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It is Sunday Evening.Means: the weekend is over. Really? What is "Weekend". Ah, these are the days when other people stay at home, play soccer, football, tennis or play with their children - not a bad idea - and they don't leave the house to go to their offices, shops and what not. Or, once at home, the annoy their family members with their tendency to loose all perception of time as soon as they open their computer, right?So what has happened to us, guys?What a blissful state to know what week
I don't know you, But I love to use Chrome as my standard Browser for all the extensions available and I have regularly a huge number of tabs open, between 20 and 50, I guess, with all the stuff I have opened and want to do LATER (when?). So they stay open, even for days - apart from the ones of the websites of my fellow WA members to increase their stats with Google for the time people spend on their websites. Well, I help many of you in this way, even without commenting or commenting only onc
October 06, 2016
For more than a week I want to write another blog for WA, actually about fear and holding back and all this stuff. Guess what? I have no time.No time doesn't really exist. So I was sitting here, waiting for my broadcast to start (in 40 min) and my guests to come into the hangout room. I decided - instead of sending out another Tweet - which nobody ever reads, checking the background, getting my tea from the kitchen - which gets cold in the meantime - and believing that I need to concentrate for
September 26, 2016
This is an awesome tool to check if your email account has been hacked. I just heard about it and tried it with several email addresses. I haven't been hacked, so far. At least it says so.I think you would be interested in that, too, and so I share the url. husband has found it in the regular newsletter of his online guru Bob Rankin.I hope your emails are good!Heidi
Did you ever notice on social media, especially on Facebook? People attack each other, blame each other, say rude words to each other, the thread is longer and longer, filled with unfruitful controversies - to name it slightly. Actually, what is going on there is often really intolerable and inappropriate for adult human beings.Why do they behave so? - BECAUSE THEY CANThey can pour their anger and frustration on others, just as they like and cannot really be held responsible for their behavior
There is a lot of writing about Scam here (and everywhere) and everyday we have to decide if we trust in somebody or something, or if we don't. We probably wouldn't engage with someone whom we don't trust at all - or we would be very aware of the risk.Now, seeing it from the other end: If we want others to have trust in us, what do we need to do? Or what do we need NOT to do? And on the bottom of these questions: who do we need TO BE?There are several levels of building trust.1. level: written
I am struggling for a while with verifying 2 websites created by my ex-VA where she used a different theme. All the tutorials of WA didn't help, it just didn't work that way on my sites.On one site I remembered that it was originally created with optimize press and so I fiddled around with that word in the left sidebar - and somehow I came to find a box where the Google code needed to be inserted. Yeah!Today, with the other side, I thought it would be the same. Nope. No way. I asked a question
It is not that I care much what rank I have in this community, but it was astonishing for me how quickly I worked my way up (or down, if you see it properly)You who reads this post are very familiar with how WA helps us to go forward and have fun with it. I like to connect and become better and better in writing in English. And I LOVE to connect with people. There are many people here I would love to maintain connection - although I am not sure where and how to find them again, if they are not
WEBSITE DEVELOPING? -NEVER!I never wanted to learn the website stuff. 3 years ago I hired a guy via Fiverr who created a huge wordpress site for me. It took a long time and much money, although the hourly fee was small. But the hours add up.IN SEARCH FOR PEOPLE TO HELP(If you don't have time to read all, skip the first part and go directly to the juicy stuff)Then I needed another site, a landing page, for our Live Broadcasts. A guy from UK I had got to know in a G+ community created it and also
I am here for 6 weeks or so - and I made it from 5000 or so to top 100. And it seemed really easy to me, no special effort. I am just doing here what I did before on G+. And honestly, I am enjoying it here more in many ways. We are a smaller group and it seems easier to connect. You get more responses, people don't easily disappear as they do in the huge Google network - and it is easier to remember with whom you are already connected.Still, Google has some better tools to stay in contact, like