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I am a sixty year old single man who wishes to get a stable business income built up sometime in the next year or so if not sooner. I intend to be a backpack entrepreneur and travel all over the world and see all the things in person that I have seen on the teley and the internet. I work thirteen hours a day seven days a week at present and spend another three to four hors a day on the net. I am not lazy but I do not seem to be able to get started because I miss steps needed to accomplish the end goal also have limited funds at this time ,but hopefully that lack of funds situation will improve shortly.
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prosperity4l Premium
Welcome To WA Harvey,

I like that Idea about being a backpack entrepreneur. Yes that's what I would like to do myself as well. Knowing I can get on my laptop and make money from anywhere around the world . You have everything you need here to get you started, start following the training

Best of Success to you in your adventures

Kyle Premium
How are things going today? Just wanted to pop in to see how things are going with you thus far and how your website/niche is coming along.

Hope you are rocking it Harvey and of course (and as always) I am in your corner if you ever need anything!

PS. Today is my last day for Premium bonuses, if you are interested in getting them make sure you upgrade today.
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You know what your limitations are why so many people drop out ,I may take a very long time to get started but I will not quit just because you keep trying to drop me out of your system......
I am here to do something about fixing an income that will make my life better.
prosperity4l Premium
Hello Harvey I see you haven't set up your account yet.
Just A Reminder Don't Forget to set it up.

Setting up your account will lead to much better help here within
the community as people feel like they can connect with you better
(with an image and a description)

Best Regards,
prosperity4l Premium
Welcome To WA Harvey Wealth Affiliate is a Social Platform Of like mined people. looking to make some extra income from home.

Its also a Good place to make friends and to share Ideas.

If you just logged in for the first time. take the time to learn your back office and to see everything that we have to offer

Welcome Aboard,
Charles Brockus