Learning From You're Mistakes

Last Update: February 11, 2018

Hi Guys!

So recently I have been doing some research on blogging. I am always looking for new information that can help me build my business. I know many people face failures before they are successful. Which I am okay with I know failure is just a part of learning. However, I enjoy learning more about the business I am in from individuals with more experience than me, and how to improve it to possibly pass by some failures.

So recently I ran across this lady on Facebook who is a very successful blogger and has a large following on Facebook. She was selling an E-Book for a decent price on how to become an influencer. Some of the information was the same as we learn here at Wealthy Affiliate. But I always like to see multiple people implementing the same tactics as I know it will work. One thing she mentioned was to make sure you're blog was not a broad niche or the word she used was topic. You want to narrow it down to gain a larger following. She went on to explain what she meant by this.

It made a lot of sense I always felt like I needed my blog to be broader so I will have more topics to talk about. However, I was just lost on what I should write about next because my blog was broad. I was just overwhelmed to say the least! So, I decided to learn from my mistake and to make some changes. I have narrowed down my niche even more and changed the name of my blog and domain.

I now feel like I am in a better position to become an influencer. My new blog name is a brand that I can eventually expand out once I get a following that can trust me. I feel like I stand out more with my name now than I did before. I felt like I was lost in the thousands of blogs like mine out there because my name was just a generic one.

I don't feel so lost now when trying to create content. I enjoy the little bit of knowledge that I learn daily. I am facing my failures and mistakes to turn them around into success. I am not afraid anymore, my mindset is continuing to change. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me so much, and I love the community here. It is an amazing site and has helped me with my fears when starting a business. Although, there is only one person who I cannot thank enough and that is my God. Faith has brought me further than ever before, when I am feeling nervous or afraid I ask him for help.

Cannot wait to see what the future holds for me & my family.

Best of luck everyone,


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WildflowerG Premium
Great post. Thanks for sharing, Education and patience are crucial.
HeatherQueen Premium
Yes! I very much agree! At times my patience goes out the door but I have to remind myself building a business takes some time it doesn't happen over night.
MeganW Premium
Awesome that you have a plan moving forward and that you have found a way to make your impact sooner. Good luck with your new, improved site!
HeatherQueen Premium
Thank you :)