Another UK TV License Scam

Last Update: June 27, 2020

The TV License Scam is doing the rounds again in the UK. This is the third one I've received recently.

Just thought UK residents need to be aware of them if their TV License is due.

Don't know why they sent me one. I don't pay by direct debit, being over 75, at the moment I get my license free.

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Mark1957 Premium
There's always people who think it's ok to defraud unsuspecting innocents Harry, scum the lot of them!
One little thing that a lot of people who fall for these things forget to look at is the email address these things tend to come from....totally nothing to do with the official site or email address.
Cheers Harry.
Johnpavich Premium
Just like crooks they always forget the little details🤔 this is good though that's how the police can catch them easier ha ha
RichBrennan Premium Plus
Thanks for the reminder, Harry.
I remember you mentioned this when you commented on the Covid-19 phone scam post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago, buit it had slipped my mind.
If we can stop just one person falling victim to these criminals by making people aware, then our efforts will be worth it.
Rich :-)
Linda103 Premium
Not had one of these Brian. I pay by direct debit but it may have gone straight to spam.
Thank you for the warning.