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Hey folk,Apart of being very much impressed on the ongoing earthquake activity I am working on my WEBSITE, too. (LOL). I just installed the third plugin for people to get notifications on their comments on my site. I would love to see if this one works and I want to ask YOU for your collaboration.Please leave me some comments on whatever section of my website I am happy to return the favor if you let me know (private message?) where you like to have a comment on your site.Tha
We often experience personal "earthquakes" when something goes profoundly wrong, the business fails, the marriage ends or something alike. We survive this sort of earthquakes, somehow, and have to begin from zero - that's what we think.Last Wednesday here in Italy 3 villages tumbled down by a major earthquake, and the people affected, if still alive (more than 250 found dead so far) have to start literally from ZERO. No house, no possessions, and maybe no father, mother or sister.Did you know t
Before I came here to WA I had already several websites, now hosted on Bluehost. I got a mass of comments lately on one of my sites, which didn>'t really seem to fit, although they didn't seem harmful either. My last blogpodt was about that.Maybe it has to do with these comments on one of my sites.Today I got the notification that my server has suspended my account, no access to my sites (not on WA).So now I was on the phone with a security guy for almost an hour and need to pay to fix it an
I am really wondering about the comments I get on my website. I am moderating one by one and more often than not I decide to mark them as SPAM.Just to give you an example: In one of my websites I had posted a video almost 2 years ago ( with only one sentence as introduction. Now I get 5 or 6 comments in a row which don't really relate to the content. for example:"I am curious to find out what blog system you happen to be utilizing? I’m
What would the world be without websites? Once we read newspapers as pure consumers, the only bother was to buy them. And most of us didn't think to write and publish anything, except if you were a journalistToday, we all write - well, many of us - and we publish our stuff. People don't need to pay for it, no, the poles have changed. Now the writers seek for readers and occasionally pay for them.So far, so good. We produce our own "newspapers", and most of it happens in our blogs and websites.
August 05, 2016
I am here now for 20 days and have contacted support several times and I got answers and fixes within an hour, often less.Now listen to my odysee which so far has cost me about 6 hours in the last 2 days.My VA . who after the fact disappeared - has transported most of my website from my German server to Bluehost, mainly because in Germany there was no way for her to talk with support in English - and so many problems with my site took ages to be resolved (or weren't)Now I get a letter from Blue
I just wrote this post on (immediate question: how can I manage the font size in this blog? - the following big letters are completely un-intended!)Well, one thing is sure: we would live like 20 years ago and have less work with taking care for the site.The question is: why do we need websites? Everybody told me, already almost 20 years ago, that I needed a website. But why? Didn't my life work well without?Then I found somebody to create a site for me, it lasted a year or so, nothin
Can you believe it t is only 18 days that I started this amazing journey on WA - sitting in front of the computer in every free minute, of course.My experience of 2 years on G+ has helped me to easily enter into contact, write comments and answer to notifications. Not everybody might have this habit and easiness of interacting on social media. So that was one Plus on the beginning.The second PLus is for sure my 3 years trial and error attempts to handle my wordpress sites, which let me often ex
Since I entered this community 9 days ago my permanence at the internet has increased immensely - although I sat on my chair with a squeezed bud already for hours every day.It is fascinating what we can learn here at WA and the level of support which is offered! I got many answers to my questions and once in a while I discover that I know the answer to some question, too - and I am completely astonished. (I must have learnt something during the last 2-3 years with working on websites and with G
In only one week I have met here so many people with whom I would like to keep staying in touch. From my "social home" G+ I am used to put people who are following me and who I follow in circles, so that I can always retrieve them and also know what "category" is combining them with me.Here are thousands of people, hundreds have already popped up. I read their profile, and often they seem interesting to me, to get in touch as soon as...... (there is some time).But then I don't remember any more