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April 09, 2016
This is about a week overdue but this month marks 5 months with WA. This last month was HARD. We dealt with the flu in our house, had a death in the family, travelled, and in general were just more busy...As a result, I did not get as much done for my site as I wanted.I hate not being productive so it felt like a wasted month...But, my site continued to grow despite the little attention it got from me. I continued to make sales but was a little lower than the previous month. I did gain more org
March 02, 2016
Today marks my 4th month with WA. All I can say is WOW.I have over 60 pages and posts and 350 comments to make a fully functional website. I am still learning a ton here and do not think that will stop anytime soon!The thing I looked for (and still do at times) when reading milestone updates is when did the member start making money. I am nowhere near making what I want to be but I am starting to consistently pull down sales daily. The last 30 days was a big turning point for me. I was making a
Even though I have gone through and finished all the core training here, I have continued to learn from other members as well as watching Jay's amazing live video training.The light bulbs continue to go off for me as I try and get the hang of this internet marketing thing.So today I started my first true test with one of my pages to see what kind of results I can achieve.I have a very short and simple article that I wrote and that happens to be my most popular page by far. It is spreading like
I will hit my 3-month mark here at WA next week and I told myself I would blog about each milestone that I have here so I can look back and reflect on it.So far I have only focused on one website (wish I had time for more!). In three months I have been able to achieve:-350 comments on my site-50 articles and pages-A decent following/social media plan on Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter and working on Facebook-Committed to 1 hour each day of additional training here at WA (mostly Jay's amazing liv
January 21, 2016
So I have not put too much time into Facebook as of late in regards to my business. For starters, I don't have a lot of time during the day since I am a stay at home mom. So I have to pick and choose how I spend my time and I always pick adding content over all else. I also was hesitant to go the Facebook route since I want to keep my business separate from my personal Facebook. Really it is just something I always wanted to make a distinct separation of.I created a business Facebook but have n
January 19, 2016
I just passed the 2 1/2 month mark here at WA. I am learning a ton. It's almost too much! But I can see the progress happening with my site and it makes me very excited.Friday, I tallied four more sales from my site to bring the total to 8. It's not much in terms of commission but it makes me feel really good that I am seeing results even if they are small.I had quite a few articles on Google page 3 and just found several moved up to page 2. I am almost there! Just going to keep plugging away h
(Bangs head on wall)I don't know if it is just me but that phrase is really getting to me... Oops! Your comment is not uniqueBut it is!!! Haha.I know the Site Comments have been glitchy (the comment approvals seem to be working today, yay!) but this has been so frustrating for me.I always put a lot of thought and time into the comments I leave on other people's sites. I ask questions in most cases and try to engage conversation. But since yesterday, no comment is good enough for the system lol.
January 13, 2016
My Site Comments have gone crazy and won't ever get out of pending, I jumped over 100 positions in the rankings here, and Kyle and Carson have gone missing!!In other news, I plan to win over 1 Billion dollars in tonight's powerball drawing. So it's shaping up to be an interesting day!Happy Wednesday
I am very active on the Comment section under the Site Rubix tools. Of course, you all know that for every two comments you give out, you get one in return. Which is fine and I get good quality comments.I have also tried the Comments Thread that I first discovered in the training (yes, it's the most recent one). I have a love-hate relationship with the Comments Thread. The directions are to give three comments and then post your request. Members also often say in their request, "leave me a comm
December 28, 2015
Man, all this Holiday Cheer really sucked the life out of all the great momentum I had going... I love Christmas time but I really struggled to find the balance in working and play. Now that the Sugar Plums have been eaten, the gifts opened, the left over ham turned into an amazing soup and the family gone, I can refocus my time on my site. Looking forward to all 2016 has to offer! And next year, I am going to do better. I will have a plan leading into the holidays. Wishing everyone a Happy New