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February 11, 2018
Hi Guys! So recently I have been doing some research on blogging. I am always looking for new information that can help me build my business. I know many people face failures before they are successful. Which I am okay with I know failure is just a part of learning. However, I enjoy learning more about the business I am in from individuals with more experience than me, and how to improve it to possibly pass by some failures. So recently I ran across this lady on Facebook who is a very successfu
February 01, 2018
Something to think about. I struggle having confidence in myself when I do anything. I find my faith helps me. But having a reminder everyday is a big help as well. Thought ya'll would find this inspiring too. :)
Hey Guys, So far I am loving wealthy affiliate. I am confident in the lessons, and everything is straight forward. They give you everything you need to be successful. I've looked into other programs that want to charge you thousands of dollars for a small bit of information. Then require you to buy another package for more information. I love everything about wealthy affiliate, they are so much different! Anyways, I wanted to share my progress at wealthy affiliate. I have completed lesson 2, mo