This Will Change Your Perspective Towards Your Business-The Bicycle Soup Seller Story

Last Update: December 05, 2014

I love telling stories..and this time I am here with a real life success story that actually inspired me to be an entrepreneur rather than working for somebody else.

Here in WA we often hear a lot of questions like "do you really think I can make a living with the niche I have chosen?" I too had that doubt initially, but when you have a strong faith in what you do, such doubts won't persist for long. In fact the story I am going to share here with you will actually add a lot to your faith in your business by eliminating every single energy sucking doubt you have..

We have heard a lot of success stories where people became millionaires starting from zero, well this is something I have witnessed personally and obviously it has impacted my way of looking at my business a lot.

Okay so here's how the story goes................

The Bicycle Soup Seller Story

Back in college days, I used to hang out with my friends near a lake which was a good evening gathering place for most of the high school and college kids..

A guy will come to sell soup there everyday with a container full of tomato soup in his bicycle carriage.

Every time after I bought soup from this guy he will come back later to ask me "did you like the soup today sir?"..he will take feedback from all his customers and I should agree that everyday the taste of the soup got better.

All of my friends liked this guy, his attitude and commitment towards his little business was something that touched everyone there..

Soon people started to wait for this guy to come and they rushed towards his bicycle to grab the cups of tomato soup..within 15 minutes his soup container will get empty..still before leaving he won't miss to ask "did you like the soup today?"..

Few months later we saw him coming with two assistants and two bicycles..we were so amazed to see his growth as we have seen him from the beginning, one of my friend appreciated him and he replied "Sir,one day I see myself opening a fast restaurant chain in the most crowded places of this city".. I have to admit that we laughed after he left as he was being way too ambitious..(I was not a personal development freak back then, I was just a face in the crowd who will mock those who aimed more than what seems achievable..glad that I am on the side of the bicycle soup guy now!)

We stopped going to that place for a while and when we got there after a long gap we didn't see him coming to that place anymore..

Out of curiosity we inquired a little and found that he has opened a small restaurant in the near by place..we were stunned to know that he has actually achieved a lot in such a small period of hardly took him 2 years to own a restaurant..

Awed by his speed of growth we all went to congratulate him..that was the last time I met him before leaving that city after my graduation..

2 years later I had a chat with one of my friends and he told me "dude..remember that soup guy?..he owns 3 fast food restaurants in the city now"..

When I visited that city again, one of the priorities in my mind was to meet this wonderful guy one more time.. even people from other cities knew the name of this guy's restaurant isn't it?

In his main fast food shop which was located at the prime location of the city(as he said earlier) which is crowded 24*7, I saw him sitting in the cash counter in the evening hours wondering if he will recognize me..

He looked at me for a while and smiled, I was confused if the guy would remember one of his initial clients..I paid the bill, and was about to leave when he called me back

"excuse me sir.."

"Yes?"..I said

He mockingly smiled and said..

"did you like the soup today sir"..

I knew it!.. a true businessman can never forget his first clients.. :)..

"Oldest fan"..I said smiling and left..

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oopsssidaisy Premium
Hi Hari,

Proof of the saying by Napoleon Hill "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe... it can achieve. Thanx for sharing this amazing story.
Larry MaC Premium
Great story, thanks for the follow look forward to learning from you
Funmine Premium
I like the lesson in this story.
Thanks Hari!
LisB247 Premium
What a fantastic inspirational story. I will remember your 'soup man' every time I start to doubt myself and also try to incorporate a personal touch into my site for each customer. Thank you. Lis.
SowAndReap Premium
What a wonderful story :) Thanks for sharing :)