How do I find . member's profile?

How do I find . member's profile?

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Trying to find a blog post by a member. Hoping it will be on the member's list of posts. Thanks.

If you knows the members name use the magnifying glass above and type the name in, Brian!


Thanks, Jeff, all sorted.

You're welcome, Brian! I'm glad to hear that, my friend!


If you remember some keywords from the blog post you could also search by those in the menu bar.

Hi, thanks for your help, all sorted.

If you know the member's username simply type it using the magnifying glass at the top then click on their profile to scan the blog post you are looking for.

Or if you know some keywords or the title of the posts you can do the same with the magnifying glass and you can find it that way.

Hope that helps Harry


Thanks for your help Andre, found what I was looking for.

You are welcome Harry and great to hear you found it.
Enjoy the post and keep going forward.

You can try the magnifying glass top menu if you know their WA ID or perhaps you may look up keywords pertaining to their blog post.

You may also check your email inbox if you follow them.

Thanks for your help Abie, worked OK.

Awesome you have done.

And you're very welcome.

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Transferring .com domain to wealthy affiliate?

Transferring .com domain to wealthy affiliate?

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How do I transfer a .com domain to WA, and what is the cost. Currently paying $14.99 annually.

There are two ways you can approach this.
1) Keep your domain name where it is and point the domain name to WA data set names

To update their domains DNS settings to point to WA. Here are the DNS settings.

2) You have transfer your registration of your domain name to WA. Then WA will bill you from that point on for your domain name (14,99 annually). You will be charged $14.99 at the time of transfer.

Thanks for your reply, already pointed to WA, just need to transfer from current registrar.

Got It!.
If you need any help, the following blog my help.


You may transfer or point to WA servers (if transferring domain has to end in .com, .net or .org.

To update your domain DNS settings to point to WA. Here are the DNS settings.

These settings will be updated within your domain registrar (where you purchased your domain) after the transfer has taken place. To transfer your domain here you need login current registrar and fetch the EPP code, there's a one year charge of $15, privacy included. One year more will get added to your domain.

Also it has to have passed the grace period of 60 days.

If your site has content you need get in touch with site support for further instructions.

They will typically ask you for FTP info and your domain name, they'll set up a siterubix subdomain and upload files then you can check everything is okay before you point your domain to WA servers.

Hi, Abie, thanks for your reply, already pointed to WA, just want to transfer from current registrar.

Thanks for the info Abie, already pointed to WA, just wanted to transfer to WA, but I think I'll leave it where it is.

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Wa banners and affiiiate id?

Wa banners and affiiiate id?

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WA Affiliate Program

How do I find WA Banners and my affiliate ID



and you will find the BF 2021 banners as well

Your unique affiliate id can be fetched $ sign top menu

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Abie,,sorted. I was looking for the airplane menu that used to be on the top menu with the banners and text, along with your affiliate id

I am glad you got it figured out.

And you're very welcome.

Click on Menu bar $
You will see affiliate link copy immediately after click.
Then move the scroll bar down and see banners. Click and there they are.

Thanks, sorted. I was looking for the airplane icon that used to be on the top menu..

Thanks, Tommo, What happened to the airplane logo that used to be on the top menu?

It's the $ sign now. The airplane appears when the vegas deadline is getting close although not sure that will happen every year.

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Why are my blogs not showing in notifications?

Why are my blogs not showing in notifications?

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I've recently published some blogs and new training, but none are showing in Notifications, although they have been added to my Profile.

When I open them through my profi

I've been getting notifications about your trainings, Brian, so I assume that everyone else who is following you is also receiving the notifications. You won't be notified yourself about the trainings, just as you can't follow yourself.

As Chrystopher mentioned, we don't get notified about the "likes" that our training receive, we just get notified about the comments so we can respond.

Hi, Marion, thanks for your reply to my question, but this seems to be a problem that has only just arisen, as all my previous blog posts, questions,and new training have always be included in Notifications.

This ponders the question: Why are other member's blog posts, questions, and new training included in Notifications, but mine aren't? (See screenshot).

Another questions also arises: I read somewhere there are 100,000 plus members of WA. If my blog posts, questions, and new training are only notified to members who are following me, currently 2k plus, what about the other 80,000 plus members? Does this mean they remain unaware of anything I publish?

Thanks again, Marion. Best wishes.

I don't often click on the bell notifications icon because it takes too long to load. I rely on the WA emails to let me know about whatever has been published, or asked, by the people I'm following.

Anyone with internet access can find everything on the WA platform except the stuff that's only available to premium members. So your posts and training can reach far more people than just those who are following you.

Post, trainings, and questions are also accessible to members from the Dashboard link in the column on the left.

Exactly as Marion mentions, other members can search for your training, so if they are having the issue you have helped to resolve, then they will find your training.

As for email notifications, you won’t get an email saying you have created new training as WA is clever enough to know that you know you’ve created something :-)

Members who are following you and who haven’t turned off email notifications, will get an email that you have created new training.

You will only get a notification when a comment has been left on your content, allowing you to respond to it.

Hi, Marion, thanks for your reply, but it still doesn't answer my question: Why are some member's training and questions being published in Notifications but mine aren't, as shown in screenshot in my previous reply to your answer?

Thanks again, Marion, and best wishes.

Looking at your screenshot, those look like email notifications, I can even see my own trading in that list ;-)

As per my reply, you will not receive an email notification saying that you have published your own training :-)

The only notifications you get will be about members who you are following, along with any comments made to your content or any replies to your comments you make on the platform.

It's as Chrystopher said. Jim

Hi, Jim, thanks for your reply to my question, please see reply to Marion.

Best wishes.

I’ve just had a quick look, and your two latest blogs and training only have likes and no comments, they will only appear in your notifications when someone comments on them, allowing you to reply. Likes do not appear in your notifications. If you have emails from WA still turned on, then you should receive an email for each like.

Thanks for your reply to my question, Chrystopher.

I do receive emails from WA, yet I have not received any notification, despite my training having 15 likes. Please see reply to Marion.

Thanks again. Best wishes.

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Removing pipe (vertical line) from top of post?

Removing pipe (vertical line) from top of post?

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Hi, anybody know how to remove the pipe from a post? I've removed the posted date and comments:

If you are using the All in One SEO plugin, have you checked the post title field to make sure the Pipe is not entered there.

See screenshot. ~Jude

Thanks for your reply, Jude, I'm using Yoast, but I'll see if there's anything related to a pipe there. Best wishes.

If checking Yoast doesn't help, have you tried using your browser's inspect tool to see exactly what is in the code in that area of your site. ~Jude

Thanks, Jude, I'll give it a try.

If you get stuck with it and wish to send me the link to your site in a private message, I'll be happy to take a look. ~Jude

Thanks for your help, Jude, but I think I've got it sorted.

That's great - yay! Glad you got it sorted.

What theme are you using? I do know some themes will put a "pipe" or another thing in its place as a filler. And the only way to get rid of it is to put something in its place. But if you contact the theme they may be able to give you a CSS code to remove the "pipe."


Hi, Laura, thanks for your reply. I'm using the empo theme by Aneurial Design. It's a free theme, so I don't expect any support.

I don't want to replace it with something else, I just want to remove it.. Again, thanks for your reply. Best wishes.

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