Sorry, You Can Never Be a Good Affiliate Marketer If

Last Update: August 25, 2017

Yeah, that’s a negative title but I cannot help it, most of us are more attracted toward negative thoughts because we either want to identify with it or fight against it; however, I just want to convey a message that I have learned from my life and online business.

You see, when I first joined WA back in 2013, my aim was different than most people who come here. Of course, I wanted to make some money but I was more interested in being a personal development blogger (that’s my passion).

Over the period of about 6 months, I just kept believing that I will be earning some money out of what I am doing, I wrote articles and followed training but was not earning much!..

There is a limit to which you can push yourself to work without seeing any result. Some lucky people here earn their first few bucks quite early which motivates them but in my case, the only motivation was my passion.

Even after the initial year of blogging, I was not earning enough to say that I am successful. This made people say to me things like “You are wasting your time”, “Go find a job and do this as a part time work” etc.

The irony is, I was trying to help people build a positive mindset and improve their prosperity consciousness whereas I myself was losing hope and struggling to be financially stable.

Then something amazing happened in the year 2015, you can call it a paradigm shift also. I started to earn enough affiliate commissions that all my problems started to get solved automatically.


Well, there was only one small change that occurred in me which I see as the biggest turning point of my online business.

What? – I started to believe in what I was doing.

That might sound philosophical, but there is a practical aspect to it. I bought the products I was selling and used them!

Yes, earlier I was telling people to buy something about which I knew nothing and then I began to promote products that I have actually used.

User experience always works better than guest reviews because I feel that people can intuitively sense whether you are being real or not!

SO, you can never be a good affiliate marketer if – You don’t believe in what you are saying/doing.

I am not saying you should not do guest reviews or suggest something you have never used, that can work for some people also.

But, there is a sense of authority and confidence when you speak of something you know well, it establishes a greater connection between you and your readers.

Suppose you are promoting WA, and you are in a rush to get a lot of referrals initially then there is a great chance that you will not succeed to get some premium referrals.

On the other hand, if you are here to learn about the community and see for yourself that the training, support, features are more than enough for any person to build a successful online business then you can tell your readers about WA from a place where they can trust you enough to join the community.

Unlike, the referrals who are just impatient about making money, you will get people who will go premium because they believe in your story!!

If you are promoting some other products and not in a position to buy it (digital ones), then try contacting your affiliate support for a review material. I have also got many products for free just for reviewing, there are people who will generously give you stuff if you are willing to promote it.

Another important thing - do not compete with others.

There could be thousands of people in the niche similar to yours, but you must understand that everyone is unique and can succeed in various ways without hurting each other's business.

DomW here is a member who has been a great inspiration for me since the beginning and from him, I have learned that you should try to join hands with people who are in a niche similar to yours, he proved it using his network building strategery/outreach.

He has also created a post on it - Outreach (So if you are in a personal development niche, feel free to be on my network and PM me anything regarding products/affiliate programs or anything, I will try my best to be of some use to you)

And the final point I want to talk about is "mentorship". You see, I read posts of many people who are more successful than me because by doing that I somehow am able to bring my mindset close to theirs. I have mentioned DomW here, you know what? He sees his mentor in Steve.

WA is a place where you will find some great mentors, you don't have to learn from them directly, just follow them and keep reading their posts.

Kyle, Carson, Jay, Robert, Veronica...I can literally keep writing the names of successful members here and create an e-book out of it.

If you are a newbie then you need to understand that you are lucky to be in this place. It's more than any book/course/program you could buy, it is not a one-time thing. I am still learning, there is no end to learning..we are evolving as a team/community/family!

I hope this post will be helpful for some people here in WA family, I wanted to share this realization for a long time and today these words just came out effortlessly.


Hari S Nair

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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Hari S Nair.
MarkGuthrie3 Premium
good blog
PaulMunns Premium
Good post. Thank you. Provides reassurance.
Taylor03 Premium
Thank you Hari for the wonderful inspiration. I agree you need to be real not only with your customers but with yourself as well. I joined WA on the yearly plan. I didn't want to give myself the opportunity to give up. I want to grow and learn as much as possible. I truly believe in mentorship and this is a great place for just that. Thank you again for the reminder.
Best wishes,
Hari S Nair Premium
Valerie, you know what? Just like you, I went yearly without doubting the community or myself..I borrowed the money actually and now it proved out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. So I am very much certain about your success, all the best!
pablocortina Premium
Believing in yourself and what you are doing is imperative to success