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Last Update: May 27, 2020

When I cam e to Wealthy Affiliate just under two month ago I just new in my heart it was another ripoff that I allowed myself to be roped into. I drove everyone absolutely nuts with question ten time a day looking for the Gotcha, but there was none.

What I did find was the finest group of helpful people I had ever met. I had a website hosted somewhere else (now with WA) and was paying a SEO agency $575.00 a month only to watch my rankings and website authority drop further down every month.

Every month or so I would make a $20.00 - $50.00 sale and then give it all back plus more to the SEO Agency. I'm sure Kyle and Carson remember telling me to dump the agency and they would teach me to do the SEO properly AND much better that the horrible service I was getting. They were 100% correct in everything they told me.

Feeling more comfortable at this point I fired the SEO agency and started following instructions from these two youngsters. I can say that because I'm 82 years old. For those of you that haven't figured this out yourself already. "You Couldn't Find A Better Bunch Of People To Learn From Anywhere Other Than Wealthy affiliate".

Thank you for not giving up on me when I was bugging everyone all day long for the fist few weeks. Folks sign up for the annual program as I have done, take advantage of the community and al the tools and training you have right here at WA and you will built a money making Authority website.

My biggest problem was that I didn't know what I didn't know and Wealthy Affiliate was my wake up call. As you can see, you can teach an old dog new tricks. If I can do it at my age, every single one of you can do it better with the youth and ambition you all have.

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chivs86 Premium
@HealthyGreen is there any other training you would recommend to newbies other than the OEC and Bootcamp?

I personally think Jay's 2 Jaaxy courses are a good pick but are there anything else you would suggest from your own experience. I've personally found some pretty good courses but just curious if you have any personal picks.
Eugene Premium Plus
Thanks Rich, glad to hear your point of view. It's all at our WA home as I like to call it. I have two big brothers (Kyle & Carson) watching my back at all times. They won't let me fail, I would be the only one responsible for failing. All the training is in this wonderful platform. We're part of the WA family.
HealthyGreen Premium
If I can help you with anything just hit me up
ccondappa Premium
I am so encouraged by your post. I felt the same way when I started and even though I am not making any money as yet, I have hope.

I get a lot of my questions answered and slowly my doubts are beginning to disappear.

Thank you for your encouragement and congratulations.
HealthyGreen Premium
You will definite make money, remember we are both still in the building process
arlowa Premium
Hi, thanks for sharing. It is so nice to here about your successes and so cool that you are doing this at your age. Love that in this community you meet people of all kind of origins, walks of life and ages. Absolutely brilliant. All the best on your journey.
HealthyGreen Premium
Thank you so much for the kind words
jennubaldo Premium
Richard, you are inspiring!

I'm so sorry about your experience with the SEO agency. :( I do believe that it really depends how you want your site positioned and they didn't get your intent.

Either way, I'm happy you got your feet back up and you're rocking it at 82! Keep the fire alive!🔥
HealthyGreen Premium
I'll definitely try
Thank You