Made my first big sale- Need a hug from you all..

Last Update: June 04, 2014

I have always tried to motivate people and tell them that all our success is decided by the quality of energy we put into our work.

My website is a personal development site, In all the areas of my life I have succeeded but I was not thriving in the financial area till now and how can I encourage people to follow their passion when I had no proof with me to tell that following your heart brings success and joy?.. but, things are changing now and I have had my first big sale.

I have always loved my website and personal development is my passion,I nag members here like Dom, Rich and Kyle by consistently asking for help a lot and I owe this success to them as now I can say that I make money while living my passion.

I left my engineering career for writing and personal development, finally, I can see the positive results of listening to my inner voice.

When I saw the first click bank sale, I literally was having goose bumps, I can't explain that emotion.. I mean, I have been working on something for past 7 months with a strong belief that this day would arrive.. I went immediately to tell my mom and dad about it but they were looking at me strangely- how would they know how much this means to me, it is like the first rain drop for a farmer.. but for them it was just 120 $ worries I have got friends here who would understand what it means.. I need a hug.. I am attaching the copy of the sales.. its a double sale in a single day one made me 30$ and another 90$.. trust me its not about that single day 31st may.. its about the journey that I started in september and trust me it would never end..

Thank you so much for being with me you all..


Hari S Nair

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ar20746 Premium
Great moment for you and inspiration for all of us. Congratulations.
cena1975 Premium
Congrats! Well done!
Pro2100 Premium
I know what you are feeling, That first sale and it doesn't matter how much is so exciting, Well done Hari !!!
Hari S Nair Premium
It is brother..thanks :)
KatieMac Premium
Well done the start of many more successes to come
tommydillard Premium
Congrats and I am sure there will be menu more where that came from. Good luck