How to GenerateTables without a Plugin

Last Update: June 28, 2020

Hi, I've just published Part 1 of a tutorial on how to avoid another plugin when generatinge tables by using HTML If you would like to learn some basic HTML, the link below will take you to Part 1.

Generating Tables Using HTML and CSS - Part 1

In Part 2 and 3, to follow, the tutorial will cover adding headers, data, background colors, borders, etc, using HTML and CSS.

Many people are put off at the mention of HTML and CSS, but don't be. Basic HTML and CSS, with a little bit of patience, arem't very hard to master, and will let you decide how you want your website to look instead of relying on WYSIWYG.

I hope you find these tutorials helpful. If you do, a comment, and or like, would be much apppreciated.

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