA members here from all ends of the Earth. Just think about that for a second!! It's incredible, isn't it? There is always someone available at any hour of our day. It's really no joke, this theory of passive income, is it? Astonishing!!

Let's Chat About A Word

Ambition! This has been on my mind all week! One definition I found and fancy is this: "a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work."

Then I must ask these questions:

*What is YOUR ambition?
*What gets you out of bed in the morning?
*What drives your sense of accomplishment?
*What (or who?) puts a smile on your face?
*What is steering your vehicle towards success?
*What do you think about when you look at the moon?

Lackluster Performance

When we lack things such as motivation or ambition, it seems our accomplishments are few and far between. I might ask why. Why have you lost that drive? The drive to succeed? Are you giving up? Please don't! You don't know what tomorrow may bring! Perhaps you're discouraged at the moment. Any of these ring your bell?

*I haven't been noticed by Google
*I don't know what to do next
*No one comments on my posts
*I'm stuck in the training
*My website isn't getting any traffic
*My coffee is now cold

Buckle Up, Buttercup!

There's great news for you, my friend! These are just little speed bumps in dealing with being your own boss in this business. You can and will overcome them, if you just acknowledge them for what they are, pick yourself up, and move on! You can and will be noticed by Mister Google, you'll get comments on your posts for writing some great content, you'll get unstuck and find your way to the next task. The traffic will come, and for goodness sakes, just put your cup of coffee in the microwave! See? All better!

Here's the key, though - Ambition! You need to first find it. Dust it off. Spit-shine it a little bit. Put it on a high shelf, and admire it proudly. Pair it with your newly found inspiring motivation, and you're all set! It's a lethal pair that will drive you forward - one step at a time. Let each day bring you something new. Hurdles and all, you'll overcome it! Be open-minded. Don't forget to buckle up. It's sure to be an adventure, but you've got this!!

Be The Boss

It's true. Only you can control what you make of your business. Sometimes you need to discipline yourself to stay on track. You might need to come up with a list to hold yourself accountable. Give yourself some deadlines. Collaborate with others (I cannot stress the importance of this enough)! Celebrate all your little wins. Someday, they'll be great big wins! You have to stick with it. There's no failing - unless you quit!

For good measure, I have more lyrics from the Dolly song that will push me into the rest of my day! I hope you don't mind my lyrical inspiration today! (If you're familiar with the song, good luck getting it out of your head! #SorryNotSorry!)

"Yawn and stretch and try to come to life

Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumpin'..."

I'm off to make it a great day, WAmily! You have the inspiration to trigger your ambition that will ignite your motivation. Hop to it! The day is yours to make magnanimous!

Ciao For Now, Lovelies!


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    edhozubin Premium
    When I was working at one of my sales jobs we had a mutual meeting of a number of offices, I was approached by an equal who stated, "I don't understand why Ambition is such a dirty word around here". the next thing he is asking me to install a piece of equipment without the 2 offices knowing about so that a higher commission could be received. I told him I couldn't do that because; it's against company policies, it would be taking time out from other obligations, and what are you going to do if it breaks down and needs repair. In that particular instance it was not a dirty word but the individual was. I'm sorry but I everytime I hear that word it comes to mind. Isn't it curious how different words can have such different meanings in different context?
    HeidiAnders3 Premium
    Wow! Absolutely, Ed!

    I agree that words can carry multiple meanings. But in your case, the word ambition brings back a time that it wasn't used in a positive way. I've never had that happen but will remember your example. Thank you for sharing it with me - and thank you for your integrity! You did what was right, my friend! You have a great heart and are full of wisdom of the best kind!

    LesGreen Premium
    Here's an inside thing about Dolly Parton. I think it was around 1980 or so that she played the showroom at the Riviera Hotel. A best friend and someone else from my past played french horn in the big band which played the show.

    The same two played for Sinatra and a whole slew of other famous people.

    Dolly was the very first performer to make one million dollars for a week there. It wasn't Wayne Newton or Frank Sinatra; it was Dolly! Is this true? I don't know. It's what I was told.
    Babou3 Premium
    It is true, ambition is the engine of success. Thanks to this feeling, we can move mountains, swim against the wind until our goal is reached. I am still inhabited by this force and I am happy to be surrounded by people like you who also have this force in them. It is so important to be surrounded by positive energy and you are one of the people who is the source of this beautiful energy. Thank you for being who you are!

    HeidiAnders3 Premium
    Ingrid! You're melting my heart!!

    Your support in me has never wavered and I am so thankful for you! If I can be a small beacon of positivity or light for just one person, then it is all worth it to me! I'm so happy you're moving mountains with me, my friend!! Thank you for sharing your heart!

    Looking forward to the new week and all its amazing opportunities for both of us!

    Big hugs!
    LesGreen Premium
    Inspirational, motivational, educational, sensational !!!!

    I want to me more like you when I grow up!!!

    You're a cup of perfect coffee on a sleepy Monday morning.
    You're a delivery of chocolate that makes the front door ring.
    Your writing is fascinating, never boring.
    In a storm, the safe harbor, with the strongest mooring.
    I'll read your blog forever, ne'er ignoring.

    You put a smile on my face. (answering your question above)
    Not to be religious, but an angel, you are.
    Some people are filled with something else but you are filled with love.
    I follow all that you write and I am getting close, but no cigar.

    I try to write but it's always a fight.
    I know. I write things that are trite.
    You are sleeping; I am up.
    So, I will stop and say, "Good night!"

    HeidiAnders3 Premium
    Oh my goodness!! A poem! Straight off the cuff! You've brightened my whole Sunday morning, C.! No angel here though, I'm afraid. :(

    You've made me smile, my friend! Thank you so much!!

    LenkaSophie Premium
    Heidi, what a great post! Yeah, ambition is so necessary. As my ambition and motivation are so high, I don't let bad mood or bad ranking damage the vision of my dream future.
    There are good days and bad days. But there is always a solution and it is impossible not to succeed if we persist! That's my belief. So I strive hard. And I'm sure you do too!
    Not working 9 to 5 but in fact 10 to midnight or even more :) But I don't even consider it work. It's fun. It's lifestyle.
    HeidiAnders3 Premium
    That's so true, Lenka! It does not work to me really either! Are there bits that I don't love? Of course... but I do those tasks and I feel so good about finishing them!

    I know you're a hard worker, too, Lenka, and you're making your way to success! It's so much fun seeing your excitement and reading of your successes along the way!!!

    Love 'n Hugs!
    LenkaSophie Premium
    Absolutely! I am so looking forward to celebrating our successes together with you and Dave in future, I can already see it!
    This year will be (and already is) awesome.