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September 03, 2013
I recently added a form to my website, I thought once I started to get traffic , people could participate on my site and would be a great way to get return traffic on my site. You would post something on the forum and return to see how others react to your post, same how you do on the WA site. I used the mingle forums plug-in. At first,I had issues with the sign in process, but hopefully those have been resolved. I was just wondering what others have experienced, b
August 31, 2013
I'm just curious if there any other members who would fall under this category who are willing to share their experiences/ challenges/progress within WA. You can check my progress with my sites... and any input or feedback would be helpful! thanks, Harvey
I guess I've reached that point that many people do, when they get into WA. I've worked hard, and see the potential. I've created my website, got several articles published on Street Articles, and almost done with level 3 training. I've followed the plan, I have signed up for and installed affiliate links, adsense, etc. Maybe i'm being too hard on myself and have no self confidence. I look at other members' sites and I feel mine is so inadequate, and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. Ever
August 19, 2013
I spent 2 1/2 days doing the free trial and from that experience alone, decided to take the plunge to go with the premium. I have the time since my employer won't allow me back to work after suffering a stroke 2years ago. My condition gave me a niche, disability, which I may narrow down to stroke survival. I have created my site and first article. I'm more than halfway through level 2 and just can't get enough. I may be going too fast and may have to revisit sections that are still uncl
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