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January 24, 2018
I have been reading all the blogs on being accepted into the Super Affiiiate Program and I am very happy for those of us who have been chosen. I too received the email from Kyle saying that I have been fortunate to be accepted in to the program. I rarely rush into big commitments like this knowing the magnitude, but I also rarely decline a challenge. I love activities that challenge me both physically and mentally, after all one of the main reasons for me becoming a member here is to keep my
November 05, 2017
Hello everyone, work up this morning checked in on Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and noticed that followers are now numbering 4,000, that is really great. Thank you all that responded to my request both new and premium members. With that many followers what I have noticed is how multi-disciplined they are and how lucky I am to have them as friends. Like most that start in WA, and are novices when it comes to website development, if it were not for those members who live and breath computers, I wou
August 21, 2017
Well I woke up this morning and I was outside looking in on the table of 200. Did not think much about it except that I would keep doing what I have been doing . Well I just logged in to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to read some messages and got a surprise. I am now ranked in the 200 group and received a badge I recognition. I had been there before but for whatever reason got demoted. It does feel good to be working towards the under 100 group, we need goals to work towards. They make the journey
Did any of you watch the International Association of Athletic Federations’ (IAAF) World Championships that were staged in London, England? The games were interesting on several fronts. The United States of America’s (USA) team seem to have found their mojo again and are winning in several of the track events including sprint. The Jamaican team seem to have fallen on hard times with the reality that thee 100 metres sprint and the 4x100 are the final events for Usain Bolt and it appe
August 09, 2017
In the past several months I have noticed individuals introducing themselves with just their name and a blank area where they should have written something about themselves. At first I was upset I thought if that individual cannot take the time to tell us a little about themselves, I am not going to take the time to be overly welcoming. Then I did respond to a blog like that, not welcoming the individual but wishing them the best at Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I also decided at the time to ask the
July 10, 2017
Well I have not been as active as usual on Wealthy Affiliate, on vacation, but when I checked in this morning I noticed that my followers are now numbering 3K. That is just fantastic. Enjoy your week.
Good day to all my friends and followers in the United States of America. I would I like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy July 4th - Independence Day.
July 01, 2017
50 years ago I made Canada my home, at least my parents did. In 1967, I was to experience and celebrate Canada's 100th year as a country, with Expo '67 in Montreal, Quebec, just two hours away from Ottawa, the Nation's Capital.While there are issues that we as a nation need to resolve, the concerns and anger of the First Nations and Inuit on the front burner, Canada is still one of the greatest places to live and raise a family.As the rest of Canada celebrates this 150th birthday, I would like
Hello everyone, today is the beginning of the Summer Solstice and also the longest day of the year in North America. I hope you will pass many warm and relaxing moments.
April 18, 2017
Well at the beginning of my journey at Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I had set a goal of having 2,500 followers, which did not sound so insurmountable. It as taking until now for me to achieve that goal approximately one month over my one year anniversary. Along the way I have encountered some amazing people, this includes Kyle and Carson, who are fine examples of what it means to be Canadian, thank you both. The other people have made me cherish being a part of what I would definitely call a "Global