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In the past there were many blog posts here in WA praising the advantages of Flipboard. I got interested in it and created an account which worked well for some weeks. Then I couldn't access anymore my account and needed to create a new one.But this is not what I am really interested in, but the question: WHY CAN'T I FLIP ANY OF MY ARTICLES FROM ALL OF MY SITES HOSTED HERE IN WA? The chrome extension doesn't work anymore and gives me a constant error message. Flipboard replied to my inquiry th
We want successWe all are working hard to reach our goals. We are driven by the idea of being successful, and we do everything which we believe that it can bring us to the desired outcome. Nothing bad about that, not at all. There is only one thing we are missing out - the possibilities we have which we don’t even imagine that they could be in our reach.Our possibilities depend on what we perceive as suchWhatever we desire and envision somehow is grounded in our previous experience, in th
I don't want to write a lot about this topic, it is all shown in the photo: The 2 cycles we can choose in life. This photo is taken from an article in the Huffingtom post by Otto Scharmer, a visionary for a better world who has found the principles behind group processes and where they go. "Theory U" is the half circle below, where an open mind and Seeing/Listening and being fully in the present can lead to unprecedented amazing outcomes, bringing people together who otherwise would fight each
Post revised: Google kicks the post away, out of my profile. I just noticed that it was gone. Too badMeans that sharing of our blogs here in Social Media is not possible. What is your experience?If you are wondering how to post your WA blogs to your social media accounts, here are Some Tips.When people read your blog from inside WA they might get interested and check out WA - they have come with your affiliate link and you will get the credityou don't have to create several blogposts for severa
You are here to read what I want to tell you - and are you over 50, right? Yes or no: it is this kind of question I want to talk about. Classifying people through their age, and even worse: judging people because of their age is now recognized as AGEISM. The -isms we are dealing withProbably you are aware that often old people are ridiculed and treated like silly old pieces of furniture which need regular maintenance. Or women over 40/50 are considered not desirable while young women are. Or, o
November 01, 2016
First of all: Be grateful that you are here on WA - because "outside in the world" there are people who want to drag the money out of you by creating fear of things you feel unable to control.The pre-story:I wrote an earlier blogpost on Sept 1. - that was the first part of the story: had shut down my account and the only way to get the websites up again was to hire SiteLock (the internal telephon of Bluehost directed me directly to
How would you feel to sit on a volcano erupting or an atomic bomb exploding under your bud? Not good, I guess. This is what is happening to many people here in Italy since last Wednesday.The thing is that all the earthquakes of this week were predicted by a guy on Youtube called Dutchsinse - who is not taken in consideration by official science. I am running his livestream on Youtube all day long since the first big quake in August, and boy, I have learnt a lot about geography, geology and eart
Leisure days without taking the computer with us - an experiment. And you know what? - It was wonderful. Sure I won't answer to what you have written the last few days, because today, although at home, I had a lot to do to catch up, I haven't seen into WA post yet.... For 3 days there were no thoughts like: "just need to check another email, xyz could have written, answered, asked...". No problem. Instead good food (La Tagliata con Rucola e Parmegiano) ITALIAN FOOD and CULTURE (the Greek templ
October 14, 2016
Hey, guys, I am taking a break for a few days and we will travel to ancient Greece. Well, not really to Greece, but to a place in Southern Italy where the Greek civilization has left beautiful documents. We will go to PAESTUM and visit other places around that and also have a walk along the nearby beach.This is my Birthday Journey - and the first break in WA after exactly 3 months of intense learning! I invite you to be there with me!If you follow me on Istagram (Traviata56) I will send you pho
October 10, 2016
So, what would you do in this case? Go on with your "business as usual" and ignore it? Or would you do something to save his life?Whose life? - Maybe this is the question.Yesterday a new cat sat on the covered terrace and didn't flee when we ran past it to save the washing from the beginning rain. Strange. Normally foreign cats run away. Later I went near, it was not afraid, I even could touch it. It - he- didn't look well, some stuff running out of his mouth and he only sniffed at the food, in