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March 01, 2017
Well time really does fly. In another two weeks I will have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) for one year. The Founders of WA have recognised the occasion with a badge. Thank you Kyle, Carson, Jay and the others who not only have created an opportunity for me to follow my passion, but also an environment where like minded people co-exist and work on everyone becoming a success. Thank you all for being here and providing your time and assistance. I especially want to thank PJ and Teddy Be
February 05, 2017
Why I like being a part of Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that we all have an investment in each other, whether it is following each other on social media; helping a newcomer work through a problem they are having with setting up their website, or simply helping to motivate members of the community be the best they can be. That is a major investment when you look at your time and human resource commitment (you) put into these activities. With that kind of investment, it is hard to conceive that
I saw this the other day and thought it would be nice to share: "Life is short, so live your dreams and share your passion." I believe that is what we are about here at Wealthy Affiliate
January 09, 2017
There are four areas in your life that you should introduce discipline, these are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual if you want to be successful. Having been athletic most of my life, I use the athlete as an example of developing discipline to achieve success. This concept applies to any area of your life that success or failure could be the outcomeWhen I watch a gymnast or figure skater and they succeed in accomplishing that backflip on the beam or a triple axle on the ice, I am always
November 29, 2016
I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) in March of this year through the free membership plan, and within a month, if that, I switched to the monthly premium. I would of switched again to the annual sooner, but people kept talking about a "Black Friday," sale. Now living in Canada and close to the United States (US) boarder, I have experienced the day after US Thanksgiving and know that there are deals to be had, so I waited. When Kyle finally unlocked the vault and allowed us the opportunity to purch
November 19, 2016
Wow, I just made it into the top 200. I have worked at my website slowly, having no clue at the beginning how to even start, but with the help of two members Chris Scott and PjGermain, I manage to push through. There are others that have engaged me in some interesting discussions and some, whom I have provided comments and suggestions. Thank you all, you are truly a wonderful community
Hello fellow Wealthy Affiliates (WA). I recently read an introduction by a fellow WAer and was struck by what his main goal is, which is of course to make money. I have studied and taught karate for approximately 40+ years. What I have noticed over those years is the individuals whose main goal was to get a Black belt, once they obtained it, they no longer practiced. Those however, who really want to understand what the martial arts is about the "Do" (way) and make that their goal tend to be ar
October 08, 2016
The other day I accepted an offer from a fellow Wealthy Affiliate (WA) member. I had seen this member's name everyday, because he is a part of my network. Most of the time he blogs in a humorous way and I just took it for someone who might be nervous, like I am about writing/blogging personal situations (perception). After linking with Chris Scott, aka Teddy Bear, I got to meet the real person. Not only did he deliver on the promise he made and gave me access to a Pluggin, but he spent a consid
September 22, 2016
I feel really honoured to see that I have hit the 1000 follows mark. It makes me feel special to know that I have that many members on Wealthy Affiliates providing me with support and encouragement. Thank you very much and I look forward to communicating with all of you on this journey we have started together. Namaste
June 24, 2016
Someone on WA wrote about happiness the other day and I remember asking a friend a question that most of us take for granted, “Are you happy”? She then replied with asking what was my definition of being happy. This of course sent me on a self-analysis trek to define what the term/word happy means to me. Knowing my friend I should have used the term “what is your current state of being”. Most of us when asked the question will simply say yes, or I am okay, although th